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The Epic XT hydration backpack is the solution to anything adventure. This lightweight, energy-conserving, large-scale hip-leveraged pack is compatible with long or multi-day self supported endeavors. Built with an extremely durable fabric, the Epic XT can be used in a variety of ways. This pack features a 2-type fiber system that helps to disperse moisture during those long hot adventures. The Epic XT comes with a removable frame. This frame, when inside the pack, increases load carrying capacity or can be removed for less taxing endeavors. It features many quick stash pockets, and a new Max 02 sternum buckle system to keep the Epix XT secure during difficult upper body movements. One size fits most.





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Extreme Line: Sometimes you just need more. The Extreme Line was created with the deep adventurer at heart. These products are built to last with durable material, stronger breathable mesh, and function for any adventure scenario. This category goes beyond running and hiking and branches into mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and so much more. The Extreme Line adopts the minimalist mindset of “one item that does it all, and does it well” while staying true to the UltrAspire code, to create an inspired outdoor experience,.

Recommended Use:
Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Canyoneering, Fast Packing, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Multi-day Endeavors.


  • Universal Fit
  • Sweat Proof Webbing
  • Rapid Access pockets
  • XT Fabric- Stronger than steel ripstop fibers.
  • Small Footprint for better cooling
  • XT Mesh to pull moisture from the body and evaporate it
  • Insulated Bladder Compartment
  • MAX 02 XT Sternum
  • Small Footprint


Fit:  Unisex
Size:  Universal (Chest Size: 28″-48″)
Color options: Emerald Blue
Hydration (included):  Not Included (Reservoir compatible)
Reservoir Compatible (not included):  Up to 3L
Capacity: 1526 c.i. (25L) Main Compartment 18.5 Liters

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 3 in

Product Dimension (inches) LxWxH


Product Weight (lbs)

12 reviews for Epic XT Hydration Backpack

  1. Michael H Becker

    The Epic XT

    The best packs are designed for a specific purpose and the Epic XT is designed for three season 3-5 day fastpacking. And for that purpose it exceeds any other pack I’ve used.

    What differentiates the Epic XT from other packs? First and foremost it’s the integral design that only compromises weight where functionality, durability and comfort deem it necessary.

    The first example of this being the front pockets. Many fastpacks skimp on shoulder straps and pockets to eliminate weight wherever they can because weight is something that can be compared and therefore people fixate on. But any savings in that area quickly becomes problematic if you’ve got to add on pockets to carry a phone or a camera or to stop and remove your pack to find your map, compass or snack. The small additional weight of the front pockets on the Epic XT is easily offset by their comfort, convenience and time savings while on the move.

    Another intuitive feature is the use of flasks for hydration and the placement of these in the on the go accessible side pockets. When fastpacking I tend to prefer bottles over a bladder to make it easier to keep track of water usage and to use electrolyte mixes in either bottle if I so choose. And the flasks, as opposed to cylindrical bottles, allows me to jog without worrying about my form as they’re tucked out of the way of my arm swing.

    Another advantage of the flasks in the side pockets is better weight distribution and added flexibility in packing. With water in the flasks I can carry additional water in either a bladder or a Nalgene bottle and place those either in the dedicated hydration sleeve or in the top loading back compartment.

    Like many fastpacks, the Epic XT comes with a lightweight removable frame stiffener, which again is one of those concessions to the weight weenies of the world. I see little advantage in removing it. When fastpacking the stiffener greatly aids in comfort both on the move and in camp. If you’re going light weight and using your pack as part of your bedding system, a pack that keeps its shape and has a bit of thin insulation comes in handy. It allows me to get away with only using a torso pad as opposed to a full length pad. So instead of saving weight it’s really a matter of shifting it around and since it serves to aid comfort on the move, a pack with a light stiffener seems preferable to me.

    There are only two quibbles I have with this pack and one’s not personal; that being the non-adjustability of the sternum straps. They don’t bother me in the least, and while they may work for most, there are bound to be some who wish they were on sliders as is common in many packs. My other slight of the Epic is the small size of the belt pockets. They’re useful, but I don’t feel it would’ve hurt if they were enlarged a bit. And those are about it for suggestions on improving this pack.

    Otherwise this is a stellar pack with all the bells and whistles essential for doing what it was designed for; zip pull tabs, pole holders, an outside mesh pocket for layers, small zippered key and I.D. pocket, a nicely sized top compartment over the large stuff sack main compartment, cinches on the bottom for a sleeping pad.

    As far as comfort and durability goes; I’m in the fortunate position to be a hiking guide and have been using this pack three days a week for the past three months. It’s by far the most comfortable pack I’ve used and shows no signs of wear and tear.

    The Epic XT allows me to cover big miles over short periods of time carrying everything I need comfortably and conveniently. That it’s also durable and reasonably priced make it the complete fastpack package.

