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The Element is a new addition to the ErgoFit Waist Collection. Designed to carry essentials in the most intuitive way, this pack features 4 compartments to store gear. It has a large zippered compartment with a gusset that can carry an UltrAspire 500 ml SoftFlask. The belt features an internal sweat-proof pocket behind the zippered compartment that is capable of carrying a large cell phone. It has an additional zippered pocket on the right side , and an open storage pocket on the left side for more rapid access items. The conical shape tapers upward to ensure it’s stable and comfortable whether you wear it high on the waist or low on the hips. The buckle is a molded plastic designed to grip the webbing and not slip and features and aluminum shell for durability and closure strength. One size fits most.



ErgoFit Waist
Recommended Use:
Entry level runner who wants a simple light waist belt for daily training or up to half marathon races. Also works well with most bottles including .5L bottled water.

• Lightweight and simple waist belt for daily training
• Large pocket to hold UltraFlask 550
• Storage compartment to hold essentials (large enough to hold iPhone 7+)
• Can hold any half liter bottle for hydration needs

Color: Pitch Black
(Not included) 
Capacity: 61 c.i. (1 L)
Dimensions: 14.5″ x 2.5″ x 10″
Weight: 3.2 oz ( 91 g)

Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in

Waist Belt


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11 reviews for Element Waist Pack

  1. Bradley Johnson (verified owner)

    I really like the feel of this belt. The buckle is nice and well placed. The belt, while not an elastic belt, holds securely, doesn’t slip, and is fairly comfortable. The zippered main compartment is sufficiently large and easily accessible. The smaller zippered compartment on the side is ideal for keys and small things you don’t want to lose. Ideally, the belt would be a few inches longer–I’m not a large person, but I’m pushing the limits of the belts length. The two pockets without zippers–while wearing the belt, I didn’t have any issues; however, I loaded up the belt prior to leaving for a run: phone in the internal sweat-proof pocket and a tube of Carmex in the side pocket, both flew out as I gently tossed the belt onto the passenger seat of my car. The interior of those pockets is super slick. A magnet or Velcro closure on that main pocket, at least, would go a long ways. Needless to say, the phone now rides in the main zippered compartment.

  2. Pamela Chapman-Markle

    This belt is very nice. I am a fan of how it fits and does not move. It has enough room in the pocket for my phone and jells. I have a tendency to like the fitted Race Belt a little more but this belt is really great.

  3. Jason Ollis

    Thus is perfect for those long runs you want to carry only a few items. I put water filter, calories etc and still have plenty of room. Doesn’t bounce at all. Highly recommend.

  4. Bart L (verified owner)

    This is the one I was looking for ! I tried multiple belts. Most of them were slip through. The clip on is much easier to use and you can make it tight. Finally belt that actually hold water securely. I use a slightly underfilled 500 ml Aspire flask. Make sure you squeeze so the water comes to the top and then put the cap on. This will reduce the size of the bottle. I can fit a phone underneath. Wind shirt jacket in the zippered packet for those sudden Summer storms. The right fills with some food, TP, etc. Perfect belt for those 2-3 hours runs (10-13 miles).

  5. Mav (verified owner)

    I came across this product from an Instagram post from ‘Natalie Dau @rockstararms’ and was impressed with her video that I ordered online for delivery in Singapore. Zack from Customer Support was on point from the get go with following up just prior to the product reaching my doorstep. A super snug fit allowing no phone or keys in my back pocket. Hats off to team UltrAspire for delivering a well designed product with passion and sincerity.

  6. Slowninja

    Super light, comfortable, and functional.
    I recently acquired this belt the second run I did with it was a 9 hour, 50 mile race, with absolutely zero bounce or chafing issues. It’s light, breathable, and (importantly) adjustable, unlike most sized waistbelts. Highly recommended!

  7. Mark Vosti

    I’ve been pretty much wearing this around the house and errands all the time and forget that it’s even on. It has 4 pockets and my favorite is the drop in front pocket for my phone. It fits my ginormous S22 Ultra no prob. The 2 side pockets are larger than they look. I can put my entire fist into both of them. So could fit my running jacket in one and gloves in another. This sounds impossible but I can easily fit both fists into the front zipper pouch. It fits the 550ml water bottle perfectly. I plan on using this running, backpacking, and just around town or anytime I need extra pockets. Because it is so light, I don’t even notice it. I love the choice I made to purchase this

  8. Amber Wheeler (verified owner)

    I am new to running and wanted a waist pack to hold my phone. My phone fits easily and the belt is very comfortable. However, I am having a hard time getting it to stop riding up. I prefer to wear the pack lower on my hips, but it doesn’t matter how tight I adjust it, it rides up anyway. I have resolved to literally wear it at my waist and although uncomfortable at first, I am getting used to it. It does’t move at all on my waist, so perhaps that is the location it is supposed to be in. I am excited to run further than 4 miles so I can put more stuff in it. Soon!

  9. Aria Hamdani

    I bought this at Sukaoutdoor, a reseller here in Indonesia. It started as a “good enough” belt, but then it grew on me and now I love it.

    When I bought the Element, my goal was to have a waist belt for short runs that I can easily remove. I have a Fitted Race belt and I don’t like how I have to get into and out from it, though it can carry more stuff than the Element.

    I put keys in the small zippered pocket. I stuff my phone, wallet, and spare mask in the large zippered pocket. I use the phone pocket to hold a 250ml soft flask. And I put a headlamp or a bandana in the small mesh pocket. I found this co figuration to work best for me.

    Lately, I’ve been using this belt to the office as a fanny pack, so I can have nothing in my pants pockets. It worked out quite nicely since the belt sits flush with my abdomenal area, so it’s very low key.

    What I wish could be better are (1) the strap could be a couple of inch longer so I can wear this as a sling (very usefull when commuting on my scooter and in the rain); and (2) main zippered pocket could be a bit longer so that small soft flask wouldn’t be easily compressed at the tip and leaks.

  10. Jeremy

    This is a great belt not only for running but walking and even a good belt to use when traveling.

    Has enough space to fit snacks, gels, keys, and a phone on a run. Keeps snug around the waist.

    I used it also for a month long overseas trip. I was able to put passports, phone and money in it when traveling. Goes great under your shirt to where no one’s sees it.

    Overall great belt!

  11. Neringa Clark (verified owner)

    This is the best belt! I’m a marathon runner and this belt was what I needed. Highly recommended!

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