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The Plexus is a versatile waist pack with a larger capacity that gives you the option to customize your gear and hydration to your adventure. This pack has the capacity to carry any of our handheld or bottle styles in the front quick stash pocket or a 1 liter bladder in the main zippered compartment. Specifically placed compression allows the pack to function empty or fully loaded and provides a more comfortable and stable ride. Inside the main compartment there is a mesh expansion pocket to keep small items close to your body. The back of the main compartment features our XT Mesh which helps to wick and disperse moisture while preventing chafing. The bottom of the main compartment has been reinforced with a second layer of 30D fabric to strengthen the stress point, but also keep the pack lightweight. The front of this waist pack is also equipped with a functional 4-way stretch mesh pocket capable of carrying a large cell phone. In addition, it has two shock cords on the front attached to Hypalon fabric for strength that can carry Z-poles, jackets, or other apparel. One size fits most.

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ErgoFit Waist

Recommended Use:
Racing and training; 1 hour between refueling stops.


• Dual-sided adjustment for good sizing range with single speed hook access for taking waist belt on and off.
• 4-way stretch mesh pocket is large enough for cell phone or energy foods with tuck away jacket straps perfect for extra clothing or Z-poles.
• Strategically placed compression allows for options in bottle size.
• No-slip breathable webbing allows for better heat dissipation.

Fit: Unisex
Size: Universal
Color options: Burgundy/Cherry Tomato
Hydration (not included): 1 Liter Reservoir, UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle, 
Capacity: 244 c.i. (4 L)

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in

13 reviews for Plexus Waist Pack

  1. Elissa T Nyer (verified owner)

    Okay, so after completing my first 20 miler this spring, I knew I needed a different pack. I didn’t want something that would cover my entire back and I wanted more space to carry more than a gel or two. With the Plexus, I can carry a pbj, some gels, jelly beans, applesauce packs or some salted new potatoes. There is still room for me to carry the water bottle in the outer pocket and I can access it easily when I need a drink. I can see my only wish for this pack is that the water bottle be insulated. The pocket offers some insulation, but I can see myself freezing a partially filled water bottle and filling the remainder with water just to help keep me a bit cooler at the beginning of a long run this summer. The body of the Plexus seems to be made of durable fabric and the mesh around the waist will hopefully help to keep me a bit cooler as well. I’ve only worn it a few times so far, but have no signs of wear so far. I really really like it so far.

  2. Alexander Kappes (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing waist pack. Coming from primarily using a vest or handheld, the waist pack provides the perfect middle in terms of carrying capacity. I actually haven’t used a vest since getting the Plexus. The front mesh pocket is perfect for keeping my cellphone and ready-to-grab energy, while the back storage provides enough space for more energy, mini water filter, headlamp, and shell jacket. The 550ml bottle fits perfectly in its carrying holster and does not bounce around. If you’re worried about not having enough water, you could even throw a bladder in the back storage, but carrying a small water filter alleviates this as long as you have water access. The pack rides perfectly – I often forget I have it on. I definitely appreciate the cooling effect of running with a waist pack opposed to a vest, and the fabric technology on this pack helps support heat dissipation. All in all, it’s great. I thought about it too long before actually purchasing it. Don’t make my mistake!

  3. Tyson Lee

    Great waist pack for short hikes and runs. It has become my go to during my shorter training endeavors. I love being able to carry up to 1 liter of fluid and still having space for my phone, emergency light and homemade gels.

  4. Rene Berry (verified owner)

    Great capacity on both compartments. and the ergonomic stability is pretty amazing. Not sure why they chose to use metal for the buckles as for me it detracts form the ability to just toss it in the washer and the added weight. The part that annoyed me the most and might be the reason this belt will not be used as much as I would like to is the two belt flaps that hang freely after cinching the belt there’s no loops to keep them from flapping around and hitting your arms when running.

  5. Jenny Velocitas

    I’ve used and tried so many waist packs over the years and hated them all because they just all bounced around so much it was annoying. Since I love all of UltrAspire’s other products, I decided to give the Plexus a try. And I’m so IMPRESSED! It still moves around a little bit, but nothing compared to the other ones I’ve tried. It’s got so much room – I carry carry my huge phone, keys, gels, gloves, etc in the back pocket alone and still have room to go for a ton more. I love the water holder on the back and its easy to use and feels secure – I think it also helps hold the belt in place. This waist pack is what I wished all over waist packs were! So great!

  6. Leigh Weil (verified owner)

    I really enjoy leisurely trail runs with lots of photography on the way. Wanting to find a way to securely carry a better camera than I have on my phone, with easier access than I’d have by stashing a camera in a vest, I reached out to Ultraspire customer service to see if this pack could hold a mirrorless camera. After a very helpful email exchange with Jodi, I went ahead and ordered the Plexus. For anyone who might have the same question, here’s a short rundown on how a Sony a6000 fits.