  2. Mark Augustyniewicz

    Just did my first overnight with this pack. 30 miles and 5,000 ft of gain. My observations.

    – You can run with the pack. Even fully/overloaded (had tent strapped to outside) the load was stable and I could run flat and rolling trail sections.

    – Pockets are great! You can reach all but the main compartment without removing the pack. My favorite pocket is the weatherproof front zipper that is perfect with my phone – my camera, backup headlamp, and navigation (Bluetooth to InReach). So it’s something I need to access a lot and would suck to lose.

    – It holds a lot. Weather was iffy so I took a lot of stuff. Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, rain jacket/pants, puffy, gloves, hat, glasses, change of running clothes, first aid, food for two days, gps, phone, water filter, trekking poles, and a two person tent, minus the poles, my wife took those.

    – Removable frame is awesome. Easy to remove. With the pack stuffed to capacity, I found leaving the frame behind made the pack fit better and conform to my body. The frame would be super useful if you are not at max capacity to keep the load balanced and secure for running.

    My only negative are the strap sizes. The bottom is adjustable, but not the top which controls where the pockets and chest straps lie. I am 6’3”. While the pack fits, The top pockets were at the top of my shoulders and the top chest strap was almost at my neck. Some of this was due to overloading on my part, fit better on day two with just one day’s food removed, but would be nice to adjust straps from the top, or a “Long” size to accommodate tall people 🙂

  3. Marcia Dority Baker

    I bought this pack for an upcoming multi-stage race. I have used it for 6+ training runs with gear at approximately 17 lbs. The pack is comfortable while running, I appreciate the ability to adjust the straps to fit (I am a 5’5″ female). I removed the frame stiffener as if fits me better without it for long runs. There are a number of storage options/pockets/storage areas, it seems I find a new option each training run. I really like this pack and look forward to using it for future races.

  4. Mindy

    I love this pack! Used it for my winter White Mountain hikes. I really appreciated how much gear this lightweight pack can hold while still being comfortable. Even my snowshoes fit on the outside back straps, and all the rest of my gear comfortably stowed inside. The waist strap with the small storage pockets held my snacks perfectly, as well as room for lightweight gloves. My water bottles were easy to get to on the side pockets and the pack never shifted while scrambling up icy slopes. Great winter pack or fast pack where you need to carry extra gear comfortably and securely.

  5. Ted_S

    I recently purchased this pack for a series of day hikes in the Sierras, including Palisade Glacier and Mt. Whitney. Over a ten day period, I wore the pack for 43 hours, covering 70 miles and 18,000 feet of elevation gain (and an equal amount of elevation loss).
    This pack has many excellent features and excels for its exceptionally light weight and multitude of pockets. But even though I always wore it over clothing, it left patches of raw skin over my ribs where the buckles on the shoulder straps rubbed.
    The opening for a hydration reservoir is tight using a HydraPack 3 liter, and excessively tight using this reservoir with the HydroSleeve insulating cover. The insultated hose pulled off the hose barb repeatedly until I installed a stainless steel hose clamp. The tight fit also tore open the insulation of the pack.
    The buckle on the top chest strap rides on my collar bone. The strap itself tends to end up near my Adam’s apple. Usually I left this strap open to avoid the discomfort.
    The magnetic patch sits on top of my shoulder, too high to be able to attach a hydration hose.
    The edges of the frame sheet hit my shoulder blades, with or without anything in the pack.
    I’d hoped that this pack, with its waist belt and fairly long length, would transfer much of the weight to my hips. Instead I found that it mostly just hung from my shoulders, which was always uncomfortable after a few hours.
    Overall the Epic XT greatly outperformed my usual pack, a much smaller Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest of 2014 vintage, but a few tweaks to the design would make it considerably more comfortable. Until then, or until I have a need for a larger pack, I’ll be using my old UD hydration vest.

  6. Jeff Fullmer

    Top-notch pack that works great for day trips or mutli-day adventures. Fills out nicely but slims down to almost nothing! I prefer to use it without the stabilizer board as the pack seems to conform better, especially when going light. Used this pack multiple times this summer (2020) clearing trail and packing in my gear for overnighters. A solid unit that I am glad I made the investment into as I know it will last for many years and adventures to come!

  7. Scott Livingston

    This is an overdue review of the Epic XT. Full disclosure: my spouse Debbie is an UltrAspire ambassador and we have many UltrAspire products in our household. This is my first review. Prior to our New England Trail End-to-End Run (FKT) in June, Debbie consulted Bryce Thatcher on which pack would be best for me. She already had a Magda, but after I tried it, the fit wasn’t right and we were concerned that it would not carry enough gear. The NET was truly an “epic” adventure so it is fitting that we chose the Epic.

