The UltrAspire 3D Lighting collection has transformed the trail and low light running situations for thousands of runners around the world. It can be daunting to choose which light will best suit your adventure. Your gear setup is a crucial piece of your race strategy, so today I want to dive into potential use and ideal use scenarios on each of the current Lumen Waist Lights. Of course experimenting with your setup is always encouraged and we welcome feedback and thoughts at any time!

If you are not familiar with UltrAspire 3D Lighting, it has been a game changer for the athletes that now use it as part of their mandatory gear setup. Here is a gif comparison between traditional 2D Lighting and UltrAspire 3D Lighting.

Lumen 800 Ultra 2.0

This light is the new iteration to our ISPO award-winning Lumen 800 Ultra. The Lumen 800 Ultra 2.0 provides the ultimate UltrAspire 3D Lighting® experience; it’s like turning on the sun. This light features an 800,500 Steady Beam, 200 Steady Beam, and blinking light setting. This patented light is powered by an aluminum battery pack which holds two UltrAspire 18650 batteries. It can also use any USB power bank. AN extension cord is included which allows you to take the battery pack off of your waist and carry it in your pack if you choose. The wiring entry points have been reinforced for durability. A large button has been added allowing for easy on/off setting. Heat dispersing fins have been added as well as a glass lens for better durability during extended use. This light features our Race Fit which is a fatigue-free buckle system. The lumen 800 ultra 2.0 includes all necessary adapting cords, a battery charger, and 2 batteries. To learn more, click here.

Lumen 800 Multisport Waist Light:

The Lumen 800 Multisport boasts an output that rivals the Lumen 800 Ultra but serves a different purpose. This light is great for an athlete who does more than just running. Included with this light is an attachment to mount this light to a headstrap as well as a bicycle bracket to mount to a mountain bike. The large double cylinder ports offer two spot cones that project farther into the distance than any other light we offer with a maximum output of 800 lumens and is better for endeavors that require higher speed. Like the 800 Ultra, this light also features the Fatigue Free system with easy to use settings, Perfect Angle adjustment up or down, and a quick release buckle. It is powered off of a single UltrAspire 18650 battery that was tested for for the highest battery output. If you are a multi-use athlete who prefers to dabble in multiple endurance sports, the Lumen 800 Multisport is a great option to explore. To learn more, click here.

Lumen 600 3.0 Waist Light:

This light is tried and true for a runner who needs high lumens, good battery life, and an overall well rounded piece of gear. The Lumen 600 3.0 is the new iteration combining both the Lumen 600 2.0 and the Lumen 600R into one light bringing the best of both lights and more. This light is now 30% lighter and smaller than it’s previous version and built with limited stretch elastic banding for comfort while still remaining durable. The Waterproof rating has increased to IPX7 and is powered off of an UltrAspire 18650 rechargeable battery. The capacity pocket on the back is now removable giving a greater option for customization in your gear setup. Like the lights above, the Lumen 600 3.0 is equipped with a Fatigue Free system making each function intuitive and easy to use when in the middle of the long nights. This light is a good well rounded high output light that is small enough to fit in a pack and light enough to wear in conjunction with your other gear. To learn more, click here.

Lumen 400z Waist Light:

The Lumen 400z Waist Light is a new addition to this range that offers some unique abilities making it very versatile for the road or the trail. For the trail, 400 lumens turns night time into daylight with the Widebeam feature and while on the road is more than enough to see, be seen, and light your way. This light, like the lights above, is powered off of an UltrAspire 18650 battery. The key feature that is unique to this light is the zooming lens that allows you to adjust between flood and spot cones providing an even wider range of use. Now the main difference between the Lumen 600 3.0 and the Lumen 400z aside from raw lumen output is the Widebeam on the 600 3.0 is wider than the 400z, but the 400z can zoom into a spot cone allowing you to see further down the trail when needed. This light has a fixed pocket on the back adding capacity to store even the largest of phones comfortably. For the road, this light also includes a red blinking safety light on the back. To learn more, click here.

Lumen 200 Waist Light:

Small but packs a punch, the Lumen 200 is the entry level piece for UltrAspire 3D Lighting. Perfect for a road runner, this light comes with the essentials to get you started with a waist light. This light is USB rechargeable and outputs at 200 lumens. It features a red blinking light on the back to keep you seen by oncoming traffic and the light itself can be adjusted down for hills or runners coming by. Like the other lights, intuitive use is at the heart of the design ensuring recharging, angling, adjusting the size, and cycling through the settings requires minimal effort. To learn more, click here.

Lumen 50S Wrist Light:

The perfect accessory to any gear setup. The Lumen 50S is a hands-free wrist-mounted light. It has three modes: solid, blinking, and red blinking. It has an adjustable hinge which allows you to lay it flat against your wrist or stand it up at a 90 degree angle. The band can also be adjusted to be worn around your ankle. This small multi-functional light can be used as a piece of safety gear and as a secondary light to aid your vision. To learn more, click here.

Lumen Clip 180:

The Lumen Clip 180 can be used in any scenario. Its strong magnetic clip attaches to any piece of apparel, and it can also attach to metallic surfaces. Its soft silicone body ensures that it wont leave any scratches. The 180 lumen LED COB light emits soft even lighting across a 180 degree span. It has four modes: high, medium, low, and blinking. It has a rechargeable battery and includes a charging cable. To learn more, click here.