By: Ryan Maher

Now let’s be clear…It took me a week or two of adjusting to life in a pandemic before finding the positives in this new quarantined life we are living. I also want everyone to know that is ok if you haven’t found the positives yet. And I am well aware that everyone handles uncertain situations like this differently. If you fall into the group that is struggling to find the positives right now…it is OK! Give yourself the grace to know that it is alright to struggle to find them. 

That being said, those positives are all around you when you open your eyes, mind, and hearts and start to look. It’s our time to shine!! 

When it comes to training and racing, I know that most of us need that structure of a training plan and those big lofty races looming over us to keep us focused, and with races canceled it can be tough to stay dialed in.  But this time has opened up the doors for us to take our fitness and to be creative without the stress of racing. It’s time to do the things you might have always wanted to tackle but the race calendar always pushes to the side. For me, that has shown up in a few different ways. I am tackling the Every Single Street Project ( for my town and that exploration of the parts of my town I would never otherwise run has been so much fun. I also took my fitness and jumped into the Aravaipa Strong Virtual race by running a 50k from the Gateway Arch to my home and made a video during the run. This run is something I had dreamt about for a while and the filming parts of it was a blast! ( Running 30+ miles through your city is an incredible adventure and truly an in-person history lesson that I most likely would have not had the chance to do without quarantine life. My rockstar of a wife crushed a similar route the following day! Have you ever had your home as your finish line? There is nothing better than running with no goal other than getting home to see your wife and two little girls! The bonus of having neighbors cheering you on as you finish is priceless. It was the greatest finish line of any race I have ever had! This negative situation provided one of the greatest moments in running for me!

One of the things I have witnessed through our run club as well is that people have truly come together to support each other. It is truly inspiring and uplifting to watch so many people sharing and coming together virtually at this time. I cannot wait for the time when we can all come together and the hugs/high-fives that are going to happen when this is all over. It is going to be amazing to see and be a part of as well.

While I know things are uncertain and we are not out of the woods yet, I know in my heart of hearts that when we are that the world will be a better place for having gone through this time. We are going to appreciate the love and support of friends and family that much more. We are going to value time and adventure that much more. 

And my hope is that we are able to always find the positive things in life because they are all around us….ALWAYS!