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Speedgoat 3.0 Waist Pack

The Speedgoat 3.0 is Karl Meltzer's signature long distance waist pack. The Speedgoat 3.0 is designed for stability and easy access. This pack helps to keep the weight near your center of gravity allowing you to handle technical trails and conserve energy during longer endeavors. This pack comes with 2 UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottles. The bottles are simple, intuitive, and the holsters provide easy access on the go. The newly designed holsters are constructed to sit nicely on the back of the hips out of the way of the arm swing but close enough to access them when you need them quickly. Both holsters are insulated to keep fluids cooler for longer. The holsters are designed with a mechanical locking system to prevent launching but still allow easy access. The bottle sits securely in the belt with the weight close to the body proving the most stable 2-bottle pack on the market. In addition to hydration holsters, this pack is equipped with a 4-way stretch mesh zippered pocket to hold items you may need for later. For items you need more frequently, each holster also has a quick stash pocket for rapid access. The front of this waist pack is also equipped with a functional 4-way stretch mesh pocket capable of carrying a large cell phone and Z-pole attachments to quickly access or stow trekking poles on the go. One size fits most.

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Lumen 600 3.0 Waist Light

The award winning Lumen 600 2.0 waist light has been upgraded to a 3.0 version. This patent pending light features UltrAspire 3D Lighting® which casts shadows across uneven surfaces giving you a better understanding of your terrain. It has a wide flood cone that provides 600 lumens of Steady Beam even lighting for the most natural running experience out of any light. The Lumen 600 3.0 comes with a removable pocket, add the pocket to carry extra essentials such as a phone or food or remove the pocket for a more minimalist feel. This light features our Race Fit which is a fatigue-free buckle system allowing you to easily undo the buckle, and a conical belt which is made of limited-stretch elastic providing a more comfortable a natural breathing pattern. The light itself is now 30% smaller in size and weight. This waist light includes one of our UltrAspire rechargeable 18650 batteries and features a USB charging port. Includes a USB charging cable.

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*Currently out of Stock- Estimated availability early-December.

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Lumen Ally

The Lumen Ally allows you to combine your Lumen Waist Light with your Hydration Belt products. This waist belt attachment is perfect for anyone wishing to use a Lumen light and carry a water bottle on their waist at the same time. Like all packs in the waist pack line, the Lumen Ally features our breathable webbing which allows moisture to evaporate and will not slip once adjusted to fit. This piece also utilizes a stretchy mesh pocket behind the light adapter giving you capacity for a cell phone, energy foods, backup batteries, or other small essentials. A pocket located below the light can house an extra battery. The Lumen Ally allows you to run with speed and confidence like you would during the day while also carrying your preferred hydration. Light not included.

Compatible Lumens: Lumen 400z, Lumen 600 3.0, and Lumen 800 Multisport. 

Compatible Waist Belts: Synaptic 2.0, Speedgoat 3.0, and Plexus. 

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Additional information

Speedgoat 3.0 Waist Pack

Weight .92 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 3 in

Lumen 600 3.0 Waist Light

Weight .4375 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Product Weight (lbs)

Total Volume

61 c.i. (1L)

Sizing Range

Adjustable 26"-38"

Product Dimension (inches) LxWxH

Lumen Ally

Weight .0875 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

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  1. Ben Barrett

    This product is overall great. I just started using it on my early morning runs. The Lumen 800 provides a significant amount of light and the pack sits snugly on your waist. This is super relieving compared to the shoulder hydration pack I was using. The only downside I’ve noticed is when using the Lumen Ally with the Speedgoat Waistpack, the light is attached to a pocket. So, without something in that pocket, the light bounces a significant amount while running. To counter this, I’ve had to point the light directly downward. On technical trails, I would like the light source to always be positioned a bit further ahead.

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