Momentum 2.0 Race Vest

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The original Momentum’s accessible rear water bottle pockets were very popular among our athletes. The Momentum 2.0’s Fluidic holsters have taken this feature to the next level. These new pockets are more intuitive and easier to access due to the inclusion of a magnetic closure and rail-like system. This design makes it easy for you to reach back behind your hip and grab or stow a bottle while on the go. This minimalist 6 liter vest has been outfitted with UltrAcool Light Mesh which provides a very breathable and lightweight feel and increases pack durability. An upgraded shoulder pocket has been added allowing you to carry any size cell phone. Shock cord has been added to both front strap pockets increasing versatility among what gear or bottles you choose to carry. The main compartment has been modified to a quick stash style which allows for easier access on the go as well as increased capacity. The Momentum 2.0 is Z-pole compatible.

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Recommended Use:
Very lightweight race vest for the minimalist runner who prefers bottles in the back. With multiple stretchy mesh pockets available it is perfect to keep the gear organized and accessible.

• Sweat Proof Webbing—won’t absorb water or get saturated and heavy.
• Safety stitched bar tack on all stress points.
• Quiet, bounce free, easy to see and use, zipper pulls.
• Zig zagged stitching over elastic for ultra-durability, increased stretch and rebound.
• Plush feeling micro-fiber polyester edges, soft and non-abrasive against skin and clothing.
• Magnetic pocket with automatic magnetic closure for rapid access to essentials. Patent pending.
• Silicone and PU coated feather-weight nylon fabrics resist water, abrasion and tears.
• Lightweight, soft, breathable, but strong, large-holed mesh pulls moisture away from the body to keep skin dry and cool.

Fit:  Unisex
Size(s):  SM (26″-35”) MD (32”-38”) LG (38”-46”)
Color:  Black/Red
Hydration Compatible (not included):  4 x UltraFlask 550
Weight: 8.0 oz (227 g)

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 3 in

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Fluid Capacity

4 x 550 mL UltraFlask (Sold Separately)

Total Volume

366 c.i. (6 L)



37 reviews for Momentum 2.0 Race Vest

  1. Eric J Cukierski (verified owner)

    I was probably the first person to actually get to wear and use this vest while running an actual race. I happened to be in Utah to run the Zion ultra, 50k , so I arranged to pick mine up as I was hoping to use it for the race. Jodi in customer service went way above and beyond to arrange for me to be able to get this vest in time for my race as they were delayed due to covid. I broke my own rule of using something in a race that I had never used before, and the vest performed perfectly! The bottle system took about 2 x getting a bottle out and returning it to its holster to get the hang of it, loved it, very easy to use! This vest is very light compared to other vests which seemed to like wearing a winter vest for warmth. My race was 95 degrees, but this vest did not contribute to being hot, it is light and well ventilated for air circulation. the material is stretchy and tough and ventilated, I could not be more pleased with finding this vest, I will never use anything other than Ultraspire again after seeing the quality of it and outstanding personal customer service, top notch in every way. An ultra runner cannot go wrong with this vest, plenty of pockets, and back compartment stretches to hold way more than it looks like it would, and more importantly, hold things comfortably with no bounce or rub to lead to blisters, as I carried everything I could need for 50k except filling up bottles at the aid stations.

  2. Justin

    The Momentum 2.0 is just what the doctor ordered. It is light, fits perfectly, and is full of features considering it is a stripped-down racing vest. The quality is topnotch. My wife was immediately envious and started considering how to replace her current racing vest from another company with a Momentum 2.0.

    As for sizing – I am 6ft/160lbs and the Medium was perfect. If my weight was closer to 180lbs, I would consider the Large.

    5 ***** for the vest

  3. Gunhee (verified owner)

    Went on my first 15 mile run this weekend to try this out. Was very happy with it. Didn’t affect my running at all, and the water bottles were easy to grab from the back. It did take some practice to make it feel natural when you’re putting the bottle back in after you’re done drinking, but felt good by the end of the run.

