As time goes on, limits are broken and boundaries are rewritten. In our world of endurance sports going above and beyond what we feel is possible to achieve new heights is the bottom line for why we do what we do. For Bryce and UltrAspire the next step in athlete growth has been a topic of thought for some time, what are they wanting to do and what do they need to do it? This thought process paved the way for a new addition to the UltrAspire line, the Extreme Line.


Who is the Extreme Line built for? 


Sometimes you just need more. The extreme Line was created with the deep adventurer at heart. These products are built to last with durable material, stronger breathable mesh, and function for any adventure scenario. This category goes beyond running and hiking and branches into mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and so much more. The Extreme Line adopts the minimalist mindset of “one item that does it all, and does it well” while staying true to the UltrAspire code, to create an inspired outdoor experience.


How is this line built for extreme athletes?


Knowing what gear these type of athletes require helped in the construction of these packs, here are some of the new features you can expect:

The XT System consists of special aspects that make these pieces ideal for someone who may not know what to expect on their adventure, but will never be surprised at what they run into.

  • 1,000 HD Nylon with stronger than steel ripstop fiber are present in all products for durability.
  • An Insulated water compartment helps to keep your fluids hot or cold for a longer duration.
  • The Max02™ XT Sternum comes with a new buckle system to keep the pack more secure during unusual upper body movements.
  • The XT Mesh is a layered dual-action fabric that wicks and evaporates moisture away from your skin. Lightweight and strong, the XT Mesh keeps you cool while handling extreme conditions.
  • The Small Footprint helps to cover less area of the body to help keep you cool during the long endeavors.

Why has the XT Line been introduced? 


With innovation and the need to perform at a peak level being core values behind research and development at UltrAspire, identifying the needs of people who are actively involved in human powered sports is important. Bryce has taken notice of a new trend now as he has done throughout his career and created a product line to meet this need. To Bryce, keeping the environment that we live and play in clean and safe is very important. Society is becoming very minimalist when it comes to belongings, and people are taking human powered sports to levels never before achieved. These three elements came together to birth a new category that keeps those main points in mind. Multi-use packs that can cross over into ultiple activities built with highly durable fabrics and mesh with features that are very use friendly, the UltrAspire Extreme Line.

You can view the Bryce XT and the Epic XT here: