Lumen 650 Oculus Headlamp

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The Lumen 650 Oculus headlamp is a new addition to the Lumen Collection and is perfect for sports that require perfect hand placement. The Oculus is made from aircraft aluminum but coming in at a mere 153 grams including a battery; you’ll barely notice it’s there. It features a new no-pressure securing strap that allows the Oculus to fit your head perfectly while staying comfortable and secure. This headlamp has a magnetic charging port that makes charging your UltrAspire 18650 battery a breeze. This light has flood, spot, and adjustable high/low red lighting. The Oculus has options of 150, 300, and 650 lumens of steady beam lighting. Easily adjust settings using the dial surrounding the lends. For transporting this light, it will include a lock feature to keep the Oculus from turning on in unwanted situations and a carrying bag to easily keep the light and battery together.



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  • Magnetic charging port
  • High/Low settings in spot, flood, or red mode
  • Adjustable angle
  • Easy band adjustment
  • No-pressure securing strap
  • Large button
  • Spot: 3-12 hour burn time, Flood: 5-10 hour burn time, Red: 8-12 hour burn time
  • IPX8 waterproof rating

Weight: 5.3 oz (153g)

Colors: Black/Gray


Low Weight™: Lightweight components and materials create an almost unnoticeable on-the-body feel without compromising durability.

Fatigue Free™: Intuitive settings, large buttons, and quick release buckles. Easy operation for fatigued minds in extreme circumstances.

Enduralight™: Sturdy construction and aircraft grade aluminum provide better durability and improved hot and cold tolerance while reducing overall weight.

PerfectAngle™: Easily adjust up, straight, or down to suit your terrain. Illuminate your path while keeping your head and body in a natural running position.

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4 reviews for Lumen 650 Oculus Headlamp

  1. William Jara

    I have had my Oculus for a few months now and absolutely love it. It has multiple modes that make you feel like you are running in the daylight. I have yet to run out of battery life, including long over night runs and races.

  2. Micah

    My wife and I have both had our Oculus headlamps for about a year and a half. We have used them for everything including backcountry skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, caving, trail running, doing yard work, taking the dog for a walk, working on cars, pulling out slivers, reading in the car… in short, we use them for everything. Somewhere ,in the back of a drawer, I still have a couple of BD and Petzl headlamps but I can’t remember the last time that I used them. Here is what I love about this headlamp- 1) Its rechargeable. For most of my adventures I need to start out with full battery life but I hate wasting half-used AAAs. This makes it very sustainable to always have full battery and, not needing to buy so many batteries really helps the wallet. It is also super easy to swap in a spare battery on the go. There is no more looking for the little plastic tab that ejects the expired batteries. Instead, just slide one battery out and put the next one in. 2) The construction is bomber. On long multi-pitch climbs I usually just clip it to my harness gear loops which allows for easy access once it gets dark but also makes it vulnerable to being smacked into the wall. A few times I have done this particularly hard and thought that I for sure had broken the headlamp, but alas, it lives on. And, since it is metal, things like this haven’t cracked the body and so it is still water resistant, a problem I have had with a couple of headlamps such as the BD storm. 3) It is so dang bright. It is almost comical how bright the high spot setting is. It has gotten to the point that on long alpine approaches some of my friends opt to switch their headlamps off to save on battery life as mine illuminates the trail and surrounding area for them as well. 4) The settings are super intuitive and useful. It is super easy to switch between spot/flood/red even when wearing big down mittens. There are also no pointless modes on it that you just have to click through every time you turn it on, which usually bugs me about other headlamps. Like I have (thankfully) never had to use the strobe/SOS feature on a headlamp, so why do most companies always put it there in the way (note: this does have a strobe setting if you click the button 3 times fast but it is not in the standard mode rotation)? 5) It is comfortable and stable. The shock cord on the top really helps to stabilize the light during strenuous activity. However, for more menial chores when it is not needed, it can be loosened and then it never gets in the way. 6) For such a bright light with such a long battery life, it is very light. No bulky battery pack on the back or anything like that.

    There are 2 things about the light that i’m not totally in love with: 1) The price is higher than some other lights. At first this caused me a little bit of hesitation, however, the increased awareness, safety, and usability that it has given me at night has been well worth the investment. I guess thats just what this light is, an investment. A little higher of an up-front cost for something that is going to last you longer and function better (plus you’ll save some money on batteries on the way). 2) I find the locking function to be somewhat difficult at times. I love that it has this function so that you can be confident it will not turn on while in your backpack– to lock it out you need to hit the button 4 times fast. Sometimes when my hands are freezing or I have big gloves on it takes me a couple of tries to do this but other than that it works great.

    Overall, I have definitely loved this headlamp and would recommend it to anyone whose adventures frequently begin early in the morning or extend late into the night.

  3. Gary Hayden

    Upon delivery, I feared that this light was a bit heavier than I would like. That initial concern was unfounded and overall this is an excellent light. It is almost ridiculous how bright this light is. On high in spotlight mode, it illuminates everything in the vicinity. I’ve yet to run out of battery – with my average trail run using the light about 2 hours – using the light on high. Upon recharging, it doesn’t seem to have used much battery life which is awesome. It’s easy to change the settings and operating/adjusting is really intuitive. Overall, I’m really happy with this light and expect to use it for many years as it seems to be engineered to last.

  4. Kate L

    This light is super bright. I love that it is rechargeable. I love the battery life & ease of use. My only issue, is I find it a little on the heavy side. It always leaves a big red mark on my forehead even with a hat or headband, and it can be difficult to adjust for tightness on the fly. Overall a really great light!

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