  4. David Jackson (verified owner)

    Got my vest last week. Tested on a seven miler and then a 15 miler. It was awesome having that much water with me loved all the pockets! I did have one of my bottles pop out during the run. Those rear holsters do take some getting used to.

    But the vest fits great, no bounce, and is very comfortable. I’m 5’8” 165 #s – medium build

  5. Sean McCarthy (verified owner)

    The vest fits great and is comfortable. Pockets are nicely positioned and easily accessible. My main problem is that when the water bottles are full they will not stay in rear pockets. The weight of the bottles pushes open the closure as soon as I start running and out they come. Frustrating since this was the main reason I got this vest , I dont really like bottles on the front. I have the Ultra flask 550 hybrid bottles.

  6. Jp

    Great fit and no bounce! Lightweight and does not get saturated with sweat although I was drenched afterwards. No chafing or hot spots. Plenty of pocket space. I used the front pockets to hold my nutrition during the run and enjoyed the ease of access. After a little practice I was able to efficiently use the back holsters for my bottles (I used the UltrAspire 550ml hybrid bottles and like them a lot!). Front carrying vests might be a little more convenient but the overall fit and comfort of carrying bottle in the back was definitely worth the getting use to! I found the trick to make sure they don’t bounce out during the run is to keep the pull strap/bungee tight. This does not affect getting the bottles in or out but does keep them in place during the run. I carried a phone on my run and did not even notice it was there. Overall this is a great vest and I would recommend to anyone looking for a minimal, lightweight and comfortable vest that can carry plenty of fluid or nutrition with little bounce.

    Noted, this was tested on a 20 mile run on rolling hills. Temperature was 70 degrees and very humid.

  7. Henry Howard

    The Momentum 2.0 race vest is an excellent vest, an improvement over the first generation. It is a great vest for racing. I used it for a trail ultra and was pleased how much I could safely store. The two bottles in the side pockets worked great, and I especially like the magnet that keeps them in place. Another great feature is the phone pocket on the shoulder, which is designed to accommodate any phone size, even if they continue to get larger. There is ample storage space overall, the fit is perfect and I did not get any chafing from the pack itself rubbing against me. i am so glad I have this vest and will continue to wear it for my races and long training runs.

  8. Richard Pescitani (verified owner)

    I have never run w/ a vest before and was searching for one for an upcoming Ultra run. When I found the Momentum 2.0, I instantly liked it due to the rear bottle storage. I ordered one and was put on the list to ship once recvd. Jodi was great in keeping me informed and answering my questions. The vest finally showed up 2 days before my PM2HR Ultra in NC. I filled it up and tried it on and it felt great. On to the actual vest review: Race day was nothing but heavy rain for most of the day. The vest held all of my essentials including small towels and socks in zip lock bags along w Z-sticks in the back pouch. It has so many pockets and places to put stuff that I was 10 miles into the race before I realized that I did not forget to pack an item but forgot what pocket it was in!! Throughout the entire race it felt great and despite the rain, I think it held up really well. The bottle holders took some time to get used to but worked well. One down side to the bottle holder, and I will need to confirm if it is material or rain related, is that the right side holder became loose around mile 27 or so and my arm would hit the bottle as it was “laying” down instead of a snug fit. The magnets seemed to be ok and I could sinch it up but it stayed loose. May have been due to the long day in the rain so I will see on my next run. Overall I am very happy with this vest!!

  9. Greg Schnoor (verified owner)

    I got mine a few weeks ago and have done 3 runs of marathon distance or further already to test it out. I’m really liking it so far! It’s lightweight, the bottles don’t bounce in the back and I have enough storage for my things (phone, key, headlamp, nutrition, etc.). The dry pocket seemed to keep things dry as well. It took me a few times to figure out how to take-out and put-in the bottles and keep them secure, but I figured out I just needed to tug on the string after putting the bottles back in and it would tighten things up – no bottles have dropped out. On one of the marathon runs I only used a small amount of anti-chafing to test how it would do and I had no chafing issues at all. I also tested dropping a third bottle of water in the back middle pocket and it didn’t rub me or bother me at all. So far it’s worked great and I’m looking forward to using it in an upcoming 100 miler. I have tried various hydration products over the past 7 years (55+ marathon/ultramarathons) and so far this has been my favorite. Great job thus far UltrAspire!

