UltrAspire, the first name in innovation, is committed to assisting all types of athletes, particularly those who engage in running, ultra running, triathlon, cycling and other endurance events, in knowing what their choices are. How to select and use the best and most efficient resources available, and make selections from amongst these based on individual ability, need, event types and personal preferences.  The choices are not always simple or straightforward even for the most seasoned, hardened or experienced of ultra or endurance athletes.  So, what is a person to do to keep body and soul together and operating at optimal levels?  At UltrAspire it’s believed that all the answers begin with choice—knowing what to choose and why  for your ultra running adventures is a great beginning!

Immortal Retreat - product testing

With this goal in mind, UltrAspire is proud to announce the launch of a series of blog posts by founder and legendary ultra-athlete Bryce Thatcher. Bryce, who has 30+year history as a designer/innovator, trainer and coach.  He is known as the inventor of the modern hydration “pack”, a pioneer of “fast packing,” minimalist alpine ultra running, and a Grand Teton ascent/descent record holder for almost thirty years.  He is an endurance athlete, avid trail runner, skier, cyclist, canyoneer, and devoted dad who enjoys pushing his own limits and helping others push theirs.   His ideas spring from activity and are developed through real life testing, feedback and more testing.

Bryce Thatcher gets a photo after setting the World Record for Ultra Running the Grand Teton

The series will cover a wide range of topics and be filled with memoirs, stories, metaphors, anecdotes and even humor, with a goal toward assisting others in making choices based on knowledge and understanding…so that every athlete may make great lifestyle and training choices.   Inform your workout and enhance your race day!  Please check the UltrAspire web pages and Facebook for regular installments of “Bryce Speaks: It’s All About Choice” as well as blogs from our other authors.

Bryce Thatcher Still Running and Innovating Today

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Photo 1: UltrAspire Immortal retreat, Photo credit: Jim Speth

Photo 2: Bryce Thatcher after FKT Grand Teton Record in 1983, Photo credit: David Stump

Photo 3: Bryce running Hurricane Jem Marathon, Photo credit: Jim Speth