The back of the Zygos 5.0

Zygos 5.0

Race Vest
Runner wearing a Zygos 5.0

What's New in Version 5.0

MaxO2 Form

Redesigned Harness Pockets

UltrAcool Light Mesh

Removable Insulated Bladder Sleeve

MaxO2 Form Logo

Our new patent pending MaxO2 Form closure secures the pack's contents and adapts to your body shape with a single pull.

Runner wearing a Zygos 5.0
Runner wearing a Zygos 5.0

Since the first iteration of the Zygos, tens of thousands of runners have utilized this high-capacity 14 liter race vest. The Zygos 5.0 is the next iteration of this highly acclaimed design. With its redesigned harness, additional pockets, and updated materials, the Zygos 5.0 is the pinnacle of its series.

Loaded with Features

Back of the Zygos 5.0
Zygos 5.0 with the back pocket open

14 Liter Capacity

Perfect for long adventures

The Zygos 5.0's reservoir pocket

2 Liter Reservoir

With insulated bladder compartment

The bottom of the Zygos 5.0 showing the reinforced fabric

Reinforced Stress Points

Stronger than steel ripstop fibers

Front of the Zygos 5.0
The front securing strap of the Zygos 5.0

MaxO2 Form

Get the perfect fit with a single pull

One of the Zygos 5.0's front pockets

8 On-The-Go Pockets

Easy access to the essentials

One of the Zygos 5.0's side pockets

Wrap Around Design

Stable, comfortable, and hindrance free

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Back of the Zygos 5.0