Old Hardrocker Blues

Ol’ Hard Rocker

Beyond the race, beyond being an athlete and dreams of personal victories, beyond the day-to-day, the grind of training and ultimately crossing the finish line…at the end of the day what truly matters and what remains are the relationships we’ve built, the talents we’ve shared, the bonds of friendship forged, and realizing the joy of giving back.


-ROCH HORTON--056143844-Ad-ArtWith 10 Hardrock 100 finishes, many other ultra finishes throughout the world, Roch is now best-known for giving back to the sport and to others by hosting the best aid stations in the world including Pacific Mine in the Speedgoat 50K where everyone gets a popsicle and a wet towel, and one of the highest and most inaccessible aid stations out there, Kroger’s Canteen at Hardrock 100. He loves the sport and now finds his greatest joys in helping others find love in the ultra-journey. He wrote the words to his song as he ran to get himself through the low parts at night and through to the next day… and next mile.