Lumen 50S

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The Lumen 50S is a hands-free wrist-mounted light. It has three modes: solid, blinking, and red blinking. It has an adjustable hinge which allows you to lay it flat against your wrist or stand it up at a 90 degree angle. The band can also be adjusted to be worn around your ankle. This small multi functional light can be used as a piece of safety gear and as a secondary light to aid your vision.

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  • Adjustable strap for wrists and ankles
  • Soft and comfortable band for no chafing
  • Adjustable hinge to angle the light to your needs
  • Powered off of 2 Coin cell 2025 watch batteries

Weight: .9 oz (26g)

Color: Black/Blue

Sizing Range: 5″-11″


Low Weight: Lightweight components and materials create an almost unnoticeable on-the-body feel without compromising durability.

Fatigue Free: Intuitive settings, large buttons, and quick release buckles. Easy operation for fatigued minds in extreme circumstances.

PerfectAngle: Easily adjust up, straight, or down to suit your terrain. Illuminate your path while keeping your head and body in a natural running position.





Additional information

Weight .056 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in

1 review for Lumen 50S

  1. redultra13

    I use this wrist light when I run and ride at night. For riding I use it for signaling when I am going to turn. I just bought 2 more so I can wear them on my ankles and be more visible while riding. I highly recommend this product.

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