Darcy Piceu: Peaceful Powerful Warrior

Written by Melanie A. Madsen Thatcher “Be consistent, eat well, and keep moving forward.” -Darcy Piceu UltrAspire Elite Immortal Athlete, Darcy Picau has earned a place of one of the world’s great athletes. Darcy holds the OVERALL (male and female) record for the “Rocky Mountain Slam”, which includes the combined times of four of the toughest races in the world—the Bighorn 100, the Hardrock 100, the Leadville 100, and the Bear 100! A typical athlete would accord themselves fortunate to complete even 1 of these courses—let alone 4 in a single year with combined... Read More

Expect the Unexpected: Performing Despite Setbacks

Each year I set specific performing goals for all aspects of my life that include major physical challenges over and above regular training. Since my time must be divided between roles as a father of 5, a husband and a company president, this leaves time for only 3 or 4 major events in a year, so each is of immense importance to me. The True Grit Epic 50-mile mountain bike race, a mostly single track and very technical race that incorporates several individual trail loops, was my first event of the year. My preparations were extensive. I repeatedly rehearsed sections of the course,... Read More

Ode to the Isomeric 8oz – Liza Howard

I am on a “need to know basis” with the details of my schedule these days.  If information isn’t immediately necessary for the conduct of my official duties as mother to a 6-year old and a new baby, I don’t have it.   Where am I running this weekend?  That’s “need to know” Saturday morning in the driveway. Dinner tonight? I’ll think about that at five. All this is to say that while I’d been enjoying the wonderful full catastrophe of motherhood, I hadn’t given my hydration plan for the Umstead 100-mile run much thought until the week before the race.  I’d be... Read More


UltrAspire, the first name in innovation, is committed to assisting all types of athletes, particularly those who engage in running, ultra running, triathlon, cycling and other endurance events, in knowing what their choices are. How to select and use the best and most efficient resources available, and make selections from amongst these based on individual ability, need, event types and personal preferences.  The choices are not always simple or straightforward even for the most seasoned, hardened or experienced of ultra or endurance athletes.  So, what is a person to do to keep body and... Read More

Heather Wurtele speaks on MBS belts.

“It doesn’t bounce, It’s Brilliant. Read More