Epic XT 3.0 Hydration Pack

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Introducing the Epic XT 3.0, a 35 liter hydration backpack that’s prepared for any adventure. This large-scale hip-leveraged pack is compatible with long or multi-day self supported endeavors. Since the 2.0 version, this pack has been refined for better access, comfort, and capacity. It’s now available in 2 sizes; SM/MD and MD/LG. The back panel contains a removable insert which follows the natural curve of the body improving cooling, comfort, and weight distribution. Open-cell foam on the shoulder straps and hip belt have been added for moisture wicking and comfort. The roll top closure utilizes side and back compression straps allowing the pack to ride securely while empty or fully loaded. The back panel also has a large mesh quick stash pocket. The front harness features our MaxO2 Form system and 4 large stretch mesh pockets. The waist belt has seen a multitude of upgrades, most notably is the Fluidic Holster System which adds access to the rear pockets via a magnetic closure system.


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Extreme Line: Sometimes you just need more. The Extreme Line was created with the deep adventurer at heart. These products are built to last with durable material, stronger breathable mesh, and function for any adventure scenario. This category goes beyond running and hiking and branches into mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and so much more. The Extreme Line adopts the minimalist mindset of “one item that does it all, and does it well” while staying true to the UltrAspire code, to create an inspired outdoor experience.

Recommended Use:
Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Canyoneering, Fast Packing, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Multi-day Endeavors.


  • SM/MD, MD/LG
  • Sweat Proof Webbing
  • MaxO2 Form
  • XT Fabric- Stronger than steel ripstop fibers.
  • Small Footprint for better cooling
  • XT Mesh to pull moisture from the body and evaporate it
  • Max02 XT Buckle
  • Small Footprint


Fit:  Unisex
Size:  SM/MD, MD/LG (SM/MD: Waist 27″-42″, Torso 16″-19″), (MD/LG: Waist 27″-42″, Torso 19″-21″)
Color options: Pitch Black
Hydration (included):  Not Included (Reservoir compatible)
Reservoir Compatible (not included):  Up to 3L
Capacity: 2135 c.i. (35 Liters)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 2 in

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Product Dimension (inches) LxWxH


Product Weight (lbs)


5 reviews for Epic XT 3.0 Hydration Pack

  1. Carson

    My experience is with the epic XT 2.0 but I figured the review could be helpful here… In short, I think this is the best pack that has ever been made. And with a few super minor additions would make the best pack ever even better.

    I used it for a big 3.5 day ridge traverse in death valley for the winter solstice, and was able to carry food, fuel and stove, sleeping kit (pad, bivy sack, 18 degree sleeping bag), all layers, necessary gear, and water (up to 7 liters) and it was the most comfortable to carry pack I’ve ever used, no matter what pack or how much is in it. Hands down, no comparison. Nothing even comes close. I was able to run with the pack fully loaded, with no bounce or discomfort at all. My shoulders weren’t even sore afterwards. It also climbs incredibly well, with more support than other similarly sized (or larger) packs yet feels lower profile than packs smaller than it. Durability is also incredible. The mesh on mine has some holes, but the rocks on the traverse were some of the sharpest I’ve ever seen, ripping any fabric they touched immediately. Since then, they haven’t grown despite lots of use, and there are no other signs of wear.

    I love this pack because it allows me to carry enough food and layers in the straps and back mesh panel that I only have to take the pack off once or twice in a full 10+ hour day. Getting rid of that transition time really adds up, allowing much more efficient movement on big days in big terrain. Recently the 2.0 has become my main ski pack. I’ve been voile strapping my skis to the ice axe loop and the shoulder strap to diagonal carry them, and it works great. I use the pole carry system on the bottom of the pack for my crampons. The 2.0 isn’t even a ski pack but I think that it is one of the best.

    If I could improve the pack in any way, I would make the ice axe loops a little bigger and add a ski attachment system. The ice axe loops on the 2.0 carry a light weight axe like a camp corsa perfectly, but they aren’t big enough for larger, full on ice tools like my grivel north machines. Even a spot to thread a voile strap trough would be great, but if there was a system to diagonal carry skis without taking the pack off it would be incredible. I know it might sound weird to want axe loops for technical ice tools and a ski carry system on a running pack, but this pack is so versatile that I think it is warranted. I feel that the kind of people who this pack is aimed at are going to do enough different mountain and endurance sports that the additions would be greatly appreciated. If the pack had these features, I would never use any other pack between 20L and 50L ever again, for any activity (other than maybe a pack without mesh on the outside for alpine routes with significant chimneys/off widths).

