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The award-winning Alpha series is the pinnacle of design, functionality, and comfort. Building on the ErgoFit design and expanding on successes of the fourth iteration, the Alpha 5.0 focuses on past design strengths while introducing new functional changes. This 6-liter race vest has 9 pockets accessible on the go. New cord locks on the Z-pole attachment allow for easier access. Updated magnet positioning on the passage pocket provides more capacity for larger items. The passage pocket has been updated to a nylon polyurethane coated fabric which keeps its contents dry. Updates to the side zipper pockets allow for easier access. In addition, another layer has been introduced which adds a quick stash pocket underneath the zippered pockets. The front harness bottle pockets are now taller allowing for a wider variety of bottle options. The pocket mesh has also been updated to a powernet mesh which gives more stretch and added durability. The overall body mesh has been updated to the UltrAcool Light Mesh for a more breathable on-the-body feel. Available in three sizes.

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  • Rapid access pockets
  • UltrAcool Light Mesh
  • Large zipper pulls
  • Dual sided removable insulated reservoir compartment
  • Extra soft no chafe binding
  • Secure drawstring pocket
  • Large & flat front pockets
  • Easy access passage pocket
  • Double layered 30D fabric reinforcement at the stress points
  • Trekking pole attachments

Weight: 9.6 oz (272 g)

Colors: Blue/Cherry Tomato

Sizing Range: Sm, Md, Lg

Volume: 366 c.i. (6L)


ErgoFit: The human body is complex with intricate detail and function. The same attention to detail is present in the design of our packs to enable precise movement, contact, and weight distribution which ensures that there is never any inhibition to the biomechanics of the human body.

  • Shoulder straps: Human shoulders aren’t straight, so a pack’s shoulder straps shouldn’t be either. Longer straps allow the back portion to sit deeper on the neck to prevent any rubbing. This addition in length helps to create slope as the straps come over the top of the shoulders and around the neck following the natural curve of the body. The harness then follows an S curve around the arms and chest area to avoid any hindrance to the running motion.
  • Weight Distribution: The harness construction also helps to keep the pack balanced at any capacity to ensure the same high quality fit empty or fully loaded. In regards to balance, the load is positioned lower on the back closer to the body’s center of gravity, the hips. This placement helps to stop unnecessary energy expenditure during the long haul.

Ultracool System: When the human body exerts force, 80% of the power it generates is converted to thermal energy. This means that most of the energy you use when running, climbing, or doing anything else is lost and becomes heat. The hotter you are, the worse you perform. The Ultracool System is a collection of technologies designed to dissipate heat and keep you cool. This system allows you to maintain a lower body temperature by dispersing heat during intense activity, keeping you performing at the highest level.

  • Small Footprint: Anatomically engineered, the pack covers only what is necessary on the body to keep it secure thus allowing for your temperature to remain cooler during heavy energy exertion.
  • Ultracool Mesh: The most breathable mesh on the market, this 3-layered, large holed honeycomb mesh is made from polyester which helps to draw moisture away from the skin without absorption.
  • Insulated Bladder Compartment: Made of Mylar, the insulated compartment reflects and traps temperatures to help keep fluids hot or cold. Additional foam with air pockets creates more space for the insulation to take effect.
  • Max02™ Sternum: The Max02™ Sternum is a shock cord securing system that helps create a comfortable & natural breathing pattern while at the same time keeping the pack secure. The shock cord allows for stretch outward and 100% rebound which keeps the pack snug against your body empty or fully loaded with no restriction of movement.



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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 in

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18 reviews for Alpha 5.0 Race Vest

  1. Greg M Wilson

    I loved my Alpha 4.0. Barely had any complaints with it, and the complaints I do have I didnt know I had until I bought the Alpha 5.0. I ran a 20 miler in 100% humidity with the Alpha 5.0 on a test drive last week. It breathed amazing, and when I finally caved in and took my shirt off I was thrilled with the lack of chafing around the waste (or anywhere). There were also so many pockets. I rarely filled all the pockets on the 4.0, but the 5.0 has even more storage space. The underside is also a very nice nearly clear white, so its very easy to see what’s packed away.

    I think Im down to one request with this vest, or the next iteration. Some accessory or built in way to easily clip my UltrAspire Lumen light to it so I dont need to wear a vest and lumen belt when running far at night.

    Bottomline: great vest so far.

  2. Michael West

    What a nice pack !
    I’ve been training in this pack ever since I got my hands on it. It’s light , fits really nice you really never know it’s on. Holds everything you need for a tough 22 or more trail run depending on the heat. So many comments to store things. I always love watching the videos and listening close bc the guy really has never steered me wrong. If your looking for a pack to carry lots of stuff two bottles up from and a bladder in the back that rides great thirst is the one . The expandable mesh they use is great.

