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The Bronco Race Vest was built in collaboration with UltrAspire Elite Athlete and champion ultramarathoner Jeff Browning. The Bronco has a 5 liter capacity and a pocket configuration ready to carry a variety of hydration options including a 1 liter reservoir. The front harness features 4 pockets that are built from 4-way stretch mesh. Our patent pending MaxO2 Form closure secures the pack’s contents and adapts to your body shape with a single pull. The side pockets, or saddlebags, provide access to your gear quickly. These pockets offer massive capacity with an elastic closure which keeps the contents stable. The main back compartment was designed to lay flat when empty while the 4-way stretch mesh accommodates a large capacity. The UltrAcool Light Mesh on the back panel eliminates any discomfort when fully loaded. Accessing the back compartment is made easier by a soft foam flare which extends up, guiding your hands into position. The back panel also houses a sweat proof pocket. In total, the Bronco has 7 pockets accessible on-the-go. Like all UltrAspire packs, this vest features an ErgoFit™ design for long term comfort. Available in 3 sizes.



  • Recommended Use:
    Versatile Pack utilized in any run scenario, training or racing.


    • Lightweight, soft, breathable, but strong, UltrAcool Light Mesh.
    • Silicone and PU coated feather-weight nylon fabrics resist water, abrasion and tears.
    • Max O2 Form™ for unrestricted breathing while maintaining a stable pack. Uses shock cord with good stretch for unrestricted breathing but also good rebound on the stretch for a stable ride. Patent Pending.
    • Plush feeling micro-fiber polyester edges, soft and non-abrasive against skin and clothing.
    • Sweat proof webbing—won’t absorb water or get saturated and heavy.
    • Safety stitched bar tack on all stress points.
    • Zig zagged stitching over elastic for ultra-durability, increased stretch and rebound.
    • Simple, fast, easy in and out bladder attachment.

Fit:  Unisex
Size(s): Small (30″-36″), Medium (32″-38″) or Large (34″-42″) Measure Chest Size
Color:  Pitch Black/Red
Hydration (not included):  Not Included
Bottle Compatible (not included):  UltraFlask 550, Formula 250, Human 20 oz 2.0, 1L Reservoir 2.0, or Collapsible Bottle
Capacity: 305 c.i. (5L)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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Fluid Capacity

1 L – Reservoir

Total Volume

5 Liters


5.6 oz (159g)


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15 reviews for Bronco Race Vest

  1. Jason Ollis

    UltrAspire has always made the best gear and this vest has gone above them all. WOW! I’m a 2x 200+ miler finisher and a dozen 100 miler finisher. I have a few 100’s later this year and I can tell you now, this will be the vest for those races. I have used the momentum 2.0 which the Bronco is very similar but different. VERY light and fits you like a glove. You don’t even know you are wearing this vest. Seriously! What sets the bronco apart is the higher front pockets which doesn’t require long straws to drink from. Just the standard caps. Also, you can reach over your head and access the back pocket which you can hold your entire kitchen in there if you wish. Another great feature is the easy cleanup of the vest. Spray it down and it’s like new. If you are needing a vest from 5k to even 100 miles, this will suit your needs perfectly. It rides higher up and seems to allow my chest to breath better. The attachment system is pure genius. If you need a pack for much longer adventures, the Zygos is the pack use. I have not used a rear bladder on the bronco but it has that option built in if that’s what you need. Amazing product. Versatile. So excited to take this on my adventures.

  2. Robert King (verified owner)

    First review! Just received the vest about a week ago so I haven’t used it a bunch yet. It is the most comfortable vest I’ve ever worn though! Wore it for 11 miles in 90°+ weather here in north ga (so humid as well) no chafing issues at all, it stays very secured. My favorite feature would have to be the bungees that hold your bottles in place, I have sown this in on my other vests. Honestly can’t think of a thing I don’t like about this, highly recommend!!

  3. Karin Reemts

    Best for short runs, long trail races and everything in between! I have a very long torso, very small frame, and tall. Most other packs hit too low, are too roomy (even cinched super tight), have pockets that sit too low for me to reach bottles, etc. This pack solves ALL of those challenges.

