Lumen 600R Waist Belt

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The Lumen 600R light belt has the same power as the Lumen 600 2.0 but with a minimalist design. This waist light allows for significant increased running speeds due to the power of the light and the weight. Conical shape allows the Lumen 600R to sit comfortably on the hips and waist. 600 lumens allows you to be seen and safe during your adventures.

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Recommended Use: 
Super bright and lightweight, trail racing light for the minimalist runner in mind.

· Stable, breathable waist belt materials
· Lightweight and simple design in one size fits most feature
· Single sided release buckle for getting in and out of belt
· Small stretchy mesh pocket to store extra batteries

Fit: Unisex
Size(s): 22″-42″
Color option: Pitch Black
Lumen Output: 600
Battery Included: 18650 3.7V (rechargeable)
Lumen Rate / Burn Time:
600 (high) / 8 hours
231 (medium) / 13 hours
24 (low) / 36 hours
55 (SOS) / 32 hours
Water Resistance: IPX6

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Product Weight (lbs)

Sizing Range

Adjustable (22" to 42")

Product Dimension (inches) LxWxH

8 reviews for Lumen 600R Waist Belt

  1. Kathleen

    Between pre dawn running this time of year and running at night, this powerful light has come to the rescue since I have really poor night vision. I also appreciate how easy and intuitive it is to use and how comfortable it rides around my waist. I used this along with the 115c mag clip on the chest harness of my hydration pack while running a 100 miler last summer and it worked perfectly. My lumen 600 lasted throughout the night without any issues and I escaped any tunnel vision and bobbing from running with a headlamp. I’ll be using this same set up at my next 100 miler. The one tip is to make sure the battery cap is tightly screwed on for a good connection.

  2. nelsonaj (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the light. The aim is easy to adjust and I found the waist belt very comfortable. During my run, I found it to be much more natural feeling and non-intrusive than any headlamp I’ve tried.

  3. Beth Ann

    Lit the trail up like daylight! Much more comfortable than a headlamp and easier to adjust the angle of the beam while running!

  4. Jake Grossbauer

    I have recently added this to my running arsenal and love it. Its like driving an expensive car with those fancy bright headlights only on the trail. It takes night running to a whole new level of visibility. Ots almost so good that you forget you still do have to pay attention to the trails still. I love not having to jave a strap around my head anymore and in the colder evening/nights your breath would fog view with headlamps but that is no longer an issue here

  5. Ryan Maher

    This light is a literal game changer for night trail running! I was skeptical of a waist light at first but after the first run, I have no intention of ever going back to a headlamp. The battery life is incredible and the vision of the terrain you receive from a waist light will blow your mind once you make the switch! This light is ideal for those long nights on the trail!

  6. Josh Reddish

    As a father and a medical student, I often can only run in the early morning. Thanks to the Lumen 600, I have no fear running any trail at any tempo in the dark. It is simple to use, comfortable, and has amazing battery life. For any runner who has to run in the dark, this product is a must have.

  7. Joshua Brock

    This is a bomber-built waist light and just what I was looking for! I run almost 99% on trails, particularly single track that is rocky, with roots and uneven…I mean what else is there? 😉 The lumen rides extremely comfortable on the waist and other than belting out an incredible path ahead of me, I can’t tell it’s there. The adjustment of the beam is precise and turning it on and off, and the various light settings in between is easy. I love that it is USB rechargeable…as soon as I finish a run, I put it back on the charger. It casts a wide beam which is great so I don’t have to rely on a headlamp and turning my head to get a broader view…well done!!

  8. David T.

    Amazing! Wide angle of penetrating light. Perfect for the trails! I’ll be using this for all of my hundred milers and longer this year. Much more comfortable than a light on my forehead.

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