  10. Thomas Murray

    I love this vest so much! I was really concerned that the bottles in the back wouldn’t stay put, particularly when running downhill on trails, but both times I have taken it out they have performed just fine. I use the 550 ultraflasks, and I love that I can have bottles in the back and in the front. Add my 550 race handheld and I can take just over 2.5 liters out with me at a time and mix up what I have with me. That makes long runs on desert trails much, much better! The fit is great – love the angled shoulder straps – and there’s enough space to take with me what I need, but not so much space that I’m tempted to carry things I don’t. It’s an awesome companion to my Zygos for when I need a lot of hydration but not a lot of extra gear.

  11. Mike Kubicek (verified owner)

    This is a great vest. I initially ordered the large because my chest measure 39 inches, but I found the medium to be a better fit. I had a little bit of trouble getting the bottles back in, but once I figured it out, it worked great. I am impressed with how light the vest is, and how well it does in heat. Highly recommend this vest if you are looking for a bottle based hydration option.


    My first run in this was a 15 miler on the trails. It was light weight & breathable.

  13. Jenny Velocitas

    I have been wanting to try the Momentum line of vests because I had heard raves about it, but waited for the 2.0 to come out and it did not disappoint. I love the bottles on the back! About the bottles in the back – it does take a little to get used to and just to make sure they don’t come out, make sure you cinch it tight at the top. Overall, this vest sits very well and it’s very comfortable to wear on any distance. You can carry so much!

  14. Greg Pirtle (verified owner)

    UPDATE: UltraSpire customer support was awesome. They worked with me and totally resolved the issue. I have no issues with fluidic holsters anymore.

    I was really looking forward to this vest and it checks the boxes in almost every category. I like the magnetic closing pocket on the chest, I like the big stretchy pockets on the front, and I really like the sweatproof compartment in the main pocket on the back. However, its not all lemon drops and gum drops. I spend so much time pulling the cinch cords for fluidic holsters on the back. If the bottles are filled all the way up, they do not stay in the holsters and the cinch cords loosen dramatically causing them to feel unsecured. After the bottles get down to 3/4 full, they do a much better job of staying where they are suppose to be. This is a major setback for this vest and it does not really fulfill the need for which I bought it.

  15. sebastien brochard (verified owner)

    Got my vest delivered in Singapore. Was updated regularly on the adventurous Supply Chain story Ultraspire faced. So while disappointed by the delay, i was not left in the dark. Which is very important.

    To point again the great customer service, as a pre-order, i could not have the vest and the bottles in the same order, which led to a double charge of the international shipping. Sent an email … no question asked, i got of shipment refunded, and both orders packed in one. Does not sound like much, but it makes a difference!

    The vest itself …
    I’m a triathlete, living in Singapore. I rarely do trails, but i do run a fair bit, and do a fair bit of bike, in a hot environment. Needless to say, i need food, and drinks.

    After 2-3 months, the vest has proven awesome. It’s light, fits great and feel adjustable easily enough. There’s plenty of pockets that keep things in well. I’m able to go out with with the 2 bottles on the back sides for an hour and a half. I can easily at up a bike bottle in the main pocket for an extra hour +. That gives plenty of independence. Could probably fit in my old bladder (1.4L) in there. But haven’t faced the need so far.

    It is super breathable. It’s the first time i can really say that from a product. I’m drenched after a session, nothing breathable has ever finished a session on me dry. this beast, still gives the feeling it is dry … i can’t squeeze a drop of sweat out of it. On my big running day, i rinse it with water, and a few hours later it ready to go for round 2.