    Thoughts on the 3.0 – Sad to see the ice axe loops go. If I am going to buy such an expensive pack, I don’t want to jerry rig an ice axe carry. Also wish it had a ski carry. But the increased volume seems awesome! I totally believe them when they say raising the pack makes it carry better, and the fluidic pockets on the waist straps look awesome! (Look big enough to carry skins if there was a ski carry)

    11/10 would recommend. If you are looking for a fast and light pack for really long missions, there is simply no better pack. Please make the 4.0 with a ski carry system and bigger ice axe loops!

  2. Nathan L

    The Ultraspire Epic XT 3.0 Pack was a great choice for the Pico de Orizaba Infinity Loop. Its large 35 Liter carrying capacity provided ample space for all the layers, food, and gear required to climb twice over, and circumnavigate, a high-elevation peak in an ultrarunning style. The large, elastic front pouches make for quick and easy access to snacks, and the padded waistbelt and shoulder straps provided breathable comfort for 24 hours of continuous movement. I’m particularly fond of the roll-top closure, which makes it very easy to compress the pack down to the size of its contents. The only features that I found lacking were the side pockets, which came open while running due to the weak magnetic closure system, and the absence of an ice axe carry system. Otherwise, it was the perfect pack for establishing this rugged, high-elevation FKT and I anticipate using it on many more outings in the future. I look forward to showcasing it in our upcoming film!

  3. Asfandyar

    Having used a couple of Ultraspire products in the past, and being a big fan of the Zygos 5.0, I was expecting the same high-quality, accessibility focused experience that the Zygos provided me. I think this pack would have been 5 stars for me if this was my first Ultraspire product, but having used it after the Zygos, I keep missing the Zygos and keep thinking of what the Epic 3.0 is missing which makes me lower the rating. And what its missing is… (zipped) pockets!

    I really miss the zipped left breast pocket where I could keep my phone and know it would be secure, come what may but I can’t do that on the Epic as there are no zipped pockets and the breast mesh pockets dropped my phone when I leaned too much.

    I really miss the zipped waist pocket as it was a great place to store my rain jacket and could take it out quickly. Now I have to store it in the main compartment, and have to open it and close it any time I want my rain jacket which is annoying.

    I really miss the zipped shoulder pockets which were a great place to store my headlamp or a multitool or medicine/pills. Now those too have to go in the back as there is no accessible, secure place to get them out in a pinch and I can’t really afford losing these items by storing them in open mesh pockets.

    I also found the magnetic pockets kind of gimmicky and tough to get things back into without disengaging the magnets.

    Oh and I also dearly miss the whistle! I don’t know why that is missing. It was so convenient to have a whistle right there.

    The Max O2 form is much better implemented than the Zygos though. It feels more secure and the shockcord ends are less likely to unravel or get untied.

    Overall this a good pack and is a 5 star pack compared to most other packs in the market, but having used the Zygos before, I feel disappointed and a bit frustrated which brings down the rating. It would have absolutely a 5 star pack if it was a Zygos 5.0 XL type of deal. Then I would not spend so much time thinking while running and hiking about what the Zygos did better than the Epic.

  4. Iris Ng

    Bought this for RTP Gobi March 2023 and started training with it for less than 5 times before the actual race. Gave it one wash before the race as well. The backpack has comfortable and awesome support but the weight of the pack is something multi-stage runners need to be mindful of, especially if other mandatory equipment isnt light. The front stretch mesh is really useful and the side storage meshes are also good with strong magnets.

    Things i dont like are the rolled top and how the bag doesnt compact as much as I want it to as the stages complete and i have lesser volume to carry. Would be great to have compression straps by the side. In addition, the bottom straps for the poles are difficult to access. End up i used that for the sleeping mat and places poles on the side mesh.

    Overall an awesome bag that has served me well to complete the 6 stage/7days race

  5. Dani Kepner (verified owner)

    I am new to fast-packing, but this seems to offer just about everything I was looking for! If there would be anything I would add, I just am missing one zipper pocket to secure things like a phone or ID in a place that is easily accessible, but other than that it is perfect. I had to cut down the foam pad a few inches just because of the fit for my specific torso/neck length, and now it fits AMAZING! Minimal bouncing when running, too!

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