Athletes continue pushing the limits of what we think is possible in this sport. With each new FKT, race time, mountain summit route, etc, we know that eventually.. someday.. someone else will come along to challenge and eventually better the time, or distance. We help pave the foundation for future successes with everything we are doing right now. As human boundaries continue to get tested, pushed, and furthered.. the tools of the trade, our gear, must also evolve to meet the demand.

The UltrAspire Lumen Ally is a bridge between two of our most popular categories. The UltrAspire 3D Lighting® and the Waist Pack collection.

The Lumen Ally allows you to combine your Lumen Waist Light with your Hydration Belt products. This waist belt attachment is perfect for anyone wishing to use a Lumen light and carry a water bottle on their waist at the same time. Like all packs in our waist pack line, the Lumen Ally features our breathable webbing which allows moisture to evaporate and will not slip once adjusted to fit. This piece also utilizes a stretchy mesh pocket behind the light adapter giving you capacity for a cell phone, energy foods, backup batteries, or other small essentials. A pocket located below the light can house an extra battery. The Lumen Ally allows you to run with speed and confidence like you would during the day while also carrying your preferred hydration.

UltrAspire CEO & Founder Bryce Thatcher discussing the Lumen Ally

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