    What i’m not sure i like:
    – i don’t feel an added value coming from the magnet system at the back. I think i would have been happy with an elastic solution. I’m also wary of how long the fabric last pulling/rubbing the magnet. Time will tell. Not a deal breaker at all. Just questioning my liking, as it’s presented as a new feature.
    – there are mane strings all over. I don’t need them, and can’t begin to understand what they could be used for. I did a few trail race in China & Vietnam, and can’t recall anything i had with me that use those strings. Maybe it is useful to the very extreme, super long distance people. For my level, it’s just in the way of my things and my hands.

    But overall, i love it. the fit awesome, i don’t get chaffing around the neck anymore. it’s light, but still feel structured, so it’s does not feel flimsy. Good piece of kit!

  16. Andrea Chickness

    Wow! As a petite runner, I struggle with fit and have always gotten terrible chafing from packs bouncing regardless of “no bounce” promises-until now. The new Momentum can snug down perfectly, and is easily balanced with all of the front and back pockets. I’ve yet to run out of storage space, even with bottles, a rain jacket, gels, Khatoola spikes, a phone, extra mittens, socks, sunglasses, and a hat! It’s perfect loaded down for long winter trail runs, yet breathable and fitted enough that I don’t mind throwing it on in warmer weather for some extra fluid confidence. The new fit has it sitting so comfortably that you might even forget you’re wearing a pack, and saves your neck from that dreaded fatigue. I was a die hard Spry fan (from the OG Spry days!) and despite it also being an amazing pack, I so love the new Momentum that I gave my trusty old pack to a new runner in need of one. From 10 mile training run to 200 mile race, this is definitely my new favorite go-to.

  17. Robert Youngren

    Overall this is a very strong product. For most of my running I like going hands free, be ability to carry my phone, some hydration in the warmer months, and have ample storage for small items and possibly a lighweight jacket. Before I discovered UltrAspire my favorite minimal race vest was the UD OCR which I’m not even sure they still make? But, it too was a very lightweight, non-nonsense vest that was just enough of a pack to be usable.

    The Momentum 2.0 is a much better product in my experience. The construction and fit of the Momentum 2.0 is superior. There is enough space to fit that extra layer of clothing, your phone, keys, some gels and of course two Hybrid 550 bottles.

    The only thing that’s a bit strange to me is exactly how the magnetic bottle enclosures are intended to work. It seems obvious enough, but it seems like the bottles in place just don’t seem completely, confidently, secure. I’ve jostled the pack around pretty good on trails and I keep finding myself wanting to reach back to check to make sure the bottles are still there. Often it feels like the bottle has crept it’s way up the pocket and I need to push it back down. I’d recommend making the bottle pocket a bit deeper and simply have the magnetic enclosure system above the bottle level to ensure the bottle (or whatever you decide to stuff in there, I’ve stuffed heavy mittens in these pockets in leu of bottles) stays locked in the pocket. It’s easy enough to free the bottle (or other cargo) by flipping apart the magnetic enclosure. Basically make the bottle pockets a bit more utilitarian and not specifically for bottles.

    Other than that, I’ve no real criticism. It’s wonderful to have a vest that fits like a vest next to my body. This is the first time I’ve been able to wear a fully loaded race vest under a normal fitting jacket! This is something that’s crucial in winter time runs in deep cold where it’s necessary to keep your water from freezing and to quickly don a layer w/o having to remove your pack!

  18. Angelica Maria (verified owner)

    This is a solid, well-designed vest made for those of us who prefer not to drink our water out of a bladder. It’s lightweight and everything I carry in it (water bottles, keys, phone, snacks) feels secure. There was a slight learning curve to figuring out how to get the water bottles out and in smoothly while running, but I’d say by mile 5 of my first run wearing the vest I’d gotten it down.

    I’m giving this vest a 4 out of 5 stars only because the sizing is not quite universal. The sizing is unisex, which means that a men’s small and a women’s small are the same thing. I’m a woman, 5’4″ and 125 lbs, with a somewhat narrower chest. The small is still somewhat too large, and even though it’s adjustable the tightest it allows me to make the vest is still just a bit shy of how tight I need it to be for optimum comfort and security.

    Overall great product and I will buy from this company again.

