Lumen 800 Multisport Waist Light

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The Lumen 800 Multisport is perfect for an adventurer who does it all. The light has 2 spot cones that create a wide angle and project a more focused beam further ahead of you for fast paced adventures. This light features UltrAspire 3D Lighting® which casts shadows across uneven surfaces giving you a better understanding of your terrain. This light comes equipped with with our Race Fit which is a fatigue-free buckle system. The light itself can be removed from the belt and attached to the included UltrAspire bike bracket and will mount onto 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars. It can also be attached to our headlamp band giving the Multisport a wide range of versatility. The high, medium, low, and blinking settings allow you perfect control. This light includes one of our UltrAspire rechargeable batteries and features a USB charging port. Includes a USB charging cable, bike bracket, and head strap attachment.

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  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Dual spot cones
  • Conical belt
  • Adjustable angle
  • Easy to use performance buckle
  • Large buttons
  • Micro USB charging port (charging cable included)
  • Breathable mesh
  • Low, medium, high, and blinking modes
  • Sturdy low-profile aluminum bracket included
  • Headlamp compatible (strap included)
  • 4-8 hour burn time
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating

Weight: 5.3 oz (153g)

Colors: Black/Gray

Sizing Range: 26″-38″


Low Weight™: Lightweight components and materials create an almost unnoticeable on-the-body feel without compromising durability.

Steady Beam™: Prevents eye fatigue by maintaining a steady lumen output that does not dim until the battery is very low.

Race Fit™: Conical shape, fatigue free buckles, and limited stretch elastic ensure a snug and stable fit which promotes a healthy and natural breathing pattern.

Stable Ride™: Proportional weight distribution combined with our conical belt shape create  balanced load and a no-bounce ride.

Fatigue Free™: Intuitive settings, large buttons, and quick release buckles. Easy operation for fatigued minds in extreme circumstances.

AutoCool™: Heat dispersing fins mounted in and around the light passively dissipate heat, keeping the light cool and efficient during heavy use.

Widebeam™: Like daylight. Let your eyes roam freely without adjusting between light and dark areas. Even lighting eliminates headaches and tunnel vision.

Enduralight™: Sturdy construction and aircraft grade aluminum provide better durability and improved hot and cold tolerance while reducing overall weight.

PerfectAngle™: Easily adjust up, straight, or down to suit your terrain. Illuminate your path while keeping your head and body in a natural running position.

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21 reviews for Lumen 800 Multisport Waist Light

  1. Beth Ann M.

    I like the idea of just having the multi-sport lumen for all my activities. It mounts easily to my bike and also onto the waist belt. Very bright and doesn’t move around like other lights. Having to only charge one light instead of several is great!

  2. Brian P

    This light is bright! It really throws a wide beam of light wherever you want/ need it. The multi sport gives this light a great amount of versatility with the bike bar mount, the traditional headlamp strap, and the waist belt for night running/ hiking. The waist strap fits snug and it’s wide footprint creates a stable platform for the light not to bounce around while in motion. The light is not too heavy to function as a headlamp and doesn’t feel clunky. It worked perfectly on a recent camping trip In this mode. I gave not used it on my night bike rides but at 800 lumens I think it will be great! The charging is fast and easy. You can charge this light on the go with a backup battery.

  3. Greg (verified owner)

    So much better than a headlamp. Coverage and light weight makes this essential for night time running

  4. Beau

    I’ve had the opportunity to run several early morning runs with my Lumen 800 multisport and it has been a game changer for running in the dark. I chose the multisport over the Lumen 800 because I wanted a light that cast the beam a little further down trail due to the technical nature of my local trail (mostly bedrock protrusions and/or rocks, maybe the occasional root). Being waist mounted and with the longer beam I can get a real feeling for the height of the obstacle and what type of foot placement I will need over the next several steps. There is a lot of waist band there so when you think you have it tight enough pull another couple of inches through. Making sure it is nice and tight will minimize bounce and you will find it casts light without the bounce you get from a headlamp. If you run in a group in the dark, be ready to lead, because the odds of someone having a light brighter than you is pretty low. The vertical adjustments you can make with the light is great, especially if you are running on hilly or mountainous terrain so that you can project the beam up or down based on climbs and descents. The battery life has been really good, even on its highest setting, but I will be buying a second battery to have on hand for longer races that have many hours of night running so that I can use the highest setting without fear of running out of juice.

