Synaptic 2.0 Technical Drawing

Our waist packs have seen unprecedented amounts of attention from start to finish. A waist pack enhances performance with heat regulation, conserves energy due to load placement, and is designed to sit so stable it goes unnoticeable on the body.

Breathable Webbing Photo

Breathable Webbing

An UltrAspire exclusive, the breathable webbing helps to keep your body cooler through dissipation and will not pick up any moisture weight as you sweat. Thin breathable mesh in the middle provides circulation while engineered Kevlar lines the edges for durability and absolutely no buckle slippage.

Weight Distribution Photo

Weight Distribution

A major benefit of a waist pack is load location. The load is positioned on the body’s center of gravity, the hips. This placement helps to stop unnecessary energy expenditure during the long haul. Balance comes from proper weight distribution in the front and back of the belt which allows for a looser and more natural sitting fit.

Quick Adjust Photo

Quick Adjust

Your gear should work for you, not against you. The buckle is placed on the front for quick fastening without adjusting the pack. Adjustment straps that pull forward allow for any changes to be made on the go in a natural motion.

Effortless Access Photo

Effortless Access

Accessibility to any and all essentials without missing a stride is crucial. Bottle placement is intuitive and can be easily accessed or holstered with one hand. All contents can be removed and refilled without ever taking the pack off making your aid station stops a breeze.

Runner wearing a Synaptic 2.0
Trail Sisters Editors Choice Badge

The Synaptic 2.0s Trail Sisters Editors Choice Award

The Trail Sisters commended the Synaptic 2.0 for its adjustability, capacity, and secure bottle holsters.

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"One of the big achievements of this belt is that the bottle can come in and out easily while running but still doesn't shift around. I hit 4:40 pace while running downhill and the bottle didn't move at all."
Elite Athlete Kyle Pietari
Photo of Kyle Pietary
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