  19. Pon Somnhot (verified owner)

    This has been my go to vest for my 2-3 hour long runs. I’ve never been a huge fan of bladders and feel more confident seeing how much fluids I’ve consumed or have left. This vest is light and you barely notice you have it on. Holstering and unholstering the water bottles takes some getting used to, but it’s definitely a huge upgrade from the 1.0. I’m not super flexible but I always had trouble reaching around back with the 1.0 to grab the bottles. The 2.0 more than solves that issue!

    Highly recommend you try it for yourself!

  20. Chris Martin (verified owner)

    I used the old Revolution (kind of like the Basham) and later the original Momentum for years, including in several 100-milers, and loved the latter once I got used to feeding bottles into the holsters while running (just reach across your back with the non-bottle hand, pull the lip of the pocket out to expand the opening, use the fingers of the non-bottle hand as a contact and reference point, and slide the bottle in). In fact, I liked the design so much, I bought my first one when it had just come out and only a women’s large in “Ultra Violet” was available at my local store. Looks stunning on. That was followed by a more boring black one some years later when the fine fabric on the back of the Revolution started wearing out and its mildew colony had grown surly. My ultra violet being stored elsewhere, and the chest closure cords on my black one having snapped several times, I took the opportunity to update to the new version.

    The 2.0 has a bunch of improvements, including seemingly tougher, larger-diameter elastic closures; chest closure hooks that are bigger and easier to work with and are spatially separated from the pocket material (getting hooked and unhooked from those tiny, tightly crimped wire hooks in 5F weather with glomitts on, totally numb fingers, and pocket material that kept getting in the way was *a lot* of fun); larger front pockets, now with cinch straps to avoid the “cell phone leap to freedom”; a larger opening to the “sweat-proof” chest pocket (stuffing in and pulling out a baggie containing things you didn’t want dropping on the ground was often challenging); a slightly wider (?) back pocket that doesn’t have a vertical, “things spill out when you open it” zipper; a zippered waterproof pocket on the back where it isn’t close to a magnet (for keys and cards); and the addition of z-pole loops.

    All in all, a very well thought-out new design that improves an already great pack that had a comfortable fit (5′ 9″, 155 lbs.), good heat and moisture exchange, water bottles in the back (which I find easier for quick fills than bladders), and lots of well-organized storage for a really light vest.

    My only caveat on the new version is that it appears to be built around the 550ml UltrAspire bottles, so using the tall, 24 oz. insulated biking bottles that I’ve used for years and fit wonderfully in the original version is problematic. The weight of a full bottle, combined with its higher center of gravity, pulls apart the magnets, so the bottle eventually flops out, regardless of how tightly I pull the cinch cords. Yes, I should get with the new millennium, but I prefer a brand-agnostic design that doesn’t require additional expenditure and allows for maximum water carry (an extra 11 oz.?). I may just binder clip the pockets shut and see if that works. Note that I haven’t checked the pockets with UltrAspire’s Human 20 water bottle, which may work fine. This is the sole reason for the 4-star rating. I find it fantastic in all other regards.

    Two trivial items I thought I should mention:

    1. The side pockets–which really aren’t featured in any of the photos or videos–are actually quite large and not as small and trapezoidal as they might appear. They run behind the triangular, magnetic “Fluidic” holster panel in exactly the same shape. I do stuff trail trash in those pockets, however, and the small bits (e.g., GU tops) can get trapped at the bottom of this (Bermuda?) triangle, and larger, rectangular objects (like a laminated pace card, cellphone, or glasses case) can go in fairly easily when filling the pack, but then get snagged on the way out or be harder to put back with one hand while running, since the pocket opening is smaller than the width of the pocket and longer items can get “wedged” by the sides of The Triangle.

    2. The left lower chest pocket still has a hole at the bottom where the chest closure cord is mounted–you can see the cord “behind” the pocket in the photos, but it’s really running inside. I just avoid putting small items in (it would be an overly cavernous pocket for them, anyway), but designing a hole into the bottom of a pocket seems odd. I’ve never lost anything, but I did have a key work its blade all the way out once. Nema problema.

