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The Ergo X Harness is an over the head securing strap system designed to allow sensitive soft tissue areas to be non-restricted during the natural running motion. Incorporating all aspects of our ErgoFIt technology, the shoulder straps are designed with slope to allow the pack to sit deeper on the back and prevent rubbing on the neck and shoulder muscles. By design this harness system has an incredibly small footprint, this positioning allows for significantly less heat generated by the body thus conserving energy when it's needed most. The strap crossover in the front allows for freedom in the chest with zero restrictions and helps to place pack capacity in the body's natural load bearing areas.


Loaded with Features

Front Pocket

Double layered for greater capacity

UltrAcool Light Mesh

Dissipates heat quickly

MAXO2 Waist

Provides a secure fit while maintaining natural breathing

Back Pocket

Reinforced with dual layer nylon

Magnetic Pocket

Perfect for frequently accessed items

Side Zippered Pocket

Safely secures quick access items

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