    1. It sits high and tight. It DOES NOT MOVE when you run.
    2. It works with bottles (I use 500ml soft flasks) or reservoirs (I’ve only used up to 1.5L).
    3. The Max O2 Form™ is exceptionally comfortable. It can be moved up or down to fully customize the pack to your body shape and size. It holds the pack secure, but once on, you can breathe like you are wearing nothing.
    4. The side/front pockets hold everything I need — i usually carry nutrition, tube of salt, phone, buff, etc.
    5. The back pocket is super easy to access on the go — the top part allows you to find the opening very easily.

    I have been waiting for the perfect pack for me for ages and while I love every UltrAspire pack (ok, product) I’ve tried, this one is by and large the best fitting for me. I am really hard to fit, and this one fits me like a glove 🙂

  4. Darren R

    You dont even know you are wearing this vest as its so light and hugs your body and moves with you. Great in hot weather too and has plenty of storage. The side saddle bag pockets are great for storing gels. The design details and quality and look of the Bronco is top notch

  5. Sharleen Stevens

    I took my new UltrAspire Bronco vest out for it’s maiden voyage of 14 miles yesterday. It did not disappoint! For how lightweight and compact it is, it’s so versatile. You can use a 2L bladder (I used a 1L and it did not bounce), bottles up front, or use the back saddle pocket for storing extra gear and jackets for easy grab and go. The side saddle bags hold things in place, like it did my key. They’re spacious enough for extra nutrition or a compact jacket, gloves, or a headlamp. Oh, and the Max02 system is adjustable on the go and simply amazing. I put the attachments on the highest and lowest sections offered on the vest. I fed the bladder tube through the grey pocket strap, through one of the Max02 hooks, and used a Mag Clip to keep things in place. No complaints! I can’t wait to play around with this pack more and figure out my best setup for Javelina this Fall. Giddy up!

  6. Mindy Randall

    Absolutely perfect in every way. Fits like a glove, light, cool, easy access to multiple pockets and the back storage while on the go. First run in it was in the day heat of the Vermont 100k and through the night as well. Sunny, humid and then cool and humid at night with 10,000ft gain of elevation. Not a single chafed area, no annoying bounce with full soft flasks in front pockets, not even sure I took the pack off once for the entire race. Felt great almost empty as well as loaded with night gear and food. Love this race vest!

  7. Garrick (8ntmuch)

    Absolute love how small this vest is, yet how much it can carry! Raced a 50 miler and was able to carry all nutrition for the first 30 miles until I could see my crew, and never noticed everything being carried. Pockets are super expandable and easy to access. With the bottles riding high, it makes it easy to drink on the run without removing the bottles.

    I never used the back for gear as it was a hot race, but did use it for ice! And with it sitting high on the back, it was amazing to help keep me cool!

    This will easily be my new adventure, FKT and 100 mile vest as well! Small, light weight but easily holds all my needs!

  8. Donald Beuke

    I love how light it is and the comfort of the vest. I usually do not like wearing a vest but this is so comfortable I do not even know I am wearing it. I paced Hardrock with it and i thought I lost the fastener that holds the vest together. It popped off to the other side. Jeff Browning said to use a little piece of duct tape to hold it there. It also rides very high (I like that),
    So a longer tube bottle or straw bottle does not work. I used the ultraspire 500 hard bottles. The soft flasks do not work for me that well in the vest. Overall…I highly recommend if you want a light weight and comfortable ride that can hold everything for a 6 hour run on the trails. I would use it for 100 milers too.

  9. Chad Piala (verified owner)

    I wore the Bronco Race Vest and the Ultraspire Fitted Race belt 2.0 for all 102.5 miles of Hardrock this year. Zack in customer service was fantastic in getting the pack to me in time to wear it for Hardrock. It was only Jeff Browning and myself wearing it at Hardrock this year and for me it worked flawlessly! I have worn over a dozen different vest packs by all different brands over 16 years of running ultras and this one is the best I have ever used.

    Here are the things that sets it apart from other packs:

    1. Sits higher on your chest and back so it is less constrictive on your chest when breathing. It also makes it cooler to wear and you can drink from either 550 flasks or soft flasks without needing long straws or having to take them out of the pockets.

