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The Speedgoat 3.0 is Karl Meltzer’s signature long distance waist pack. The Speedgoat 3.0 is designed for stability and easy access. This pack helps to keep the weight near your center of gravity allowing you to handle technical trails and conserve energy during longer endeavors. This pack comes with 2 UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottles. The bottles are simple, intuitive, and the holsters provide easy access on the go. The newly designed holsters are constructed to sit nicely on the back of the hips out of the way of the arm swing but close enough to access them when you need them quickly. Both holsters are insulated to keep fluids cooler for longer. The holsters are designed with a mechanical locking system to prevent launching but still allow easy access. The bottle sits securely in the belt with the weight close to the body proving the most stable 2-bottle pack on the market. In addition to hydration holsters, this pack is equipped with a 4-way stretch mesh zippered pocket to hold items you may need for later. For items you need more frequently, each holster also has a quick stash pocket for rapid access. The front of this waist pack is also equipped with a functional 4-way stretch mesh pocket capable of carrying a large cell phone and Z-pole attachments to quickly access or stow trekking poles on the go. One size fits most.

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ErgoFit Waist

Recommended Use:
Racing and training; 1-2 hours between refueling stops.


• Dual-sided adjustment for good sizing range with single speed hook access for taking waist belt on and off.
• 4-way stretch mesh pocket is large enough for cell phone or energy foods with tuck away jacket straps perfect for extra clothing or Z-poles.
• Strategically placed compression allows for options in bottle size.
• No-slip breathable webbing allows for better heat dissipation.

Fit: Unisex
Size: Universal (28″ – 40″)
Color options: Burgundy/Cherry Tomato, Lagoon/Navy
Hydration Included: 2x UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle, 
Capacity: 107 c.i. (1.75 L)

Additional information

Weight .92 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 3 in


28 reviews for Speedgoat 3.0 Waist Pack

  1. Jason Wetherington (verified owner)

    I have gone for two runs with my Speedgoat 3.0 and I LOVE it! This morning, I did a 23 mile trail run in the Withlacoochee Forest here in Central Florida, and it was amazing. Very comfortable! I don’t like running with a vest, this belt allows me to carry a high volume of fluid, my cell phone, and granola bars… and doesn’t bounce! Extremely happy with my purchase.

  2. Jordan Morrow

    In my trail running, I have been moving away from using a vest all the time but needed something to power me through the longer runs. I bought this waist pack recently and love it. I find it sits well and doesn’t bounce too much, especially on the downhill where it can be an issue. It fits well, is nicely designed, and has the space for my nutrition.

  3. Scott LaPlante (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a solution for intermediate length runs that I do in training and during ultras. During a race often times a vest is more than I need to get from aid station to aid station or to my next crew meet up. This will allow me to have an easily accessible option! I have used it on a few shorter training runs and love how it fits. The access to the bottles is great and there’s enough room for a windbreaker and some gels or bars plus my phone! I look forward to a long relationship with this waist pack!

  4. Lou (verified owner)

    The Speedgoat 3.0 is well made for training and racing. With dual waist straps, it provides a snug fit and minimal bounce. It holds ample fluid, with compartments for nutrition and/or small gear items. The front pocket is a nice touch. It is made out of a variety of durable material. The Speedgoat 3.0 and I will share many miles together for a long time to come!

  5. Brad Dains

    I will be the first one to say that I was a bit skeptical on a waistpack. I’ve had waistpacks from other manufacturers, probably 15 years ago, and just didn’t like the feeling. The Speedgoat has changed all of that!!!! The two bottle system is so great at evening out the distribution on the hips. The dual straps make it super simple to adjust on the go. I found that once you find the spot just above the hips to wear it, the bounce is minimal. Great design!!!! The pocket on the front is big enough for an iPhone 8 with an Otterbox…so it’s huge!!!

  6. Nathan (verified owner)

    I got this belt to carry enough water for shorter efforts during the southern summers. I wish there was a pocket large enough to fit a normal sized smart phone without feeling like I am forcing it. Almost zero bounce with full bottles unless I turn it to an all out sprint.

