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The Fitted Race Belt is the perfect pack for the everyday to elite runner. This running belt is designed with a conical shape and unique stitching pattern that allows for a seamless to the body feel. The Fitted Race Belt can easily carry your cell phone, nutrition, hydration, and comes with a side zippered pocket for your wallet, keys, and any other important items. This belt comes in 5 sizes to ensure a great fit.


ErgoFit Waist
Recommended Use:
A lightweight and stable way to carry multiple items in an organized manner. Large cell phones, soft bottles, energy foods, keys and much more. Great for both training and racing.

Lightweight and stable way to carry multiple items
• Storage for large cell phones, energy foods, keys etc
• Comes in 5 sizes to ensure a perfect fit
• Belt rides comfortably on the body for a stable ride.

Fit: Unisex
Size: Universal
Color options: Pitch Black
Hydration (not included): Can carry Formula 250, 300ml SoftFlask,
Capacity: 45 c.i. (.74L)
Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)
Dimensions: 17.75″ x 0.25″ x 4.75″

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Weight N/A
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22 reviews for Fitted Race Belt

  1. Mindy Randall

    Absolutely love my fitted race belt. I just slip it on, put my run essentials in the stretchy pockets, slip my phone in the zippered front pocket, slide my formula 250 flask in the rear pocket and away I go. Everything fits secure and in place, no bounce, with so many storage pockets. I even have room for that extra lightweight layer, just in case the weather turns bad on my adventures. Perfect, easy, functional!

  2. Ryan Maher

    Literally my favorite piece of running gear! Never moves, fits a ton of stuff, and i actually forget that I have it on most of the time.

  3. Randy Ruch

    I’ve not yet found a pack that I like – always feel my breathing is constricted wearing them. But I’ve been using the Fitted waist belt and love it. It holds a ton of stuff including 500 ml soft flask, phone, nutrition, gear. I don’t notice it after a mile or so. Only negative is the bungee cords are not strong enough to hold z poles without slipping/sagging

  4. meandmyaussies (verified owner)

    This is my new go to piece of gear for trail runs in the front country – love it! I can fit everything I need: phone, keys, gels, wind shirt, dog treats/leash. I tried putting a full flexible bottle in there but got bounce so I instead bring my Katadyn BeFree filter bottle so I can filter/drink then dump what’s left and keep running.

  5. Jake Grossbauer (verified owner)

    Instantly became my go to for gear on the run. It fits perfect(medium for 5’10” 154lbs male) no rubbing to date on several long runs as other brand shave in the past. Super easy tab to get to gear easily mid stride. Probably going to add a second to the bag of goodies just to have backup.

  6. Michael Becker

    The Ultraspire Fitted Race Belt pretty much solves one of my major dilemmas when deciding on gear for ultra races. That problem is whether to go sans pack and rely on a shorts pockets – hand/butt cheek held bottle set up or use a pack.
    I’ve always liked to race as minimally as possible, but because I don’t like to use a handheld or waist pack, I’ve often used a small vest, the last few years that’s been the Ultraspire Revolt.
    When I’ve tried to use the shorts/bottle set up I haven’t found the right bottle or the right shorts. In fact, the last time I tried this I lost my soft flask with about 5 miles to go in a 30k.
    This belt pretty much solves those issues. It’s a very Spartan belt with just enough storage and features to use in any training or event where the aid stations are an hour apart or less.
    With a Youtube search or a check on the Ultraspire website anyone can get a one minute briefing of its features. I’ll just give my slight variation of the way I use the belt; I like the flask behind me. In this position I have no problem either removing or replacing the 550 Ultraspire flask. And it sits, unlike almost all lumbar packs I’ve tried, on my hips and doesn’t ride up high onto my waist.

    Now I did say pretty much solves my problems. The caveats are that with a full flask the belt does bounce a bit. However, this annoyance is easily solved in one of three ways; 1, Use a smaller or soft flask. 2, Don’t fill the flask completely. 3, carry the flask as a handheld until your first drink. I prefer the latter method as this is what I’ve been doing anyway using the shorts/hand-butt cheek method. But with the belt I now have much more storage and versatility.
    The other problems would be in races where aid stations are further apart or where a waist light will be used. But no pack or belt is perfect for every situation. But I do see this belt as having very broad training and racing applications and plan on using it in the upcoming San Diego 50 miler.

  7. dj.crites14

    DJ Crites

    FITTED RACE BELT = Ninja Assassin! Knowing full well that they exist until they sneak up on you! This GEM was a huge unexpected like for me! I have never been drawn to fitted belts but was thinking about the best way to haul fuel during the winter months when running tights seem to have lack of pockets.

    I personally keep my fuel within my shorts pockets for faster access then keeping it stashed throughout a vest for any runs up to 25 miles. then typically somewhere after I will reload from my vest and stock the pockets back up.

    This item is SOOO comfortable even when loaded it is not funny. Just about anything you can think of carrying within this device/tool can be. Which hauling my truck keys from the trail head is always a concern when choosing gear for that run.

    ::HINT:: I actually received this little nugget from the UltrAspire team from feedback from their Elites during testing. IF you will be fully loading down the race belt consider sizing down from your traditional size. This will help with less bounce during your run and create a better fit. The team was right! Yes at first it was snug, typically a large- sized down to a medium, but once I stashed everything I was using it felt like a second skin for me. Know this may not be the case for most runners but for myself I hate playing with gear because it keeps shifting or sliding down with movement.

    Height: 5′ 11″
    Weight: 198lbs
    Waist: 34″ or Large
    (I sized down to a medium following the helpful instruction from the UltrAspire staff!)

