It’s that time, you notice it still being warm outside.. for now.. but the daylight is getting shorter and shorter The night time seems to be finding us faster with each passing day as the season turns. For some that might cause a problem due to your schedule, for others the night time training is your preferred time, either way it would be nice to run as confidently during the night as you do during the day which is why I want to tell you about 3D lighting and how this concept can change the way you run no matter the season or time of day.


What is UltrAspire 3D Lighting? 


3D Lighting is the answer to any night running scenario. The idea was conceptualized from techniques used in photography to create depth in a photo. When taking a portrait using the flash that is on top of the camera, the light that illuminates is even thus making everything appear to be flat.

By moving the primary light source away from the line of sight and down onto the waist, it will naturally cast shadows across whatever subject it’s laying on to create depth during low light conditions. The images below are taken at the same spot at the same time and show primary light sources coming from the head and then again from the waist.


This image is using a headlamp as a primary light source.



This image is using UltrAspire 3D Lighting as a primary light source.


The image on the top is using a headlamp as the primary source of light is similar to a camera flash in that it shoots the light from your line of sight thus making everything appear flat. The image on thebottom lowers the source of light to the waist, and away from the line of sight which creates depth and allows you to see surfaces you would have otherwise missed while running, you can also notice the trail that appears on the right that wasn’t quite as visible in the photo on the left. It is this idea that allows you to run at night as confidently as you would during the day.


Why UltrAspire 3D Lighting? 


The things that trip you up when you are running at night, specifically talking trail running for this scenario aren’t the large rocks; those are easily seen with a headlamp, but more so the little uneven dimples in the ground that aren’t visible. With 3D lighting you will see mellow shadows cast across those uneven surfaces which create a sense of depth as you are running.

Headlamp as primary.



3D Lighting as primary.



During road running scenarios the focus becomes being visible to cars and others as you run. The flood lighting associated with 3D lighting keeps your light even, much like daylight, and helps to prevent dizziness or tunnel vision that could come with spot lighting.

“Racing in the alps is a totally different style of running.. I had never faced a technical course in the dark before, I was getting nervous because I knew that as soon as I reached the top I had a big technical descent ahead of me. When I flipped on my Lumen 600 it literally felt like I suddenly turned the brights on while driving my car. I felt more confident with every step I took and enjoyed the run more and more.” -Magdalena Boulet, US Olympian & 33rd Marathon Des Sables winner.


UltrAspire Lumen Collection:


The Lumen Collection is a culmination of functional concepts across different areas united to solve the problems faced by adventures during night time outdoor activities. Whether you are busy and have to train at night, or are doing multiple day adventures, or simply prefer running in the evening or early morning the Lumen Collection provides the most comfortable and practical way to keep you safe, seen, and performing as if it were still daylight. You can check out the collection here.