Lumen 800 Ultra 2.0

What's New in Version 2.0

Heat Dispersing Fins
Easily Accessible Button
Reinforced Wiring

Loaded with Features

Light Weight

9.8 oz with Battery Pack

High Durability

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Heat Dispersing Fins

Quickly Dissipates Heat

USB Power Bank Compatible

Comes with USB Connectors

Detachable Battery Case

Carry the Battery Case Wherever You Like

4-8 Hour Burn Time

Includes 2 18650 Batteries

Jeff Browning secured his 22nd 200 mile victory at the Zion 100 while using his Lumen 800 Ultra 2.0.

"The combination of my headlamp and the Lumen 800 2.0 allowed me to run at a normal pace on technical terrain in the dark by not having the unusual mandatory slow down due to visibility issue."

- Jeff Browning

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