  3. Jeff Huget (verified owner)

    Outstanding vest. Ran 40 miles in the heat using 2x ultraflasks and a 2L bladder. The bladder attachment and hose control is fantastic – super quick to change bladders, holds perfectly during the run. I used all the pockets and pole cords and everything works really well. One of those products you can tell the designers use the product too. Quality of materials (fabric, attachments, zippers) is very good. Highly recommended.

  4. Disappointed female (verified owner)

    I was so excited by all parts of this new vest – pockets galore, martial, etc. But the one thing that I thought was the no problem for race vests in this day and age was the phone pocket. I have no idea if really tall people who are giving this 5 star ratings don’t have this issue, but as a 5’4 female, the phone pocket CANNOT work. Imagine someone slamming a hard object in to your collarbone every not-hiking step that you take. Well I don’t have to indulge it bc I put the phone in the special phone pocket and had to either walk or leave the phone in an unaccessible back pocket to not be in pain. If the water bottle pockets were stretchy, I would put the phone in one of those but since they’re so large for the bottles, the phone won’t fit snugly there. I have no idea how anyone my size could run a step in this pack with their phone in the designated phone pocket.

  5. DJ

    WOW! This pack is such a heavy hitter from the get go! Perfect snug fit with available breathability with the ERGOFIT bunge system. I wanted a pack smaller then the ZYGOS and bigger than the Momentum for races over 50 miles!! This vest delivered and then some. Carrying enough water, nutrition and extra’s that needed to be carried during the later stage of the race when I may need something during the middle of the night if I had not made an aid station yet. Whether I am carrying light or packed down the vest rides well with little to no issue with movement. I am 5′ 11″ and around 195 lbs and the large fits me well. I am able to reach the pockets needed during a race or training run and if needed on longer races I’ll pair with the fitted belt to keep nutrition easier to grab and also load more if needed. All in all the vest did exactly what I needed and then some. Well worth the investment!

  6. EN

    Exceptional piece of gear. Honestly, I was a bit concerned if it would fit (I’m 6’2 and 225). Other vests I’ve tried have been just too tight when fully loaded. I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem when I tried this on. Plenty of room for a Clydesdale like me. Well-designed pockets. Great layout. Quality product. No chafing around the neck and I love the over-sized pockets on the front for any kind of water bottles. You can tell this vest was well thought out and improved from the last one. Well done Ultraspire.

  7. Christopher Masters

    I’ve tried many different brands and vests and the Alpha 5.0 is King. I run OCR and short to mid-length trail races. It fits perfectly with its ErgoFit design and is so lightweight that I often forget I have it on. The MaxO2 sternum shock cord keeps the vest in place but has enough give that it never restricts my breathing, even when my HR gets up there during a big assent or a difficult obstacle. The zippered pockets have more than enough capacity to hold my gloves, fuel, and gels securely even when conquering the gnarliest obstacles. It lays close to the body and never gets hung up on obstacles like a barbed wire crawl or a log/bucket carry. The pockets in the front can hold two 550 flasks, my cell phone, and anything else I need easy access to. The small magnetic pocket is perfect for lip balm and a couple of electrolyte capsules. The back pockets can hold a bladder, poles and packable jacket, etc with ease, and the way it’s designed I never really feel weighted down. Finally, the Ultracool mesh used in the construction is lightweight and breathable, allowing my body to stay cool when I heat up. I honestly cannot think of anything I would change. Great product UltrAspire!

  8. Mark Vosti

    I finally had a chance to do a longer run today with my Alpha 5.0 and it exeeded my expectations. I was concerned about the semi soft flasks being uncomfortable compared to the soft flasks but I didn’t notice them at all and they are much easier to get in and out. I thought the magnet pouch wouldn’t stay closed when I jammed it full but it never came open. The left upper pouch fit my ginormous S22 Ultra with ZERO bounce, incredible! The slide in hip side pockets may be my favorite. Today I just stuck my gloves one on each side but I can see how gels, cough drops, and anything you need to get really quick is easy to get to. For extra security the side zipper pockets are large and will carry all nutrition. I didn’t try the reservoir pocket. The magnets in the back pocket work great and nothing slid around. In the back pouch, I fit pants, jacket, and long sleeve shirt (I over dressed) and it all fit no problem. The last thing is comfort. I wasn’t sure about the straps since I’m used to the soft Salamon brand. They are noticibly cooler. The entire pack fit me great. Size SM 5’6″ 135lbs

  9. Brian Freeman

    I purchased this vest because I was looking for a light weight vest that allowed me to be somewhat minimalist but also providing pockets for nutrition and possibly my keys or a cell phone. I live in Alabama, and it is a necessity that this vest not cause me to overheat in the summer sun, wick sweat away from my body but provide enough fluids for long runs. This vest checks all the boxes for me! 1 liter of water that can easily be refilled on those mid-summer runs, a dry pocket for anything that doesn’t need to get wet, front pockets that accommodate all my gels and salt, while still being very light and not hindering my run at all. This vest has a snug fit to prevent chafing but isn’t too tight to prevent breathing. I am very happy with this vest and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight vest that can accommodate all of your hydration/nutrition needs!!