  8. Greg Johnson

    The fitted race belt is perfect. I wore it at the Devil Dog 100k and it carried absolutely everything that I needed it to during the race- namely a rain jacket, gels and chews, and a pair of gloves. I paired it with the 550 race handheld and couldn’t have been happier. I’m 5’8″ and ~135lbs and ordered a size Small. At first I thought it might be too snug, but once I started to load it up it kept everything in place with no bouncing! Highly recommend for the minimal trail/ultra runner who doesn’t want a vest/pack/waist bottles

  9. Giff

    Light, durable and well engineered. I have loved using this to carry trekking poles on long adventures in conjunction with a pack/handhelds. It works really well for shorter outings to carry either a soft bottle or my plus sized cell phone (S9+). If there were two full-sized pockets so I could carry my phone and a soft bottle at the same time the pack would be perfect for me. I am right on the line between a medium and a small and sizing down was definitely the way to go.

  10. Scott

    Best running belt ever. I did go with a size smaller to reduce chances of sliding down.

  11. Nolan Blanco

    To say this is outstanding piece of gear is an understatement. It is my favorite way to carry my essentials while running; phone, Ultra Flask 550, Clif bar or two, gloves, BOCOgear neck gaiter. Everything is secure and with zero bounce… ZERO!! I even use it in conjunction with my Momentum vest. The Fitted Race Belt should be in everyone’s quiver of running and racing gear.

  12. Tyler King

    Absolutely love this belt. Was able to hold a wind breaker in the shock cords very comfortably along with my phone (Galaxy S7) in the large kangaroo pocket. The assortment of pockets are excellent. Also like the 1 zippered pocket for random loose items or trash. Word of advice though, it fits tight. If you are on the upper end of the size chart, go with the larger size. I am about a 30″ waist and I couldn’t even get the small size on (the medium fits perfect). The only minor detail I would like to see added to this is a key chain inside the zip pocket.

  13. Mark Brewer (verified owner)

    Just received this and ran 9 miles yesterday. Worked great and this definitely my new belt for longer runs. Lots of carry options. Highly recommended.

  14. Robert Lancaster

    Solid belt love everything about it. Fit is perfect with no bounce at all. I used it in a 50k and carried a 500ml softflask with no issues. Best belt on the market and i’ve tried most of them.

  15. Wes Faulk (verified owner)

    This belt is AMAZING! I was looking for a simple way to carry a decent amount of gear, including poles, and have it easily accessible. Simple way FOUND! I would prefer it if one of the larger pockets had a way to secure it at the top (my soft flask has a tendency to bounce out), but that’s a very minor complaint. This belt is going to be my go-to for shorter outings, and a nice addition to the arsenal for longer races as well.

    I bought a second belt at the same time for my wife, who wanted to be able to carry water and her iPhone XS Max in the same belt (instead of having to wear one belt for hydration and a SPIBELT for the phone. She’s in love too!!

  16. Veronika Larisova

    UltrAspire Fitted Race Belt is my favorite running accessory of 2019. I love it much better than an arm band as it does not bother me when running. Arm bands get annoying especially when I want to start running with a long sleeve and then take it off mid-run. The race belt fits really well, doesn’t move around and has various compartments for phone, keys and mints…well, this is what I use the compartments for but they can be used for anything else. I also love the material as it’s breathable, dries quickly and looks great no matter what clothes I put it over.

  17. Jennifer Yeaman

    Awesome belt! I wanted something that would not have any bounce, and this fits the job perfectly! I can fit my phone and snacks in it perfectly, with no riding up at all. The ONLY thing I would be aware of is the sizing. I am pretty small built, 5’4 ~120-125lbs but apparently my hips are wide! Ha! I have the XS and although it does fit, it is a little hard to get it there! Overall, love it!

  18. Chelsea Rambo

    This is my go to piece of running gear right now. I have a couple items that are with me on every run (keys, phone, a snack, etc) and this belt has a place for everything, even a small waterbottle (like the Formula 250). I can even bring a rain shell or other light layer if the weather is looking a little temperamental. Super comfortable, no bounce and no having to mess with adjustable straps to get the fit right. Just slip it on and go run. The only time I have to adjust the placement is when I’m doing higher intensity hill repeats. If you are considering a waistbelt, buy this one.

  19. Bryan

    I have logged a little over 100 miles wearing this belt. I’m 31-32 waist so I bought a medium. Pockets are great and can hold a good amount of stuff…careful not to overload though as belt will tend to slide down. This brings me to long term status/concern. Already I’ve noticed the belt is not as tight as original fit with tendency to sag more. If I’ve got cell, keys, and water bottle it has gotten to point where having to pull it back up on or just below waist/hips during runs. Perhaps a cord on top of waist that can be cinched?

  20. Bryan

    As an update to my prior review on July 27, 2020…The stitching had popped along one of the seams and continued to stretch the race belt to where it would no longer stay on my waist. I reached out to UltrAspire and explained my issue with the popped stitching. Their customer service was GREAT and I wanted to follow up on my original review with a THANK YOU for exchanging it with a new one! I will look to UltraAspire again in the future for gear and happily share with others my customer service experience.

  21. Josh Trask (verified owner)

    I just got mine last week and have used it on a few runs and I really love it! Simple and extremely high-quality made!

  22. Jamie Rickard

    I’m in love with this belt. There is no bounce, so much room I had my cell phone, keys, chapstick, gloves, gaiter, and a soft flask with still room if needed. I also have been able to put my jacket in the elastic loops with cinch downs. I’ve been using it mainly for my lunchtime runs of 5-6 miles but could easily wear it for longer runs/races. For reference I’m a 33 waist and bought a medium which works perfectly. I sometimes forget it is even on my waist.

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