    Anyway, thanks to Bryce and team for a great series of packs over the years!

  21. Doug Williams (verified owner)

    Initially purchased medium based on sizing chart, too tight. Returned for large. Much better fit. I am 5’9” 142 pounds, 30 inch waist and wear size 38 Regular suit.
    Took a little time getting used to removing and replacing bottles to holster. Vest rides well on my upper body. I purchased two bottles for the holsters, one 500 ml collapsible flask with tube, and one 300 ml gel flask. All fit well and ride well in vest. The collapsible 500 ml flask has a solid opening for the cap/straw to screw onto, the solid feel a little uncomfortable against my chest but not unbearable. Overall very pleased with design, fit, and functionality.

  22. Chris Gaughan (verified owner)

    I purchased this vest for a 17 mile trail run I signed up. I haven’t done the run yet but I tested the vest on a 15mile and 13 mile run and it was perfect. It doesn’t bounce around and bother me at all while running. With a little practice the bottles are easy to get in and out of the holders. It also has plenty of pockets for your phone, energy gels, snacks, and a larger back pocket for additional items. I am 5″11 and 160lbs and I purchased the medium. I am curious what the large would fit like, but not enough to return it. Overall, its a great product.

  23. Roy Mitton

    I have lived in a number of different countries on different countries and all have their own requirements when running. The Middle-East is hot and dry or humid, Europe is wet and as I have just experienced Canada can be very cold! So finding a water carrying system that can meet all my needs has proven a challenge. I find waist belts can carry up to 300ml and not much else before they alter my running gait. Other vests are a large capacity and closed bodice great for colder climes but no so good for the hotter. But the Momentum 2.0 just hits all my needs!

    The mesh bodice is well ventilated, if its cold you wear a top under or over the vest which then stashes safely in the rear mesh pocket. The ergonomic shapes fits us normal humans (6’2″ and 200lbs, barrel shaped and have a large) unlike other vests that have a shorter body and straight cut. The vest is only the second one I have found that has rear fitted water carriers which has always been my preference and the bottles are low enough to reach without to much difficulty. I have yet to build confidence in the magnet release mechanism, so have placed a simple stitch just above the connection to keep it closed but this has not impacted the carriers effectiveness.

    I can keep going with praise, I have tried various different belts and vests but this beats them all hands down with its versatility!

  24. Jess Riffner

    I have owned several vest from other companies, and the Momentum 2.0 is far and away my favorite! I recently used it on a 22 mile run up the North side of Longs Peak and it performed amazingly well! I had enough room for my phone, knife, gels/nutrition, water filter, jacket, etc. and had room to spare. With the bottles full and in the back, there is zero bounce when running, even on technical trails. Compared to other brands, with the bottles in the front, I always experienced bouncing/chaffing when fully loaded. I have been able to grab the bottles from the back and place them back in with ease. My phone is easily accessible for pics, but never have to worry about it falling out. The ergonomic fit works really well with my body type (6’0″ – 150lbs, purchased a Medium). It feels snug without feeling constricting, and moves with my body. This is now my “go-to” vest for all of my longer trail running adventures!

  25. Vinny Capp

    Hands down the best vest for races. It’s got plenty of room for gels, snacks, phone , a shell etc. The bottles in the back are barely noticeable. Once you get the hang of how to move your arm to take em out and put them back it’s too easy. I’ve run with this vest for a few hundred miles now, training, racing and even hiking. This is my go-to vest.

  26. Patrick Nguyen

    Love many things about the Momentum 2.0: fits great (I’m 5’8”, 140 lbs, size Medium is perfect), lightweight, mesh fabric doesn’t soak up my sweat, bottles make it easier to know how much water is remaining compared to a bladder, surprising amount of storage with 9 pockets! The only thing that would make it even better is if it had 2 extra pockets in front of the existing 2 front pockets (similar to the Zygos) for even more storage capability.

