Fitted Race Belt 2.0

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The Fitted Race Belt 2.0 is a versatile waist pack that provides functional carrying capacity while remaining subtle on the body. This belt uses a fabric that is 80% Nylon which adds extra durability, and 20% Spandex for stretch and a strong rebound to better hold contents in place while fully loaded. This belt comes with 3 storage pockets. For versatility, added bar tacks on the main pocket allow contents to be divided and organized, but gives you potential to carry large items by combining that pocket into 1 larger pocket. The ErgoFit Waist design allows for balance and stability no matter the load size and comfort over the long haul. The Fitted Race Belt 2.0 can easily carry your cell phone, nutrition, hydration, and comes with a side zippered pocket for your wallet, keys, and any other important items. It is also equipped to carry a race number. Shock cords allow the pack to carry a jacket and z-poles. This belt comes in 5 sizes to ensure a perfect fit.



ErgoFit Waist
Recommended Use:
A lightweight and stable way to carry multiple items in an organized manner. Large cell phones, soft bottles, energy foods, keys and much more. Great for both training and racing.

Lightweight and stable way to carry multiple items
• Storage for large cell phones, energy foods, keys etc
• Comes in 5 sizes to ensure a perfect fit
• Belt rides comfortably on the body for a stable ride.

Fit: Unisex
Size: Universal
Color options: Pitch Black
Hydration (not included): Can carry Formula 250, 300ml SoftFlask,
Capacity: 45 c.i. (.74L)
Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)
Dimensions: 17.75″ x 0.25″ x 4.75″

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Weight N/A
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21 reviews for Fitted Race Belt 2.0

  1. Clint Owens

    I got to “test run” this belt and there are definite improvements. The material feels durable but still expandable without over stretching. This belt is very handy for everyday use but I will also use this as a minimalist race belt for road races. Great update from version 1.0

  2. Greg

    A key clip in the zipper pocket would be amazing. I have a couple of the v1 belts and have had the zipper open up. The last thing I want to lose on the trail are my keys. I sewed one into my v1 belt and will do the same on the v2. The larger front pocket fits a water bottle so much better. Great update

  3. Mark Sterling (verified owner)

    Used the race belt for the first time and had a great experience. Good fit. Little to NO bounce with the water bottle. Plenty of room for everything I carried. Very pleased so far.

  4. Josh Pantleo

    This is a must have for any runner. Wether it is just a training run or race day, this belt fits all your running needs. The updates on this belt are great! The fit, the updated pockets and the handy bib connectors are perfect. The zippered pocket keeps all of your valuables safe and secure.

  5. Sally Jepson (verified owner)

    Great snug fit. I’ve tried many race belts and this is the first one that doesn’t ride up after a few miles and end up under your ribs. It stays at the waist, snug but no chaffing. I use a soft 250ml water bottle and the pocket is big enough and keeps the water snug. The other pockets are plenty big enough for added gels, keys, etc. The main belt fabric doesn’t stretch (hence it stays in place) so be sure to get the correct size. I was between sizes and needed to size up for comfort. The shape keeps it in place. This is a great company. Order came sooner than expected and return for different size was no hassle.

  6. Greg M Wilson

    Im a big fan of this race belt. I run with my phone, and this belt holds my phone in a way I dont notice it, instead of holding or wearing on my arm. It breathes well, and ive added GUs, toilet paper, car key, phone and a water bottle all at the same time, and all were comfortable and barely noticeable. Well balanced. The only knock is the zipper isnt to take it off and put it on, which means you have to slide it around your body instead of being able to take it off quickly. Also i havent found a way to take water bottle out and put it back easily, so I think ill only have water for emergency and stick with other UltrAspire hydration options when I know ill need to drink on a run. This is a solid addition to my arsenal and will likely be used the most.

  7. waltersolsol

    Compré el cinturón y de inmediato la usé , la experiencia fue unica ,guarde lo escencial e incluso una botella ligera la guardé sin molestia alguna , si se estirara más de lo usual sería maravilloso pero cumplió su propósito. Ahora con mi vest Revolt es mi complemento perfecto para la Marathon en Lima. Gracias!!

