Ultra Marathon pack the Surge is Rated Gear of the Year for 2012

Runners World magazine is one of the most commonly read publications for new news and insights in the running arena. Wether you are a Ultra Marathon runner, Regular Marathon Runner, Half Marathon runner, Trail Running enthusiast, you have all read a Runners World magazine at some point. Runners World Recommends the Surge for Ultra Marathons And this last year they saw fit to recognize the Ultraspire Surge pack as one of the must have items on their Gear of the Year list. You Ultra Marathon runners out there that have picked up your own Surge pack I am sure can express similar... Read More

Reach the Wasatch 100-Day Diet Plan Finish Line – Weight and Course Plunges MudNGuts Miller

I reached the finish line of my symbolic 100-day diet at midnight on November 17th. No finish banner…no belt buckle…no cheering crowd…just me weighing 38 pounds less than I did on August 10th. Over the course of just 100 days, each one a symbolic mile on the Wasatch 100 mile course, I reached my ideal racing weight and made great progress in recovering from major hamstring reattachment surgery.  Celebration! I celebrated my dieting success and marked an official return to running by entering the St. George (UT) Turkey Trot 5km. I was surprised at my pre-fun run jitters and had to laugh... Read More

Thoughts on establishing Fastest Known Times (FKT’s)

  SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: ETIQUETTE, ETHICS AND FASTEST KNOWN TIMES (FKT’s) Many have looked to me to answer some questions as to what, if any, rules should be adopted when approaching “fastest known times” (FKT).   A FKT without more definition is likely to be misleading.  For example, vast differences exist between a FKT set by an athlete sporting oxygen and assisted by others, than a solo, self supported, sans oxygen bid.  This might be an extreme example, but it serves to illustrate how so much more than “time” is at stake, especially when recording... Read More

89 Days Into the Wasatch 100 Day Diet Plan – Weight and Course Plunges MudNGuts Miller

The only redeeming feature of “The Plunge” (an 800′ drop in 300 yards in ankle deep dust) on the Wasatch course is that it marks mile 89 on the course and is the last really nasty obstacle between runners and a finisher’s buckle.  By contrast, Day 89 of the Wasatch 100 diet plan was a celebration as I’ve now lost 32 pounds and am nearing 150 pounds.  I had nearly convinced myself that, at age 61, I would never see that morning weight again.   Science Behind the Insanity of the Diet Plan There’s considerable science behind crashing from a pudgy 187... Read More

Krissy Moehl Otter Trail Run Race Report

Krissy Moehl’s Race Report tease on Otter Trail Run 2012… After being easily lulled to sleep by the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean the night before and sleeping incredibly soundly that night, the 4am rumblings of my cabin-mates were welcomed.  The bowl of Jungle Oats porridge with peanut butter drew a couple of funny looks from the lodge staff, but the warm bowl of hearty fuel sat well for the 50km shuttle ride to the race start. … A short ride down to the beach and the chilly morning air kept the 12 passengers sitting tight rather than jumping out of the van too... Read More

The Wasatch 100 Diet Plan Continued – Down 26.5 pounds at Mile 64 “Mud and Guts” Miller

Wasatch 100 Diet Plan – Mile 64 – Down 26.5 pounds Diet Planning – More Than a Mind Game Losing weight is tough for me.  My body wants to weigh 165–170 pounds even when I’m training hard, putting in 60-70 quality miles per week.  The problem is, I’m only 5’9” and have a medium build.  Ultrarunning science says the lighter you are, the faster you can run.  Back in the olden days (1985 – 1992) when I was a serious contender at the Wasatch trail run, I tried to hit the starting line at 148 pounds.  Getting that light required dieting despite my high training volume. My... Read More

The Wasatch 100 Diet Plan – Down 24 pounds at Mile 56 “Mud and Guts” Miller

Today I’m climbing the final switchbacks to Bear Ass Pass between Lambs Canyon and Millcreek Canyon.  In 1985, my first Wasatch 100 trail run, it took me just over 10 hours to get here.  This year it’s taken me 56 DAYS.  Say what? Why use Trail Running as a Diet Plan? I was supposed to celebrate my 20th Wasatch 100 trail run finish this year.  Instead of standing nervously at the starting line on September 7th, I was three months into re-hab after having my hamstrings reattached to my hip.  All three hamstrings on my left leg got ripped off my pelvis when I fell 20 feet from a cliff... Read More

Ultra Running Gear – The Alpha

Ty Draney Race director of the  El Vaquero Loco www.elvaqueroloco.blogspot.com talks about ultra running gear This fall I made a trip down to the OR show in SLC to help at the UltrAspire.  It was the first time I saw the new updates on the Alpha pack that is coming out this spring.  When I saw it I knew I needed to use it at the Bear.  Race hydration needs can be very individual.  If you talk to 20 different runners about their ultra running gear you more than likely will end up with 20 different ideas on how to take care of your hydration needs for a hundred mile race.  I personally... Read More

Endurance Training – Why I Love the Alpha – Matt Hart

There are a number of reason I chose to work with UltrAspire. Sponsors love the idea of product testing by athletes who are pushing endurance training limits, and thus, their products. However, it’s more often than not simply lip service, or a good show (or photoshoot). That is not the case with UltrAspire. As one of their athletes I actually get to hammer on early versions of products. I provide feedback, and they listen – imagine that. Case in point: At the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show I had mentioned JaredCampbell and my plan to tackle the Nolan’s 14. The basic idea for... Read More

Running Gear – Reviewing the Alpha – Luke Nelson

Arriving at the Alpha for Ultra Running Gear A little over three years ago, shortly after I was first offered a spot as an athlete for Ultraspire, I was thinking about what the perfect running gear and hydration pack would be.  I had all sorts of crazy ideas and thoughts on what the ideal pack would have.  At first I kept most of my ideas to myself and diligently went to work testing the early prototypes that were sent out to the early testers.  For me a very important part of the process of developing packs is the function and in most cases I think that appearance should come second to... Read More

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