  7. Dave Kay (verified owner)

    I need hydration! I sweat a lot and therefore am constantly running out of liquids. I have tried many running belts and hydration systems with good and bad experiences. I was drawn to the Speedgoat 3.0 because of the two 18 oz. bottles. More capacity. I have had limited experience with the hydration packs and was looking for a comfortable running belt that met my storage and hydration needs. I believe I have found the solution in the Speedgoat 3.0. Very comfortable with easy and secure access to the water bottles. I especially appreciate the mechanical fastening belt hook at the waist rather than Velcro or plastic connections that rub and chafe. So far so good. I will have to wash it on the gentile/delicate cycle and air dry it to keep it fresh and clean. Look forward to more long runs without running out of water.

  8. justin turnbow (verified owner)

    Love this the only problem I’ve ran into is the waist straps after sweating have loosened up during my run, Other than that I freaking love it. Been trying to find a complete waist belt for a long time now I have one thanks.

  9. Run River X (verified owner)

    Thoughtful design, low bounce. Everything is easily assessable. Holds everything I need for 2+ hour runs. The only design issue I found was that the adjustment straps loosen with movement, and I I found myself frequently pulling them tight again. I think the buckles May benefit from more ‘teeth’ to prevent this. I put my own little fix to it, and now the belt is perfect for me. I would recommend.

  10. Scott Hayes (verified owner)

    I love this pack BUT… I struggle to get the bottles out of their holster while I’m running. They fit so snug that I need to pull them towards the middle of my back and water spills on my back in the process. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or pulling them the wrong way, I just can’t seem to pull them straight out easily…any suggestions would be welcomed. BTW, I’m a seasoned trail runner and have used vests and belts for a long time so I’m not new to this.

  11. Les Litchfield (verified owner)

    What I like so far:
    -Front pocket for phone is solid in the sense that it holds the phone very securely.
    -Back pocket with clip for keys and room for extras. (yes, I’m always paranoid about losing things on the trail)
    -Very well made with quality materials.
    -Bottle caps allow for high volume. Nice when using in motion so quick gulp and eyes back on the trail.
    -The belt has a nice snug fit that contours well to your body

    Area’s that need improvement:
    -Found with the weight of the water and slight bouncing, the adjustment straps would not hold and I had to keep tightening. Easy to do while in motion but the teeth on the adjustment should grab the straps and hold.
    Once I had half the water left this did not happen again. Will play around with the buckle.
    -The bottles themselves are blow molded and super thin walled. I suspect if I drop one a puncture would easily happen. The caps are solid but thicker walled bottles should be included. The price point of this belt warrants that and given the quality of the belt itself I was scratching my head as to why the same quality did not make it to the bottles.

  12. Joe B King (verified owner)

    Just know that the pocket that holds “a large phone” is super snug. My iPhone 11 fits but I have to put it in while not wearing the belt. Other than that this thing is pretty much perfect. No slide, no bounce, and stayed comfy on a 31 mile training run.

  13. Shannon Nierman (verified owner)

    This belt is the best I have ever used! Others talk about no bouncing when running but this one is the only one that actually doesn’t bounce when running with it. I highly recommend it!! The only issue I have with it is that I wish it was a little smaller around the waist, it is almost too big to tighten up all the way.

  14. Hal Chiasson

    Speedgoat3 The item seems to have been well thought out & I’m sure is practical for many. However, in my case, I already have a fine 2-bottle pack, but what I was looking for was additional space in the rear pouch/pocket, which I did not find in this product. It seems like this pack was designed for the faster long distance runners, who would reach aid stations much quicker and thus not need more space. However, for the middle-of -the pack runner, I believe a larger rear pouch would be very helpful.

  15. Robert Youngren (verified owner)

    This was the first UltrAspire product I’ve purchased. I’ve been a Ultimate Direction user for pretty much my entire running career (almost 30 years). I haven’t even used a waist hydration system since the 90s when that’s pretty much the only way you could carry water and gear outside of big heavy backpacks. Back then I used what was available at the time and always had bad experiences with waist hydration systems. They bounced or rotated around my waist or caused too much pressure on my belly. In word: bad. So when race vests and purpose built running packs emerged I threw away all my old waist hydration packs.