  10. jsoh (verified owner)

    I finally got the chance to use my Alpha 5 in a real event and it was wonderful! My first marathon and the vest got me through it with flying colors. It held my hydrapak 2 liter reservoir, LARGE phone, 9 gels, spare hydrapak handheld soft flask, keys, and oh yeah a roll of rolaids in the dry pocket that I didn’t use, and they came out the other side completely dry. Well done, 100% amazing. And the best feature of all, I forgot I was wearing/carrying all that gear during the run at all because it was so well balanced, comfortable and breathable.

  11. Derrick Gaither

    This is an awesome pack! Ran with it for the first time today and loved it! Doesn’t move around on me and has so many pockets. Can’t wait to use it in my upcoming marathon and 50k.

  12. Jeremy Walker

    I absolutely LOVE this pack. I have many and this one is always my go to. It’s just so comfortable and plenty of storage.

  13. Jason M

    After researching a plethora of racing vests and finding UltrAspire, it became a tough decision on which vest to purchase. I decided on the Alpha 5.0 vest as my first vest to start my trail running adventures. This vest has so many pockets. It is lightweight and can hold water chews, bottles & bladders, gels, snacks, maps, poles, a change of clothes, key fob, salt tubes, and even a phone. I do not like putting the phone in the pocket right next to my face, so I put it in the left side, zipper pocket. My one down mark is the size. I wear a large at a 42″ chest and to get this vest snug, the edges are nearly touching and I have about 1″ of chord left. Unfortunately, I wore the vest on a couple of trial runs and cannot return it. The large vest feels more like an extra large and I should have returned the vest and bought a medium. It still works for me and I love all the other features.

    • Zack Johnston

      Thanks Jason! Just sent you an email with more details in regards to the fit. It does sound like it is fitting as intended with our ErgoFit design to properly distribute the weight closer to your center of gravity. I look forward to hearing from you and will help make sure you are in the correct size.

  14. shannon.wyckoff (verified owner)

    As a newbie to race vests, I was very nervous about purchasing. However, I have had no issues. I am a back of the packer who is big busted and have had no problems with the fit or having it rub in the wrong places. I love the pockets and am excited to get outside even more! It has plenty of storage and I feel secure in having what I need when I am out on my own. I can’t wait to use it in my first Ragnar in a few weeks.

  15. Sophia (verified owner)

    Amazing vest! It fits like a glove, holds everything I need, and is surprisingly breathable. I also originally got the wrong size and needed to exchange, and ultraspire responded quickly and made it very easy and convenient for me to exchange it for the right size. 10/10 company, 10/10 product!!!

  16. Oscar D (verified owner)

    This vest was a game changer for me. For years I’d had other (well known brand) vests that never sat quite right. Always rubbed in certain places and just didn’t seem that well thought out. This vest is the polar opposite. Everything about it is perfect. All the pockets are in the right place. The material is excellent. The fit is super comfy (I ordered a large and a medium. I’m 6’1″ with 38″ chest and medium fits best). I used to think the front water pouches looked cooler on vests. Don’t be that stupid. With this vest you can carry 2 liters of water in the small of your back and not strain your neck trying to drink from it. and then you can carry all your other stuff in those front pockets. I would have liked it to come in other colors but again, I shouldn’t be that stupid. This vest is perfect. Well done UltrAspire, I hope you’ve patented every aspect of this vest because it is a high bench mark for other brands.

  17. rknowles83 (verified owner)

    Great vest. It’s lightweight and breathable. I have other band name vests that end up getting hot and making me sweat more. I like using the UltraFlasks because they are easy to refill at aid stations, but I’m also excited to try out the bladder on longer training runs. The vest holds all of my water, food and gear that I need. The magnetic pockets are also so much better than Velcro pockets. I’ve had food almost fall out of Velcro pockets (other brand name vest) and it’s hard to Velcro the back of a pack on a run. The magnets are perfect.

  18. Jacob lewis (verified owner)

    This vest is incredible. The for is spot on for me, much better then my other vest that I own. There is very little bounce and zero chaffing even with a full 2L bladder in the back. I can basically carry everything that I need for a solid 3-5 hour adventure in the woods and could honestly go further in it if I wanted to. I don’t see myself wearing another vest for my adventures. Also I wore this for my mountain race this year and it handled the intensity of the downs really well with zero chaffing. Trust the reviews and buy this if you

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