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The Basham Race Vest is engineered from the specifications of professional Ultrarunner Amanda Basham. She had very specific requirements because the pack needed to be able to tackle some of the most prestigious races. The Basham’s defining characteristic is its incredibly small footprint which reduces weight and increases heat dissipation. Despite its size, it can carry up to 2 bottles as well as other accessories. This pack includes an UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle that can fit horizontally in the insulated compartment and has room for an alternative bottle in the upper quick stash pocket. The quick stash pocket is built from 4-way stretch mesh for maximum capacity and features a magnetic closure to keep contents secure yet accessible. An additional quick stash pocket is featured on top of the insulated bottle compartment. This additional outer pocket remains functional even when the inner pocket is full. This pack features our new UltrAcool Light Mesh. This pack’s shoulder straps are narrow, have on the go access pockets, and can carry a large cell phone. Adjustment straps provide a perfect fit. One size fits most.


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• Silicone and PU coated feather-weight nylon fabrics resist water, abrasion and tears.
• Lightweight, soft, breathable, but strong mesh pulls moisture away from the body to keep skin dry and cool.
• Plush feeling micro-fiber polyester edges, soft and non-abrasive against skin and clothing.
• Sweat proof webbing—won’t absorb water or get saturated and heavy.
• Safety stitched bar tack on all stress points.
• Quiet, bounce free, easy to see and use, zipper pulls.
• Zig zagged stitching over elastic for ultra-durability, increased stretch and rebound.
• Simple, fast, easy in and out bladder attachment.
• Magnon pocket for sweat-free pills. With automatic magnetic closure for rapid access to pills and other essentials. Patent Pending.
• Max 02 sternum ™ for unrestricted breathing while maintaining a stable pack. Uses shock cord with good stretch for unrestricted breathing but also good rebound on the stretch for a stable ride. Patent Pending.

Fit:  Unisex
Size:  Universal (Chest Size:  26″-48″)
Color options:  Burgundy/Cherry Tomato, Lagoon/Navy
Hydration Compatible (Includes 1x UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle):  2x UltraFlask 550 capacity
Reservoir Compatible: Not Compatible
Capacity: 122 c.i. (2 L)
Weight: 6.4 oz (181 g) without bottle, 9.4 oz (266 g) with bottle
Dimensions: 15″ x 2″ x 15″

Additional information

Weight .59 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in


30 reviews for Basham Race Vest


    i just ran 22 miles in the Basham. And I have to say I love this vest. Very light weight, and comfortable. I was concerned about reaching back to grab my bottle while running. But it was easy easy. To grab and put back in. I definitely recommend this vest for racing a 50miler ++ with aid stations of course. Highly recommend it . Plus it’s so cute 🙂

  2. Brenda Johnson (verified owner)

    After years of trying belt after belt and never finding one that didn’t bounce, I decided to try a vest. I sure picked the right one. It’s light weight, has storage a plenty, super streamlined, no chafing spots, and really cute. It is super adjustable so you can make it fit just right. I recommend this vest for all runners.

  3. chelsie heesch (verified owner)

    This vest has allowed me to get a snug fit with no bounce! I don’t even notice I’m wearing the vest while running. Highly recommend!

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this vest! The design is minimalist, but there are enough pockets for all your stuff and a large enough water bottle to make it through a longer run or the next food station to refill. And, the water bottle is soft so squeezing contents out is easy-peasy vs. those stiff plastic things that are useless. Highly recommend.

  5. Beth Ann

    With the heat and humidity in Texas, I needed a pack that was breathable, lightweight and minimal bounce.
    I was amazed at the amount of pocket space there is on this pack. The water bottle was easy to access and replace, even with my short arms. A must have to add to anyone’s exercise wardrobe.