  5. Robert Kolo

    This is the best lighting device I have bought to date. It is great to have very good lighting and not have all of the weight from the headlamp. I have used it on 7 runs so far and I am happy with battery life. Half of those runs were in rain or damp weather and no issues.

  6. Karla

    Holy Moly this is an amazingly BRIGHT light. I wore mine for the first time today during a dark and early morning run. When I first turned it on my running buddy laughed and proceeded to turn his headlamp off since it was not needed. This is a great light. I love how there is no bounce in the belt and how perfect it fits. I’m a 116 Lbs female and had no difficulty getting the belt to fit. The head strap is very nice as well and it is great to have the option. I am thrilled with this purchase as I begin training for a 50k.

  7. Eric

    Wow. Fantastic. I ordered direct and the very helpful folks helped me decide on this light for my first 100m. 2 days later it arrived. Amazing, bright, wide and stable light. On high it’s instant daytime, probably more than you’d need for running, but great for hiking,, distance viewing or being seen by a satellite. 4 people can run off the light this makes. On medium (bright and perfect for a technical trail run) the sun rose after 7.5hrs of night, so I’m not even sure how much more it had. Ran with 5 friends on a technical trail (all with good headlamps), they all fell multiple times, but the bright waist mounted light has amazing depth perception and kept me on my feet.

  8. Matt

    The lumen 800 multisport is a jack of all trades in the world of lighting. Whether wrapped around your waist, on top of your head or around your bikes handlebars, the light is bright and helps you feel safe when out in the darkness. 800 lumens is plenty for your night run or road ride.

  9. Tyson Lee

    I love how many uses I can find for this light! It is great as a waist light on runs. It’s an awesome add-on to my early morning rides and it is easily changed from bike, waist and headlight options. It has multiple settings that help light up the toad or trail based on a variety of conditions. It is by far one of my favorite UltrAspire lights.

  10. Ed Glauser

    The Lumen 800 Multisport Waist Light has provided me with the absolute best athletic experience I have had as a trail runner. I used the Lumen 800 Multisport Waist Light at a night trail race, and I was amazed with the detail it allowed me to see through pitch dark trails as well as the peripheral ambiance that gave me a wonderful view of streams and interesting landmarks along my path. It is powerful, lightweight, and lasts a long long time.

  11. Ian Sharman

    The best option for lighting on the trails anywhere since it’s the most powerful and waist lights more effectively light up the ground than a headlamp. I’m sponsored by UltrAspire, but that’s because I believe they have the best gear and I’ve worked with them for years through many 100 mile running races.

  12. Eric P. Hunt

    This light is insanely bright! It has a really wide and adjustable light that can be rolled up or down to give you light at your feet or farther out front of your path. Feels lightweight and isn’t overbearing or heavy on the run.

    Cons: wish it had some tiny storage or a pocket behind the light. This is very expensive for a light. As a runner and someone that likes to workout at the same time, it really gets in the way of push-ups or burpees. So make sure you slide in to the back or take it off so you don’t damage the light. This isn’t a knock on the product but just for feedback to those reading.