    2. The MaxO2 closure is easy to use and combined with the higher pack placement makes this the easiest pack to breath in. It holds the pack securely so it doesn’t bounce, but it doesn’t feel like you are pushing against the shock cord when you expand your chest while taking a breath.

    3. All pockets are easily accessible while wearing the vest and it’s perfect size for just what you need. You don’t have to be double jointed or contort your arms to reach all pockets while you are wearing the vest. Also all the pockets are wide enough that they are easy to use, but still secure holding items.

    4. For how light and airy the vest is, it still feels sturdy. Not like some vests that feel almost like lingerie with how delicate they are.

    The only things I can think of to improve would be:

    1. Have the chest hydration flask pockets more reinforced with a pull open tab and a bungee tightener like the Alpha 5.0 front pockets.

    2. Fix the zippered pocket to the back of the pack instead of having it float. Sometimes when stuffing items in back while wearing the pack the zipper pocket will obstruct getting whatever item from getting into the pack until you push the zipper pocket out of the way.

    3. Maybe, have some sort of on the go attachment system for poles if it is possible to do this without changing the shape of the pack. Though, this might not be necessary as I used the Fitted Race belt 2.0 to carry my poles and that worked great.

    The design and layout of this pack are so good, I think it would be great if Ultraspire made another model of it with greater volume carry capacity. Maybe put a second through pocket in back below the pocket that is there like on the Alpha 5.0.

    All in all this is an awesome pack that will be my go to for both training and running ultras from now on. Ultraspire is making such great stuff, keep it up!

  10. Casey Sackett

    I finally passed the 100 mile mark wearing this vest, I have used it on short-long runs and raced the Tushar’s 70k in it.

    The Bronco had plenty of room for everything I needed between aid stations (5-9 miles) as well as the required gear list for the race. The bottle placement is perfect! Having such easy access to water kept me hydrated at altitude, bite valve and squeeze!

    The Bronco remained comfortable for the 45 miles of the race, it’s weight distribution when loaded felt natural and never got in the way. Being able to reach everything on my back with the vest still on saved minutes at aid stations.

    This vest is all business and never left me wanting.

    Pair this with the fitted race belt if you’re carrying poles and you’ll have more than enough options to adjust your load out to your hearts desire!

  11. Brendan

    By far the best vest that I’ve ever run in since I started running. The small footprint is great for keeping cool, the Max02 allows for customized fit and the accessibility of each pocket means no fishing around for gear or nutrition.

  12. CG (verified owner)

    Best vest I’ve ever owned!!! I have owned numerous running vests and packs from several different brands. I have three different Ultra Spyre vests that I run in. This is by far hands down the most comfortable vest I’ve ever worn. There is zero bounce even loaded. And if you end up lightening your load in the vest you just give the two drawstring cords a small tug and you’re right back to zero bounce and forgetting you’re wearing it. I preordered this one back in the spring months ahead of time and sure am glad I did. Love the accessibility of everything on the move. It’s a game changer and really raises the bar for running vests!

  13. Faith R.

    This is by far the best UltrAspire vest I’ve used. I tend to sweat heavy over my back (and nowhere else) so having most of my back exposed is key for me. The high front bottles make for easy drinking without removing the bottles. The elastic Max02 Form closure allows for full deep breaths without restriction. Can’t wait to put it to the test on my solo VT100 race!

  14. Chris “Warrior Runner” Raup

    My favorite vest right now! I have used this vest for three races so far ranging from a trail half in PA to the Black Canyon 100K, and it’s been perfect in each instance. I love that I can reach into the back without removing the vest, and how high it sits. This vest belongs in every trail runner’s quiver!

  15. cpfisher262

    If you’re looking for an ultra lite-weight race vest that packs a punch, look no further! The Bronco hits all the marks for a vest with such a small foot print. Don’t underestimate its capabilities with less real-estate because every inch of this vest serves a purpose. The Bronco’s design from front to back provides all the storage you need to get the job done, whether your running a quick 10 miles or facing longer miles on race day. This has become my go-to vest and it fits like a glove without being constricting. Life is complicated enough and this vest simplifies mine on the trails!

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