  8. Cody

    Recently picked up the race belt and have been super impressed with its versatility! This perfect for daily runs where you just want to carry a phone and have a place to toss your gloves, etc. or expands a ton to fit a flask, multiple gels, headlamp storage, bars or whatever. I have a feeling that this is going to be my go to for races in the future…pair this with the 550mL handhelds and your good!

  9. Erika

    The fitted race belt is just what I needed for my early morning runs when I don’t need a whole pack. It carries my phone , a gel, your keys ect… it’s comfortable and breathable.

  10. HH

    Runs very small and has no stretch to it. I bought a small and wear a woman’s size 2 or 4 so it should have fit according to the measurements. I now have a belt I can’t wear.

  11. Aaron Zuniga

    Loving the Fitted Race belt 2.0!! So many little extra details and features that really make it shine. The bar tacks on the main pocket is genius for essentials like a softflask, headlamp, and nutrition. I can access them easily while on the move and know they’re stored securely! Zippered pocket fits keys and phone with ease. Shock cords for gear not in use keep the hands free. Amazing customer service, fast shipping, and great price point make it a no brainer.

  12. Justin Turnbow (verified owner)

    This has become my go to almost every run belt sometimes even when I’m wearing the vest. The zipper is so clutch for car keys and things I really don’t want to lose. Holds my enormous phone with no problem even to the point I sometimes forget it’s even there. I also love the breathable fabric and I’m a huge sweater so it’s really nice that I can rinse it off hang up and dries very quickly. Great everyday companion.

  13. Pamela Chapman-Markle

    This belt is like no other! It holds my phone and all the products I train with including gels. When it is hot out, it is still cool and moves with my body. No chaffing with this belt at all. I order a larger size so I can wear it on my hips! I love it!

  14. Nancy Monson

    I’ve been using the Fitted Race Belt for about 3 weeks now, and I love it! I’m a very slight runner, and I’ve struggled with finding a lightweight waist belt for my shorter runs that doesn’t bounce, slide up or down, and holds everything I need (soft water bottle, phone, gel, sunscreen lip balm, glucose tabs and my key). This belt easily accomplishes that and still feels comfortable to wear. Love the fact that it’s easy to clean as I sweat quite a bit. Super happy!

  15. Christopher Mixon (verified owner)

    I honestly had low expectations that I’d be happy with the belt. But, this belt functions so well. It holds my soft flash, phone, gels, and anything else. It fits very well and there is minimum movement. I purchased it specifically to race 50 and 100 milers with and have no doubts it will perform.

  16. Joseph (verified owner)

    Wore it for the first time on a 25km run with a 500ml soft flask. Fits perfectly on top of my hips- doesn’t move at all- doesn’t put pressure on my stomach either. Super easy to access. Zipper pocket held my keys safely out of the way.

  17. Marcia Dority Baker

    I bought the fitted race belt to use when I travel for work. It’s great for the few things I need to carry on a short run while in a new city. It packs easy, is washable/breathable and so comfortable I forget it’s there.

  18. JT

    I use this every stinkin day. Love this thing! Amazing what I can stick in it. I’ve used this and their 17 Oz soft flask in all my ultras. Works great if aid stations are close enough. I’ve used it for 50 and 100 milers and it just works. Great great great!

  19. Ben Barrett

    I was looking for a lightweight, well fitted waist belt to replace a pack for medium-long runs. At first I was skeptical this would do the job, and I found it to be perfect. After receiving the belt in time for my weekend long run, it supported my phone, more than 200g of carbs, and a water bottle (tucked between my waist and the belt). There’s no bouncing on the belt and everything was very accessible. This is truly a 5 star belt.

  20. Faith

    Got this belt to hold trekking poles so I could still use my favorite Bronco vest while hiking. No bouncing, no slipping, and no problem attaching and unattaching the poles. I have even started using it by itself to hold my phone and keys during shorter runs. The belt is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of UltrAspire gear!

  21. Miles Victors

    This is the most comfortable, versatile belt. I wear this whenever I’m going out on a run that will last less than 90 minutes (and I have a handheld with me), and I also wear this when running big races or efforts and am wearing a racing vest as well. I just appreciate the additional, zero bounce storage options it gives me and affords me a lot of accessible space to stash phones, keys, nutrition, even my running poles. I own several of these and keep them stashed at the office, home, or my vehicle so I never am without what I need to carry my gear. Probably my favorite, most used piece of kit.

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