    For starters, the pack is tight with anything other than a pancake lens on the camera body, it closed with a Sony E-mount F3.5-5.6/18-135mm lens on the a6000 camera body, but it made me nervous for the lens. But, it fit just fine with the F3.5-5.6/16-50mm lens that comes pretty standard with the a6000. And separating the camera lens from the body frees up a ton of space, so it’s easily a bag one could use for jogging a few miles up a trail, getting setup, then photoing a race, for example. The pack even closes and feels reasonably secure holding the a6000 body with the 16-50mm lens, a Sony F4.5-6.3/55-210mm lens on the side, and a Sony F3.5-5.6/18-135mm lens on top.

    For my first run with it, I set off for a 9ish mile mixed road/trail loop in 45 degree weather. In the open sleeve I had a 20oz collapsible water bottle. Slung to the front loops I carried poles (the trail portion was recently washed out and sloppy, so I expected to want them for at least a couple miles). In the main pocket I had a Sony a6000 with the 16-50mm lens, a gu, a pack of tissues and a couple bandaids. That still left plenty of space to stash my hat when I got warm, and it was easy to pull the camera out multiple times. Even with some boulder hopping to get across creeks, everything rode nice and securely. This will definitely be my go-to pack for 5-15 mile runs with a camera.

  7. Jay T (verified owner)

    Great waist belt. I prefer carrying hydration on my waist compared to vests most of the time. This belt has stayed in place well and I have not felt any bouncing. I am able to carry my large phone, my camera, a selfie pole (I mount it using the straps in the front that can be used for hiking poles), an 18 ounce bottle, gels, gloves and a small jacket as needed.

    If I am running longer than an hour or more between aid stations, I will carry along a handheld or wear my vest.

  8. Kyle Stoudt (verified owner)

    Very comfortable the belt stays in place well and holds everything i need. Highly recommend

  9. Jeff Godfrey (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Well thought out features. Fits snug and no bouncing, so far. Plenty of storage for a long run or hike. Highly recommended.

  10. Steve Combs

    The Plexus is the best waist pack, bar none. It holds everything you need for a safe, comfortable run , no matter where you run. The main pocket has room for a wind shell, all of your nutrition and first aid, and the stretch compartment on the outside holds the 550 bottle securely for easy access on the go. The front pocket is perfect for a cell phone, and the belt sits perfectly at the top of the hips for a smooth and comfortable ride with minimal adjustment necessary. Love this belt ❤️! Highly recommend!!

  11. Greg Kiebler (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Plexus waist belt for several months now and have the following comments. The belt rides well on the hips with little bounce. The large pocket holds most of my stuff without a problem. I do have 3 things however that I think could be improved. The front pocket is too small to comfortably carry a cell phone, therefore you have to put it in the large back pocket which takes up space and sometimes inhibits placing the bottle back into the holder. I’ve worked out a system of using both hands to get the bottle in, so it’s not a major problem. The small strings for tightening the bottle pocket get tangled up with each other and can be a pain sometimes to untangle since they are in the back. The last thing is that the belt loosens up after awhile. This again is not a big problem since its easy to pull both straps forward. i just think there is probably a simple solution that could help.
    Although there are a few little tweeks that could be made I’m satisfied with the overall performance and quality of the belt and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

  12. Sam G

    After running strictly with vests, I decided to purchase the Plexus for my shorter runs. It turned out to be a good investment and I’ve been using it for about 3 days a week for 6 months. So far there are no signs of wear on the Plexus.
    1. Lightweight. The plexus is lightweight and sits well on my hips.
    2. Storage. Plenty of storage in this waist pack. I can fit a 550ml water bottle with snacks and my phone in the back while storing trekking poles in the front.
    3. Durability. So far, there are no signs of wear.
    1. Movement. This may be better than other products out there but there is still movement when the pack is weighted down with a lot of gear, especially when running at a faster pace. My vests tend to have less movement with the same amount of gear.
    2. Tightening. After a good downhill speed section with, I have to reach down and tighten the waist. I typically only have to tighten the strap when I’m using the 550ml water bottle in the back due to movement.
    Overall, the product is a good purchase and I would recommend it to all trail runners looking for something to carry them for 2 hours at a time.

  13. Andy Marks (verified owner)

    The water bottle I bought made to fit in the back keeps falling out no matter how I adjust the belt. That is a real bummer. Otherwise it is a great product for hiking. I simply bounce too much when running and it bounces right out.

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