  6. Jenny Velocitas

    This is my first running vest, but I am absolutely head over heels in love! After running in way too bouncy waist and other hydration packs for several years, I wanted to get something that wouldn’t move around on me – and this is it! It’s lightweight, no bounce, feels great (I forget I have it on!) and I can carry everything I need (phone, keys, supplies). The water bottle is easy to grab and use and I never felt like I was going to lose it. ALSO – it’s super cute in color and style! I feel like it has already made me a better runner since I don’t have to fuss with everything plus I feel like a badass in it! I simply love it! 🙂

  7. Bruno (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Bruno (verified owner) – August 18, 2020

    Very nice upgrade (Go To vest was the UltrAspire Revolt Vest). The storage has been optimized, and the new UltrAcool Light Mesh is a great improvement (It retains less sweat. Big plus for summer runs.). I also prefer the new magnetic locking system for the stash pocket located in the upper back. (I can grab a second bottle and put it back there, without removing the vest.)

  8. Susie (verified owner)

    Wanted to love this vest….seemed perfect alternative to wearing a hydration belt for half marathons. Unfortunately, felt short on my 6’0” frame. Love my other Ultraspire products, this just wasn’t for me.

  9. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I LOVE this vest. I have used it up to 50 miles! I can fit 3 bottles, all my food, my phone, my Garmin inReach mini and more. It’s so light weight and breathable and extremely adjustable. Don’t need one pack size to fit over a tank and a separate one for over a jacket.

  10. Christina (verified owner)

    This pack has great features. I like that it is very lightweight. I like the place for a phone. All the little pockets for storage. The magnetic closure for the area between the shoulder blades. The little place to store stuff over the bottom bottle holder. There are some issues I had though. It is slightly too big. If you are a small lady (5’2” 30C), you will have some bounce. I was hoping I wouldn’t since I imagined Amanda Basham as a small lady. I wish I could cinch everything down about an extra inch more in all the customizable areas. I really like the bottles for this race vest and the sloshing is only a mild annoyance. Overall great best for those that don’t want to use a reservoir and only want the essentials.

  11. Jess Riffner

    I have been running in this vest for the past couple months now. I have to tighten the side straps pretty far to get a good fit since it is one-size-fits-most, but once I found the sweet spot, it has been great (6’0″ & 150 lbs)! This is my first vest with the bottle in the back and I love it! It does not bounce at all, even when full, and is easily accessible. I run trails with my dog and the zipper pocket on the left shoulder is perfect for dog treats. Highly recommend.

  12. Lindsey Roberts

    The UltrAspire Basham vest packs a big punch in a small package. It is light with a smaller footprint compared to most vests, yet I can comfortably carry a liter of water (split between two hard flasks), my phone, pepper spray, an inhaler, 2 protein bars, a pack of energy beans, and an extra pair of gloves. I love the fit – it adjusts snuggly to my 5’3’’, 125lb frame. It does not bounce, even fully loaded, which I was pleasantly surprised about. There are stretchy pockets, zipper pockets, magnet pockets – all kinds of pockets for all kinds of things! This is my new go-to vest for runs 15 miles or below, or during a looped ultra course. I want it in different colors! Thanks for making a great product!

  13. Nolan

    I’ve been running the Basham race vest for a couple of months now. And I love it! My biggest praise of this vest is the fit. Once I got the adjustment straps set up, it fit like a glove. It melted into a hydration vest that I could no longer feel. It simply disappears. The pockets up front are very useful. My personal favorite is the stretchy phone pocket on the right. It keeps my phone handy and is close enough to my ears that I can hear notifications from my Wahoo app as I run. It is also close enough that Siri can hear me when I ask her for joke to make the time pass by. My Ultraflask is easy enough to grab from either the horizontal or vertical pocket in the back. But getting back to the fit, it allows me to breathe freely using my diaphragm. I’ve found some other vests apply pressure to my abdomen but not this one. I think this is a vest that everyone should have in their gear quiver.

  14. Gennipher (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying this race vest. I formally used Nathan’s Vapor Howe and it was getting difficult to access some of the pockets on the side. I love the pocket options on the front especially for my phone. Accessing the water bottle from the back is not difficult, and you don’t really notice it while you’re running which is a huge plus. The fit of the vest is so comfortable, no bouncing or sliding while running! I can’t wait to see how it holds up during summer running here in the South where temps can get over 100 degrees.