  27. Lara Kondor

    The Momentum is the perfect race vest. Lightweight but able to carry lots of fluid and gels (with storage in the back for things like my phone so that my Spotify can keep me company on long runs). I love that the bottle system allows me to carry multiple types of fluid. The updated back holsters are also more ergonomic are reduce repetitive stress to me shoulders and neck at long ultramarathons. I have worn this vest for efforts as long as 24 hours and as short as a casual 6 mile run. I truly believe it is the best hydration product on the market!

  28. Jason Ollis

    I found UltrAspire a few years ago and will not use anything else. I am an experienced ultra runner with my longest distance of 240 miles. I don’t use crew or pacers so my gear has to support solo running. This vest is ABSOLUTELY what I was looking for. This could easily be used for anything from 5k-100 miles. I don’t even know it’s on my back. Fits so nicely. I have never used bottles on my back. I was worried they would bounce. Not at all. I am so excited for this vest. I like to run light and this is perfect for that. It can also hold all sorts of gear and supplies. As for 100 plus milers, the Zygos vest is the best. Go after your goals. This vest will help you achieve them.

  29. Pamela Chapman-Markle

    I have had 4 of these vests and love them. The fit is the best for me and I can carry everything I need. Being in the heat this vest keeps me cool and moves with my body. I recently had it with my 135 mile race in Brazil. Terrific fit and held the bottles I carried until my crew met up with me. So awesome!

  30. Michael M

    I cannot say enough good things about this vest. I’ve had it over a year and logged a ton of trail miles with it in the Florida heat and humidity while training for two 50 mile events without having any problems. Love the ability to carry multiple flasks that stay put and are easy to reach.

  31. DH (verified owner)

    This is a great vest! For info, I am 5’4″ and of slim build, but with a chest measurement that put me in the size M bracket. I was worried this would be too long in the body for me – a very helpful discussion with a member of the UltrAspire team helped me decide to go for the S on this basis. This was definitely the right choice – it has been very easy to adjust the vest to fit across the chest, and the back is just the right length. This vest is very lightweight, and despite having loads of pockets to hold everything I need, it doesn’t get in the way when running at all. I also got two of the Hybrid bottles, and they’re also great, and very easy to get in and out of the back holsters after just a couple of practices. Can’t recommend this enough.

  32. Brad (verified owner)

    This is easily the best vest I have ever owned. The fit is second to none. I wore it for my 100 miler without any chafing, and almost no bounce. I loved having the “hard” flask to really see how my hydration was going. My only regret was not finding this pack sooner.

  33. Louis Parker (verified owner)

    I have the same challenge as another post. The vest is light weight, breathable, fits great and is comfortable. Plenty of pockets and they are nicely positioned for easy accessibility. The only problem is that when the water bottles are full they cause the magnetic pocket to open with each stride, but this is not happen with a half full bottle.
    A bit frustrating since this was the main reason I got this vest and do not like to carry bottles on the front of a vest. I purchased 4 of the Ultra flask 550 hybrid bottles, so I have replacements for daily runs.

  34. Kyle (verified owner)

    Great vest. Bottles are easy to pull and return with one hand. The salt pocket is clutch.

  35. Matt

    Initially was skeptical about this vest but I loved the concept of the bottles on the lower back to get the weight off the upper chest and shoulders as I was finding I was getting a pinching pain in the shoulders on long runs. Upon getting it and now having run about 150 miles with it, I can confidently say that this vest is awesome. I’ve been using the Mountain Vest and ADV 12 (other competitors who shall not be named) and this vest is so much more comfortable and light weight. The cut/shape of the vest is not just marketing as it truly does conform to the body better than those other referenced vests. I’m amazed at how it does not get saturated with sweat like the other vests. It feels almost dry after a long run which I didn’t think was needed until I had it. The pocket placement is perfect for a majority of runs as you can carry 4 hard flask bottles and some calories, extra gear, and poles and be set. I’ve seen the complaints about the rear pockets opening up and I’ve yet to experience that. If you sense bouncing bottles, all you need to do is tighen the cords to each pocket and the bottles are not moving at all. I could also see the rear pockets opening up if you are not using Ultraspire hard flasks. I don’t recommend soft flasks or 20+oz bottles as the pockets won’t work.