    However, I started hearing about UltrAspire and Karl Meltzer’s Speedgoat pack. I knew Karl back in our Team Montrail running days (I was just a lowly scrub on the team!). Even back then Karl was one of the few athletes dedicated to using a waist hydration pack even when it seemed like nobody else was. So when I heard about this new pack and that Karl had a hand in the design AND he was still wearing packs like this in the 21st century, I knew I had to give it shot. I’m happy I gave it a try!

    First of all the fit and function of the waist pack was like nothing I’ve used in the past. The pack naturally fits lower around the waist than expected and it really doesn’t bounce as long as you have it adjusted properly. More on that in a bit! I was surprised at the amount of stuff you can cram into the front and back mesh pockets too. I was able to fit my big phone in the front as well as a few gels. In the back I could fit more gels and even my Houdini jacket and thin liner gloves. So, more than enough capacity to run safely for several hours. I’d definitely highly recommend this pack as a good way to supplement carrying additional hydration in a minimal way if you’re already used to using a race vest or pack. That’s how I ended up using the Speedgoat 3.0 quite a bit.

    Now the constructive criticism. I said the pack doesn’t move or bounce as long as you have it adjusted right. That is definitely true. The problem is, for me at least, the adjustment strap keeps wanting to slip and loosen over time. That’s the age old issue with using plastic webbing and metal buckles. It’s why plastic rope can’t hold knots very well. Too slippery. Fortunately I think an easy fix would be to stitch in some higher abrasion or slip resistant material right into the adjustment strap. From my back-packing days we used to stitch moleskin into the waist belt straps to keep them from sliding through the plastic buckles. Worked pretty good. I’m sure there is a more modern solution that’d work even better for this product.

  16. Mark Perry (verified owner)

    Without a doubt this is a comfortable waistbelt! I have been using a vest for my longer trail runs and it isn’t ideal, switched to this and I love it. I did 22 miles with it the first time on some intermediate trails and it was fantastic. I agree with the other reviewers that is does loosen up as you run, however it was very simple to adjust back without having to stop, just pull the straps on both sides and back to the way it was. I had issues with other belts rubbing or they were so tight in spots that it was uncomfortable, zero issues with this pack. If you want a great hydration belt then this is it! I have tried 3-4 others out there and this is now my go to.

  17. Mark Augustyniewicz

    Huge fan of the vests, but wanted something smaller for shorter runs and skate skiing. This works perfect for both! Fits well, stable in motion and just enough storage. I have been using just one bottle and using the other pocket to store a rolled up shell jacket and extra gloves for winter adventures. Phone pocket in front is perfect for secure but quick access. Only complaint is the bottle is too secure, hard to get out quickly – would prefer a softer pocket with drawstring like on the vests. It also could be user error 😉

  18. Keith Remington

    Having been involved in ultra distance running since the late 90’s I have used about everything on the market. I can honestly say this pack is the best item I have ever used! Everything from the fit, accessibility and overall design, this is it. Perfect for all distances. I even use it for bike rides. I would highly recommend giving this pack an opportunity to impress you as it has me. Also, UltrAspire products are virtually indestructible. I own numerous products from them and can honestly say I have NEVER had an issue with anything. Get the Speedgoat! You will love it!

  19. Matt E (verified owner)

    I struggled finding the best product for hydration / nutrition / phone / gear. This product is remarkable. Used it on my first long run this past weekend and the fit was perfect. Everything was accessible and the bottles were easy to take out and put back. Great design and already pumped to use on my next run.

  20. Mike W. (verified owner)

    I had high hopes for this belt given the positive reviews on the web and the premium price tag. I had been looking for a belt with increased hydration capacity for a while to replace my aging fuel belt. After using the Speedgoat for a couple of months there are things I like about about it (hydration capacity, storage capacity, how it sits on my body when it works) however the negatives outweigh the positives so I cannot recommend it nor would I purchase it again. It is a struggle to remove the bottles from their holsters, however, I can live with this if the waist strap system worked better. When the bottles are full and I’m doing hard efforts I’m tightening the straps every 30-60 seconds. Even at an easy effort I’m having to tighten the straps every 1-2 minutes. when the bottles empty out this becomes less of an issue. From other reviews this seems to be a common problem but for me having to constantly adjust the straps is too much of a distraction. I’m disappointed because I really wanted to like the Speedgoat.

