UltrAspire C2 Cup

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The 7oz. UltrAspire Cup greatly reduces the amount of waste generation and environmental impact of a paper cup. Made of 100% Silicone. Responsible, portable, collapsible, re-usable, heat tolerant, clean and kind to the earth sends a message that you are aware and you care. This is the C2 Cup.


The UltrAspire clean cup a.k.a. C2. Together we can make a difference. If we all carried our own cup the world could be more wonderful. This cup fulfills a world of needs. While being reusable, affordable and eco-friendly, it’s a great racing companion and a race director’s dream.

  • Stands on its own even when pre-filled;
  • 100% Silicone
  • Faster through aid stations with less spill.
  • Highly flexible, springs open for use, lightweight, quick stowing in minimal space,
  • Easy to hold, feels nice in the hand and soft on the lips;
  • Holds a full 7 oz of cold or hot fluids;
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean;
  • Durable, taste and odor free;
  • A great tool to help scoop up water in an emergency or for use with a filter;
  • Custom printing option available.

Aspire to be fast and clean

Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.87 × 2.87 in

5 reviews for UltrAspire C2 Cup

  1. David Mentjes (verified owner)

    After being selected in the Western States Endurance Run 100 (a cupless race) lottery for 2016, I purchased several of these cups (for myself as well as for my pacers/crew). They are made extremely well, and are lightweight and collapsible as advertised. A cup will easily fit in a pocket of my shorts or in my racing vest without taking up much space at all. I really look forward to practicing with them in the next few months then putting them through their paces at the end of June. Highly recommended.

  2. Keith Remington (verified owner)

    Very nice product for keeping the race course of any distance a little cleaner. Plus no germ worries from pre filled cups sitting there.

  3. E Snow

    no racer should be without their own personal cup! This C2Cup is great. Once you’ve used it swish it out with water and stuff it into your pocket ready for the next aid station. So much better than using a communal cup or adding to the heap of used cups heading for the landfill.

  4. Christa Buenting (verified owner)

    Love this cup!
    Purchased 4, one for each of my running buddies and one for myself. Folds up small enough to fit in a zip pocket in my running shorts. No more wasting paper cups!

  5. Jenny Velocitas (verified owner)

    I use this cup for camping and hiking and it’s great! Fold it up, use it, swish it out, fold it up, done! Also great to have since no sharing allowed right now. 🙂

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