    If I had any complaints about it, I’d say the pill pocket is taking up space where another cell phone style pocket like on the right side could go. This would be great for like a Garmin inReach Messenger on one shoulder and cell phone on the other. It’d be nice to have a more secured large rear pocket with a zipper to accompany the smaller interior zipper pocket. It would also be great to have a larger capacity version for self supported runs as this vest is great, especially for race/supported efforts, but if you need to pack a lot of gear then space could become an issue. Ultraspire, please make this larger capacity vest so you can take my money!

    Overall, I love this vest and am so glad I made the switch and don’t plan on going back to the other vests.

  36. Don Thompson

    WOW! started ultra running a year ago and have tried a few different vests and belts to carry the necessities with all of them having different issues of rubbing, moving, bouncing, always adjusting. This vest is awesome! Wraps comfortably around the chest and does not move. Adjusted once and went for a 20 mile run with no movement, I hardly new it was there. The 550 bottles work great high above the waist line and do not bounce. My only issue with the back bottles is you do need to be a little flexible reaching behind in the middle of your back (I am not), but I figured out how to use them. There is a lot of storage space in front and back if you want to load up for a long non aided run or just carry the bare necessities in an aided race for a hands free, worry free run.

  37. Joel Gheen (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding vest and I recommend it highly for racing and streamlined performance. That’s a surprisingly hard niche to cover with a vest and here UltrAspire has done a great job. I’ve also tried vests by Inov-8 and Salomon, both of which have their strengths for long, unsupported efforts, but both of which also have a lot more bulk, extra capacity, and wasted space then I want when racing a couple of hours between aid stations.

    The UltrAspire Momentum 2.0 is my selection for supported ultra distances at race pace as it carries enough fluids and also does so in a sleek, very comfortable way. It doesn’t have the biggest number of pockets or carry 24 hours’ worth of survival gear, but there are many other good vests and packs for carrying more. If you just want to run fast with a couple of bottles, some gels, a few minor odds and ends, and a set of poles… and you want to run comfortably for a long distance with as little extra weight as possible… and/or if you’re kind of on the fence of whether you really need a vest/pack or if you can get by with just a waist belt, the UltrAspire Momentum 2.0 is an excellent choice.

    Two gripes:
    1st gripe) I’m tall and thin, so the water bottles ride a little higher up on my back than intended and are therefore slightly more awkward to reach when I need them. Two inches lower would help a lot. Thank god for the clever magnet clasps or it would be really hard to get the bottles in/out. With a little practice, I can get them in and out well enough and, more importantly, I think the bottles are very comfortable and natural to carry in that position when I’m not trying to reach them. I do kind of wish my bottles came with bite valves but that’s no big deal.
    2nd gripe) It’s tricky to get folded trekking poles returned safely into the pocket on my back, blindly, while running, when the pocket opening is basically down between my shoulder blades. I wish the pocket had a higher lip that I could grab easily with my free hand and guide the poles in more comfortably and securely. BUT, as I find carrying poles on my back — like a quiver — 10x more comfortable, natural and secure versus the silly, awkward, bouncy waist belt straps or bungee cord loops every other brand seems to use, a tricky quiver access is still a compromise I’m more than willing to make. There are a few easy improvements UltrAspire could make and this vest would be even more of a game-changer in the pole-carrying department.

    Here’s hoping UltrAspire will consider making a “tall” size that’s not also a wider size so I don’t have to contort quite so much to reach the water bottles; and here’s even more hoping that they’ll optimize the pole ingress/egress more thoughtfully in the next version.

    Until then, great job with the Momentum 2.0 and keep up the good work. You get 5 stars as this vest does a good job versus the competition in this important race/minimalist niche while covering the basic needs in thoughtful and innovative ways. I’ll be wearing the Momentum 2.0 vest in my next 50-mile race and leaving my Inov-8 and Salomon vests for less streamlined efforts when I need to carry more gear. I’d like to try UltrAspire’s models for those applications as well as I’m impressed with UltrAspire so far.

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