  15. Wes Faulk

    Great lightweight vest for shorter summer runs where you want your hands free or need to carry just a little bit more with you. I consider this the perfect vest for a self-supported 50k or less. I like using it in conjunction with a handheld for my long runs, and use the bottle in the Basham to refill the handheld. 0 chafe, even when worn shirtless. Another quality piece of gear from UltrAspire!

  16. Susan (verified owner)

    I have been out with my Basham vest twice and just love the small footprint. The fit is phenomenal! I’m 5’3” 125 lbs with 36C chest. Once I adjusted the vest to fit me, it feels like a dream. I like that it feels like I have nothing on my back. I do like to run with a phone, as well as a small bear spray and food. It comfortable carried my rain jacket and my emergency kit. I am getting use to running without a hydration bladder, but I’m enjoying the water bottle and have no problem with accessing it. I may want to carry more water in the future, but may purchase another flask or a 1l bladder to out in the back pocket.

  17. Holly Cunningham (verified owner)

    I just recently purchased this vest. I love it. Lightweight and stays put. First run with the vest was for 9 miles. No need to break this in.
    Just go for it. Water bottle pulls out easily and doesn’t leak. I can’t believe I wanted so long to try one of these vests.

  18. Jennifer Hanson (verified owner)

    This was a great purchase for me! I was concerned about its smaller design on my 5’11” 145 lbs frame, it works and fits perfectly. The bottle never leaks, and it is easy to access. The fabric is lightweight and I have no chaffing, or irritation from wearing the vest. I am really happy I purchased this vest.

  19. Danielle Meunier

    My favorite shorter distance vest! The fit is perfect and has minimal shifting even on us smaller chested women. Water bottle is easily reached. Such an awesome purchase and collaboration with Amanda!

  20. Mike Tresidder (verified owner)

    This vest is perfect for those (like me) who prefer bottles to reservoirs, but don’t want to hold anything on the run. With the variety of pockets, can easily carry enough nutrition and water for mid- to long-distance runs. Plus, it fits larger phones in a couple of different locations on the vest, while still being lightweight and breathable. Very happy with this vest.

  21. Rachina Randolph

    Wanted a lighter vest for well supported races and the Basham was perfect while running the Leadville marathon. I had a packable jacket in the back pocket n case of a storm. I had chews, waffles etc in the lower pockets, and a 500ml soft flask in the “phone” pocket, and the included bottle in the back. I had extra food in the outer pocket over the bottle. With over 6000 feet of climbing, my vest stayed cool and comfortable, and no neck or shoulder strain.

  22. Sherree Worrell (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Basham for well over a year and it’s the best thing ever! I had been looking for a more minimal pack that I couldn’t overpack and that didn’t require a bladder but still had plenty of room for essentials (and then some). I particularly like the bottle in the back, the pocket over the bottle, and the storage pocket (also in the back that holds plenty including a 500/550ml flask). The pockets in the front allow me to stash all sorts of things from my license to Spring gels, a 300ml bottle, food, salt chews, and more. The footprint of the vest is the best feature of all. It’s lightweight, keeps me cool when it’s 100º (or more), is not bulky, it’s easy to adjust and it’s comfortable. I’ve worn this vest up to 15 miles with no need for refills. I did my 50k with this vest but had aid station assistance. Overall, this is my go-to for shorter distances – regardless of the season. Best vest ever!

  23. Allison (verified owner)

    I’ve had numerous Solomons, Patagonia, and Nathans but the small footprint and construction make this by far the most comfortable one I’ve worn. In my previous vests I was having issues with extremely sore shoulders and chafing along my collarbone due to the weight of the front water bottles. I stopped having any of those issues when I started using the Basham. It has tons of storage and is SO lightweight and comfy. Only downside is that the bottle is small (500ml) if you’re doing longer mileage you’ll need to squeeze another in the back.

