2L Reservoir 2.0

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The 2L Reservoir 2.0 is made from an FDA approved BPA free Polyurethane material. This material allows the reservoir to be flexible and puncture resistant. The UltraRed™ hose connects/disconnects quickly and features a high flow bite valve. The top slider allows the bladder to filled easier and hold more water. For cleaning and drying, the top slider also allows the reservoir to be turned inside out. RF welds mold the polyurethane together as if it were one piece to prevent any leaks.


Water is second only to oxygen in importance, never be without it. Take along a  Reservoir.


  • BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free
  • Reservoir comes in 1 and 2 liter sizes.
  • Slide Seal™ opens wide for refilling, and seals tight.
  • Turns inside out for easy cleaning.
  • Simple Plug-N-Play™ tube attachment.
  • 5/16th diameter tubing for high flow.
  • Tubing comes standard in UltraRed™

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Weight 0.29 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 1 in
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Trail Running UltrAspire 2L Water Reservoir

7 reviews for 2L Reservoir 2.0

  1. Glen N (verified owner)

    The two liter reservoir is a well constructed item. They have thought of everything . The hose connection to the bladder is just one click and done, the slide bar at the top goes on in only one direction and is tethered so can’t lose it, the bag will turn inside out to keep from getting nasty in between usage, although that’s not really necessary as hanging it upside down with the slide bar inserted in the opening does the trick. All components are top quality and should offer years of service! If any problems should arise their customer service is superb to which I can attest !

  2. Jeff H (verified owner)

    Fantastic reservoir. I have three that I stash along my long run routes. Very well constructed, able to disconnect from the empty reservoir and snap into the next one quickly during the run without a drip. Well made bite valve, easy to clean. I can also vouch for outstanding Ultraspire service.

  3. Marie (verified owner)

    Easy to clean and works great

  4. Jeff Houser (verified owner)

    Just a well made product. They really did think of everything. The plug and play hose connection is great, the bite valve works perfectly, and the fact that you can turn it inside out to clean it is awesome.

  5. Jamie Farley

    Bought mine a few months ago and really liked it. Have only used the bladder about 7 or 8 times with my Momentum 2.0 vest. Saturday I was out for a long run on a hot day and the bladder started leaking. There is a small hole on the seam of the bladder. It put me in a tough position as I had to go a ways without water. Like I said..bladder was great up until that happened.

    • Jodi

      Hi Jamie,
      I will reach out to you via email. Your reservoir is still under warranty and that shouldn’t be happening to you. We will make sure to get the issue taken care of.

  6. Jamie Farley

    Just wanted to follow up to my previous rating on the bladder. Jodi reached out and was able to replace the reservoir very quickly. Great customer service is always appreciated. Thank you for going above and beyond.

  7. JP Richards (verified owner)

    Great bladder. Love the red. It’s super easy to clean.

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