    Our full report is here:


    We covered 240+ miles in 5.5 days and I carried the Epic the whole way. My blog post has the full packing list, but the main items in the pack were sleeping quilt, sleeping pad, half of our tent (including the poles), emergency gear/clothing, electronics, food, and quite a bit of water (at times).

    I opted not to use a hydration bladder with tube, but rather went with two UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottles in the side/holster pockets and a HydraFlask 3L bladder with Katadyn BeFree Filter in the main compartment. I refilled the bottles with treated water from the bladder.

    When the pack was fully loaded, it still felt balanced and comfortable. When I was “slack packing” I was able to adjust/tighten straps and it still felt comfortable. I did the trip without the optional back support. I removed it and left it at home. This worked out fine.

    I used my poles most of the time, but occasionally had them strapped to the bottom of the pack.

    The amount of pockets and ease of access to food and water allowed me to keep the pack on as much as possible. The materials are durable and will be ready for the next adventure. I had an older Epic as well, and feel that this version is a significant upgrade.

    I don’t have any complaints. It got the job done. This pack is highly recommended.

  8. John Fiddler

    I know you aren’t supposed to do anything big with untested gear but I got this pack the day before a 43 mile overnight. Best fastpack I have used yet. Roomy enough that I could carry what I needed but not so big that I started to bring things I didn’t need. I had no chafing issues (with the pack at least) despite being really hot and sweaty in the afternoons. It held the load stable so that I was able to comfortably run on the flats and downhills. Super happy with this purchase.

  9. John Fiddler

    I know you are not supposed to make changes the day of a big adventure but this pack arrived the day before a 42mile overnight. It is big enough that I can carry what I need but not so big that I start bring things I don’t need. It fit me well and I had no chafing (at least from the pack) despite being hot and sweaty in the afternoons. It carried the load well so I was easily able to run the flats and the downhills (at least until I bonked but that wasn’t the packs fault). I loved the number of pockets on the best and shoulder straps and was able to get the water bottles in/out of the holsters easily. Super happy with my purchase.

  10. Kevin Smith

    This summer I used the Epic XT for an adventure run between Boulder & Silverthorne – a single 42 hour push over 98 miles and about 20k vertical. We were lightly supported, resulting in the pack weighing between 8 and 12 lbs, depending on food and water levels.
    Overall, I agree with the comments in previous reviews, with emphasis on the following:

    The pack is great, but has one significant flaw – being available in only one size.
    I am 5’10” and 150 lbs, with a slightly longer torso than average, and for me the back length of the pack is far too short. As a result the hip belt sits too high. If I loosen the shoulder straps (at their only adjustment point, the bottom), then the upper sternum strap (which is already too high) becomes snugged up under my chin and unusable.

    Accordingly I was forced to alternate between:
    a) running mode, where I cinched the shoulder straps tight and dealt with the waist belt not taking weight but simply stabilizing any sway; and
    b) hiking mode where I took weight off my shoulders by loosening the shoulder straps and letting the waist belt carry most of the load. However in this mode I could not use the upper sternum strap – I simply left it undone. The lower sternum strap, located where an upper strap would typically be, did the work of both.

    Additionally, the zippered compartments on top of the shoulder straps were located so far back on my shoulders that they were difficult to get to. And in undoing the zippers, I was concerned that items would fall out backwards.

    I found it a little tricky to get my phone (iPhone 11) in and out of the zippered phone pocket. The pocket was large enough, but again because the pocket sat high on my chest due to the one size fits most design approach, it was difficult to access the pocket. Also re this zippered pocket – it may help making the zipper tag a bit larger – it could be difficult to locate, when open or closed. And when open, it sometimes made it’s way so far down inside the outer pocket that I had to dig around to find it.

    My recommendations to UltrAspire:
    – Make this pack in three torso/back length sizes. This is the single most important enhancement in my opinion. As soon as you make a model with a longer back length, I will buy it and sell my current single-size version!
    – if possible, allow the shoulder straps to be adjusted on top as well as at the bottom. This may add weight and complexity, but would provide easier access the zippered pockets on top of the straps.
    – Allow the sternum straps to slide up and down – common in many packs / running vests these days.
    – Figure out how to make it a little easier to get a phone and out of the zippered phone pocket.
    – Make the waist belt pockets slightly larger.

  11. Michael West

    I first want to say that any pack I’ve ever gotten from Ultraspire has always fit great and rides like a second skin. This one did also. When I go out for a run by myself I really want to be prepared so I kinda take the kitchen sink. This pack allows me to do so but still lets me run hard when I want to. All the extras I put in the pack doesn’t throw me around even when running up and down in very technical terrain.

  12. David Wild

    I want to leave feedback back on epic XT Hydration Backpack. I think its a wonderful product .It has plenty room to carry items for overnight stay or a day trip. It was access to store a couple of Hydration packs. Along many more items. I would recommend this item for anyone looking to make day trip or weekend get away.

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