Runners World recognizes the Ultra Marathon Surge pack as part of it's Gear of the Year list
Runners World magazine is one of the most commonly read publications for new news and insights in the running arena. Wether you are a Ultra Marathon runner, Regular Marathon Runner, Half Marathon runner, Trail Running enthusiast, you have all read a Runners World magazine at some point.

Runners World Recommends the Surge for Ultra Marathons

And this last year they saw fit to recognize the Ultraspire Surge pack as one of the must have items on their Gear of the Year list. You Ultra Marathon runners out there that have picked up your own Surge pack I am sure can express similar sentiments.

The Ultra Marathon Surge pack recognized as Runners World Gear of the year 2012Their comments about the pack are as follows:

A hit with trail runners, the Ultraspire Surge ($115) also works well for fueling you on long runs. The pack holds a two-liter water bladder, and its body-hugging design eliminates nearly all bouncing. Front pockets are big enough to hold gels and a camera or phone. “I like the magnetic pocket,” says RW reader Libby Jones. “Flip open, grab your salt pill, and it closes on its own.”

So wether you are a Ultra Marathon runner, or a weekend trail running warrior we suggest you take the Runners World recommendation and give this amazing and unique hydration pack a try. We promise you won’t be dissatisfied, and we back that promise up with a 30 day no hassle return policy. So you have nothing to loose, get one today and be prepared for your next Ultra Marathon.

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