  13. Joseph Farrington

    This device is absolutely amazing. The biggest selling point is that it is not only rechargeable, but I can carry multiple spare batteries for it if needed. The belt is light weight and comfortable, I barely notice it is being worn. In addition, the light is retained very well with limited bounce and an ability to manipulate the light to the right angle for me. I have never used a light that provided such a clear line of sight with shadowing that made the path in front of me look as if I was running in daylight. Another thing that I love about this is the compatibility with my Speedgoat 3.0. I have used this light with another fanny pack, and it can become a pain having to wear more than one belt. The fact that I can use the Lumen Alley with my Speedgoat not only allows me to wear just one belt, but I don’t lose storage space. I have yet to use the light long enough to fully test the battery life. BUT, the fact that there is a spare battery pocket on the Lumen Alley just below the light mount, mitigates any concerns that may arise. For what I use the light for, and how often I am running in the dark because of work and life in general, I give this light a 5 out of 5. The good: light weight, easy to transition the light to other devices and mounts, incredibly clear and bright lighting, compatibility with waist belts and other equipment, can carry spare batteries.
    The bad: Expensive (but worth it)

  14. Travis R. (verified owner)

    Amazing light! Absolutely blown away by how bright and and awesome this light is! Give it a go! You won’t be disappointed!

  15. Jesse

    This waist light severs me well. I do wish it had an extra setting for 600 lumen. It’s a happy middle ground for those going long into the night. At 800 lumen it died on me as it says 4 hours later but 400 lumen wasn’t quite the magic illumination for me personally. 800 lumen is excellent if you plan on. Using it to finish 3 hours into the night.

  16. Todd B

    This saved me yesterday in a tough 100K in 90 degree daytime temps. First time I used no headlamp which let my shaved head dump heat – another huge advantage of waist lights as any lowering of temperature is going to help your running. Otherwise I would echo all of the other positive reviews; the shadows are actually very helpful on roots and rocks and on even medium power I feel I can run the same speed as in daylight on super technical terrain. Without this lamp, I would not have finished my race as I needed to really hustle the last dark hours in very rocky terrain. And it will light up reflective trail markings that are high up at the same time as the ground ahead of you, the beam is that wide top to bottom. Only imperfection to relay to the designers looking to improve this gem is that there is about 12″, literally, of excess waistband to make it tight enough – pretty absurd though easy to tuck under the belt. Battery life seems to be as advertised for me, plus so easy to stash an extra battery or two. Thanks for all the great memories headlamps, I hope you understand I need to move on!

  17. Henry Howard

    I had brushed aside the idea of a waist lamp for years, thinking that it would be uncomfortable or interfere with my arm swings when running. I was absolutely wrong on both counts.

    After one too many pre-dawn trips and falls, due to not seeing a small root or other obstacle, I decided to try the UltrAspire Lumen 800 Multisport Waist Light. My UltrAspire has 600 lumens, so I knew there would be an upgrade in the amount of light.

    But it’s also a matter of where the light shines. The waist light projects a wide glow on the trail, letting me quickly scan for roots, rocks, etc. After running with it for more than 50 miles during several zero dark thirty runs, I can honestly say that I never once had an issue with not seeing a rock or root or falling.

    I would highly recommend the UltrAspire waist light to anyone. (Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for UltrAspire. However, I have tested products from at least four other competitors and UltrAspire is tops in creating great gear for runners, innovation, customer service and more.)

  18. Pamela Chapman-Markle

    I have a degenerative eye disease that is slowly making me loose my vision. I love this light ! It is comfortable on my waist and I can see so much at night! I would highly recommend it!

  19. Andrew Garcia

    This light is fantastic!! It is comfortable, adjustable (angle of light), and I really enjoy the rechargeable batteries that can easily be switched in and out. They are easy to recharge and I don’t have to worry about going dark since I can easily have a fully charged backup or two. Definitely beats using a headlamp alone, wish I got this a long time ago!!!

  20. Steve Lynn

    I’ve used this on several night trail runs and it’s awesome. I completely ditched my headlamp for this, it’s waaay more comfortable and much lighter than I thought it would be. Similar to an iPhone in your typical, simple elastic waistband. Adjusts to your preferred level on the trail or road. I haven’t had a need to use it yet, but I also purchased a backup for a full overnight race.

  21. Keith

    I’m an avid trail runner and this waist light is the best! It is bright, light, and on the medium setting, the battery last for about 8 hours. I bought an extra battery for 100 milers that last well into the night. Only regret is that I didn’t purchase it years ago. Highly recommend.

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