    • Jodi

      Hi Mike,
      Thank you so much for your review. I have a fix for you with the slipping of the waist belt straps. I will send you some belt keeper pieces and have you give them a go. Please let me know how those work for you in stabilizing the Speedgoat 3.0.

  21. JeffFullmer

    Great waist belt! One thing to add to the list is that I prefer to carry a bottle in one holster and then shove a jacket in the other holster. I can carry a small pair of cloves and my air pod case in the back pouch and my phone in the front. I own the Lumen 600 so of course I snagged the Lumen Ally to adapt this so I have my waist light not this as well. Really makes for the perfect waist belt setup!

  22. Jenny Velocitas

    I was initially worried about getting this waist belt as I read several reviews that said it bounced a lot. I’ve worn it many times since getting it on both short and long runs and I have to say – it does NOT bounce! I could see if you tried to wear it higher up it, but I wear it down on my hips and it’s great!

    It doesn’t have the larger pockets that I’m used to so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze on carrying everything I want, BUT I just have to get a little more creative in packing things in. It is SUPER comfortable though – I hardly even notice it is on most of the time!

  23. Rachel Brassine

    I received mine just in time for a 100 mile trail run and while I got cut at 90 miles, this waist pack was great! The only complaint I have is that the bottles are hard to pull out, especially while holding hiking poles. However, the bottles are a great size and so are the pouches. I also bought another brand waist pack in case this one didn’t come in on time but thankfully this one did. It is so much more comfortable and I like the hook closure rather than the Velcro of others.

  24. Scott E (verified owner)

    This is the best waist pack on the market that I’ve tried. It carries plenty of water to get you between aid stations, the bottles are easy to pull out and put in while running, the front straps are a great idea for securing poles, and I love that the front mesh pocket is actually big enough to fit my phone. I do think this is a great pack, and it is my go-to for most races and long-ish runs out on the trail. However, it is not without some minor issues. The storage capacity is pretty good, but for really long days in the back country, it is somewhat lacking. You’ll have enough room for a wind breaker, some calories and maybe a couple of other little knickknacks, but forget about trying to fit everything you’d need for a long adventure in the mountains unsupported. Things I’d like to be able to fit, aside from a jacket and a couple knickknacks, but can’t, include: Garmin InReach, water filter, first-aid kit, headlamp. It does fit very well and feels comfortable to run with. When secured properly, it doesn’t bounce or cause issue. However, if you do find yourself bombing downhill for a significant amount of time, I’ve noticed that the straps will slowly loosen and I found myself having to retighten the straps a couple times while running downhill. Overall, a great pack though. You really can’t go wrong using this pack for races and other supported adventures in the backcountry.

  25. Michael K (verified owner)

    So far so good. Fits snug with little movement. The bottles stay in place and stay snug.

  26. Bill Janke

    I needed something to take me farther than my Synaptic, which works great for me up to a 10k+ when there are no opportunities to refill, and I started researching vests that had more hydration capacity. After looking at everything under the sun, I decided that since the Synaptic worked so well, I would give the Speedgoat a try and I am glad I did. My first trial run was 14 miles and it performed amazingly. No bounce, enough room for gels or nutrition, a change of socks if needed, and my phone. I really like not having something on my upper body on those hot days.

    I can highly recommend the Speedgoat for runs where you need more hydration and don’t have access the opportunity for frequent refills.

  27. Matt C.

    My go to waist belt for day to day runs. I have also been pairing this with my Big bronco vest prepping for Bigfoot and this is the ultimate duo for a slower runner planning on having some longer times between aid stations!

  28. Miles Victors

    This is my main hydration running belt. I love that I can carry just over a liter of water with me for getting out on the trails for a couple hours. The fact that it has a dedicated phone pocket up front is a super big plus for me, as is the storage between the bottles in the back. Surprisingly I LOVE being able to store my poles up front as it helps balance the pack even better. I get a little bit of bounce from it when I get tired and my form starts to slip, but that serves as a reminder to dial things back in, so I appreciate the pack as a training aid as well. The 550 hybrid bottles are also pretty fire, I really enjoy using and drinking out of them.

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