  24. Tom (verified owner)

    So far…I’ve only used it once for a 5 mile run. This is going to be my updated race pack. Utilizing the smaller foot print and storage capacity than the Magda XT I own.

    I’m excited to try this pack out on the 1/2 Marathons and a 50k later this year!

  25. Bruce (verified owner)

    Love ultraspire products and was excited about this vest. I’m 5’11” and my torso is too long for this vest. The water bottle sits about in the center of my back so I can hardly remove and reinsert the bottle. For me it needs to sit a few inches lower to work.

  26. Todd

    Not too small, not too big. Perfect setup for 50k. No need to overthink this rig, room for just a few gels, one “bigger” zipper pocket I’ve used for lip balm, etc, phone pocket is plenty big. Essentials up front. Very comfortable, but same as all vests, body glide is your friend. 5 stars. Handheld is 5 stars as well.

  27. Efrain

    I don’t usually run in vests and had a competitors vest (starts with N) I would use sparingly until now. The Basaham is perfect! This is a great light weight, no extra frills and compartments running vest; just 2 pockets for bottles, one for my iPhone max pro 12, one zipper for valuables, and a couple for snacks. I run 7min/Mi pace for 16-20Mi or a little slower at 8-8:30 for 20+ and this is all I need for my marathon training. Male 5’10” 155lbs – fits great. My routes include passing by parks to refill the water bottles. Only minor feedback for future design is that the rear bottle stored in horizontal bottle holder tends to slip out at higher speeds 7min/Mi and every once in a while I’d have to tuck it back in while running – very minor.

  28. Rachel

    I just raced a 100-miler with this vest and it’s excellent. Plenty of space for my 500ml bottle, first aid kit, jacket and numerous gels/refill packets. The vertical rear pocket could do with more structure like the horizontal one, to make it easier to store a second 500ml bottle (it slides around/bounces out). Then you’d be fine going 2+ hours between even hot weather aid stations. As a female with a small 31” chest, I really appreciated the ability to cinch down the fit too. This vest truly felt barely-there and 100% functional.

  29. Scott Neth (verified owner)

    After seeing the overview of this vest, I was convinced it was the perfect choice for some upcoming long trail outings. I love that the vest is so lightweight, yet also offers such ample storage. I am impressed with how freely my arms can swing and my chest can expand; I don’t feel hindered when it comes to the actual movements of running. I also appreciate how well one can adjust the vest to fit correctly and not have it bouncing all around when it’s loaded down. However, there are some small things that I think could be improved. First, I think the adjustment straps around the bottom (thank you for having these in the first place!) should be attached the other way around, so that you can more easily loosen and tighten them in front of you, rather than contorting behind your back to do so. Also, the ends of these straps and the elastic cords for the front hold downs need to either be shorter or have a way of securing their ends, because the excess strap/cord ends flap around if you don’t stuff them into a pocket. I would also either swap the locations of the two pockets on the right side of the vest, or lower both slightly, as my phone sticks out the top and rubs my neck when in use. Additionally, I would consider replacing the magnetic fastener of the back upper pocket with velcro, or at least offer this as an option, as I worry that a heavier item might not stay in if only held by the magnet. I understand the need for fast, on-the-go access to that pocket, but I think velcro could also be a good option. Finally, I would make it clear that the bottle that comes with the vest will not fit in the other water bottle pocket opening; I mistakenly inferred that it could, and bought a second bottle to go there, simply because I can’t stand soft flasks, and was so excited that such a vest could hold two bottles with firmer sides. Maybe just show which bottles are compatible with that pocket. With all this being said, I’m honestly nitpicking, because this vest is very good, and I quickly forgot it was there on a long slog when I should’ve picked up on anything that annoyed me. A few small tweaks could be used, but overall, I’m still quite happy.

  30. Ampee Haynes (verified owner)

    I used it once last week and I like it a lot. It’s lightweight and I’m able to bring with me the essentials for a long run. It doesn’t bounce and even if the bottom part of the vest touched the lower part of my back skin, I didn’t chafe. I’m gonna enjoy this vest for a long time. Perfect for summer because of its light materials.

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