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Introducing #eliteimmortal #supermom #ultrarunner Liza Howard…

Liza Howard has been all the talk this week about her 2nd place win at the Bandera 100K. During the race she made time to pump milk for her new born baby, take a nap and still took podium. She signed up for the 100K because she wanted the new belt buckle, otherwise she would have just safely signed up for the 50K, this being her first race back after Ruby was born just 3 months ago. The desire for a newly designed belt buckle won over the desire to play it safe. If this is how she is going to start this seasons racing, watch out!! She will just keep shouting “Old Ladies Rock!” all the way to the finish line!

When Liza found out she was pregnant, her running only slowed up a little as she still found a way to be a mom, wife, leader, coach, blogger, race director, and athlete.

This is how Liza leads and inspires with Team RWB

This is how Liza works with us:

The Running Event Ultraspire Booth

The Running Event Ultraspire Booth

Liza made a special trip out to be in our booth at The Running Event in Austin, TX. Every morning her and baby would make the drive to spend 5-6 hours in our booth talking to dealers and signing posters for ultra running fans..now that is dedication, and we more than appreciate the times we get to spend with Liza.

This is how all ultra runner moms feel about her 2nd place finish at the Bandera 100K according to @whatisultra on Tumblr.



Congrats on your wow factor finish and keep up your amazing spirit that continues to inspire all of us! Keep it up Liza.

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