Hello and welcome to UltrAspire! Let me tell you a bit about who we are and what we do.

Who are we?

My name is Bryce Thatcher and I am absolutely thrilled to be establishing contact with you. I am the owner and founder of the company UltrAspire, a specialty brand that focuses on hydration and outdoor gear. I have been in the field of hydration for over 35 years; in 1979 I invented the first ever hydration pack strictly out of my need to be more efficient in the mountains as I am foremostly an athlete. I am passionate about finding solutions for people when they present me with a problem they face during their adventures, and I have been doing so for a very long time.

UltrAspire is for every tier of adventurer. From novice to professional our innovative designs have been changing the way people experience the outdoors. I believe that in a time where so many goods are readily available; the buying process should be nothing short of an experience. As a specialty brand, we adopt and value the mission that specialty stores stand for. My team at UltrAspire dedicates itself to providing personal service to anyone who associates with us.

In all my years of designing, it has always been my dream to build gear for others that I would choose for myself without worrying about price, volume, or mass production. It is not my goal to be all things to all people—just to provide extraordinary choices for extraordinary people, people who know when something feels right and good.

What do we offer? 

Race Vests

Waist Belts

Hydration Backpacks



At UltrAspire we keep every detail of the product in mind when designing from pocket placement down to stitching pattern. We believe that when you are adventuring your gear should be an innocent bystander, almost unoticed until needed, at which point your gear becomes the star of the show. We want you to be as efficient as possible with everything you need directly at your fingertips without hindering performance or feeling cumbersome while you wear it. Our designs are simple to use, durable, and were made to solve the problems expressed by adventurers.

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do here at UltrAspire. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or interested in Business to Business please fill out the short form below.





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