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The Ergo X Harness is an over the head securing strap system designed to allow sensitive soft tissue areas to be non-restricted during the natural running motion. Incorporating all aspects of our ErgoFIt technology, the shoulder straps are designed with slope to allow the pack to sit deeper on the back and prevent rubbing on the neck and shoulder muscles. By design this harness system has an incredibly small footprint, this positioning allows for significantly less heat generated by the body thus conserving energy when it's needed most. The strap crossover in the front allows for freedom in the chest with zero restrictions and helps to place pack capacity in the body's natural load bearing areas.

Loaded with Features

Front of the Neon Visibility Vest
Center Pocket

Center Pocket

Can hold a large cell phone or water bottle

Adjustment Straps

Adjustment Straps

Universal and comfortable fit

Light Attachment

Light Attachment

Compatible with a Lumen Clip 180

Back of the Neon Visibility Vest
Small Footprint

Small Footprints

Keep cool with minimal contact on the body

Soft Perimeter Binding

Soft Perimeter Binding

Comfortable during long runs

360 Degree Reflectivity

360 Degree Reflectivity

Multiple bands of reflective material on all sides

360 Degree Reflectivity

3M Reflective Material on All Sides

Neon Visibility Vest Reflectivity Animation

Lumen 400z Waist Light

The perfect road visibility light

The Lumen 400z waist light features UltrAspire 3D Lighting® which casts shadows across uneven surfaces giving you a better understanding of your terrain. This light produces 400 lumens, can be tilted up and down, and is adjustable between spot and flood lighting giving you plenty of versatility. The large button lets you easily adjust between high, medium, low, and blinking settings. The Lumen 400z includes a sweat proof pocket that can hold a large cell phone or any other essentials. In addition to its active lighting, the 400z comes with plenty of passive lighting including reflective hits on the back as well as a blinking safety light. This waist light includes one of our UltrAspire rechargeable 18650 batteries and features a USB charging port. Includes a USB charging cable.

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Front and Back of the Lumen 400z

Lumen Clip 180

Compatible with the Neon

The Lumen Clip 180 can be used in any scenario. It has a strong magnetic clip that attaches to any piece of apparel, and it can also attach to metal surfaces. The soft silicone body ensures that it won’t leave any scratches. The 180 lumen LED COB light emits soft even lighting across a 180 degree span. It has four modes: high, medium, low, and blinking. It has a rechargeable battery and includes a charging cable.

Lumen Clip 180
Lumen Clip 180 attached to Neon High Visibility Vest
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Lumen 200 Waist Light

Simple light weight waist light

The Lumen 200 waist light is the entry piece for UltrAspire 3D Lighting®. This 200 lumen waist-mounted light casts shadows across uneven surfaces giving you a clearer understanding of your terrain. The belt’s conical shape provides comfort and stability, and its quick release SR buckle is secure and easy to use. The Lumen 200 waist light also comes with multiple safety features including reflective safety features including reflective materials, a blinking mode, and a seperate red blinking light on the back. This economical light comes with a rechargeable battery and USB charging cable.

Lume 200 Waist Light
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