Ty Draney Race director of the  El Vaquero Loco www.elvaqueroloco.blogspot.com talks about ultra running gear

This fall I made a trip down to the OR show in SLC to help at the UltrAspire.  It was the first time I saw the new updates on the Alpha pack that is coming out this spring.  When I saw it I knew I needed to use it at the Bear.  Race hydration needs can be very individual.  If you talk to 20 different runners about their ultra running gear you more than likely will end up with 20 different ideas on how to take care of your hydration needs for a hundred mile race.  I personally like the convenience of hand bottles for refilling but would rather wear a pack if possible.  Here are a few things that make the Alpha the perfect ultra running gear  for racing, especially if you have a crew.


Ultra running Gear - Ty Draney sporting the Alpha

 Reasons why The Alpha is the best Ultra Running Gear

  1. The sleek design allows you to carry only what you need while racing.  It may be a stretch for extended adventure runs but the large front pockets (I carried one flat Ultraspire 10oz bottle of EFS liquid shot and another of EFS electrolyte drink) keep nutrition right where you need it.
  2. The Big Bore hose is removable from the bladder to customize hydration for the length of leg you are running.  This also makes it easier to refill at aid stations.  My crew had a new ice/water filled bladder ready so I could just “hot swap” what I needed before heading out again.
  3. Small Magnon pockets on the back allow for trash/light storage
  4. The whole pack is ultralight and fits well under a jacket.  I ran every step with it for 100 straight miles.


If you like a fitted pack that weighs next to nothing check out the Alpha coming to a running specialty shop near you in spring 2013.

Check Out This Alpha Ultra Running Gear Preview Video